I Just Fixed This Corvette, Then I Wrecked It

rev up your engines today I’m gonna show
you how to fix a car that stalls out intermittently every once in a while not
a case of this Corvette it’ll start up and run okay now a sudden it just stalls
out when it’s idling but it does have the service engine soon light which
serves as a check engine light and this so we’re gonna scan it so we plug the
out scan tool in now let’s see what it says it says PO335 crankshaft position
sensor circuit malfunction now that does make logical sense our stalling because
the crankshaft position sensor here it is in a case of this Corvette it
measures the flywheel spinning around to tell the computer what position the
crankshaft is named and if it loses data it can shut the car off because it
doesn’t know what’s going on it doesn’t send the pulses so the car doesn’t run
now these sensors the crankshaft position sensors I’m GM products they go
out all the time so we’re gonna replace it and hope that that’s the only thing
that’s wrong that it doesn’t have a wiring fault or computer failure or even
worse the reluctor on the flywheel has fallen off and there’s no longer
standing a signal here we would have to pull the transmission off the car in
order to fix it so let’s hope it’s just the stupid sensor no the hi I’m all over
the place but if you look it up on it’s Corvette got a bottle in the car but you
have to remove the starter to get to it I know they’re brilliant team design now
since we have to remove the starter first we’re gonna disconnect the battery
turn so we don’t short anything out well just on voltage pull it out away so it
can’t touch the positive terminal and make up short somewhere now the circuits open so there’s no power now jack it up in the air so we get the starter and
then the case of this Corvette we certainly want to use a jack stand there
low to the ground and if something happened it fell down it would squash you
like a pancake go under it go and even though I started with this mat I got a bigger one now cuz I can slide it on to a crawl under without
getting dirty and as we slide under way lock there’s the starter it’s got two
bolts on it that we take off we take off take off the inside one first because
that’s often kind of an away so you want to get the harder one to get off first
and there goes one and there goes the second one it’s a thirteen millimeter
socket if you’re curious long threads and out it comes my question all
there’s not enough room to get it off but not taking everything off so now we
gotta take off the power line up here and we gotta take that off ah then once
you get all those stupid wires off going that much working room come up enough
what wouldn’t you know GM makes them like right up the casting mark on the
engine block is in the way so you can’t get the star to run off the only way
you’re gonna be able to get the starter off is by pulling the catalytic
converter and the exhaust system off so I’m not gonna do that instead if you
look way inside there you can see that wire with a green end on it that is
for the sensor I’m just going to reach in there with my hand and unplug it and
I bolt it and put the new sensor in without actually removing the starter
because I don’t feel like taking half the car apart because GM engineers have
their fingers so far up their rear ends they’re coming out of their mouths no I
can’t tell them this because I can’t even see it I’m putting my hand in there
blind I can’t see what’s going on in there but I’m using one of these ten
millimeter gear wrenches with the ratchet and head so I can get in an angle to
get to ten millimeter bolt off so I can on both the bolt it holds a sensor in
place here’s a new sensor itself when it’s bolted in there’s a ball pulled in
and where I’m bolting that then we got to get this out and as you can see
there’s a seal it always gets stuck so we got to pry that out after we on
bolted and here’s a giant screwdriver pry bar I’m going to use of that once we
on bolt there’s the old sensor popped out and as you can see our prayer it’s
really hard to get to focus it in because there’s not much working room
there it is there’s a new sensor it’s popped back into the hole we just have
to put the bolt in zoom out you can see it’s at a really horrendous place to get
to as you can see here the only way you can get it in with this shiny little
gear wrench barely anybody can get your hands in there so I can’t film it
but it gets it nice and tight just make sure you have one of these
gear register go in there here it is after it’s done its job it can get in
just about any position with a swiveling head then of course as you can see here
you got to make sure you got the electrical connections snap back in
we’re getting focused there it is now it’s plugged into the side so there’s a
sensor there’s the plug and it can work then we got to put the wires on here and
put the bolt on to hold the cables on and then of course we have two snaps
other way around too and of course we got to put the two bolts back on hold
the starter in place through my hand then use the wrench put the battery
terminal back on get it nice and tight we don’t want to come off that’s nice
and tight but we’re not gonna jack it down just yet cuz hey maybe something’s
loose are not working we’re gonna try it while topping here before we jack it
down so that we can jack it down slowly and take it for a road test and away we
go it’s cold sideways got a lot of power
down so the next time your car randomly dies pray that it’s as easy as a fix of
this one of just replacing the crankshaft position sensor because now
you know how it’s done and in most cases they’re not as big of a pain in the butt
to do as this corvette is come on stupid thing, so if you never
want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. I don't know how these evil engineers sleep at night knowing they deliberately design these cars to extend repair time…….its an unbelievable example of greed!!!

  3. Way to do absolutely no diagnosis and wing a sensor at something. I guess it’s better to be lucky than good. Probably another reason you’re on youtube and not in a real shop. You’d have comebacks coming out of your rear end.

  4. I had to replace the crankshaft pulley it was warped on my 2007 SS v8 Monte Carlo, cause when i just replaced the sensor it kept triggering the check engine light with the same code then when i replaced the pulley my baby was back to normal(the Summer in vegas is Harder then the asphalt hitting it at 68 miles an hour off your YZF1000 on the freeway coming from cali🙈😜😂trust me i know!!!! )……….

  5. How many full time 60+ year olds fix cars without a lift? I guess his city doesn't allow one of those cheap 4 post lifts like youtuber Andrew Camarata uses.

  6. for all walls, all that is holy and you seriously wearing sunglasses while working under the car? Something tells me Scotty as I wear sunglasses at night playing on a loop somewheres in his workspace

  7. I've junked vehicles before, rather then change the crank position sensor.The design flaws in newer vehicles is ridiculous.

  8. I had to grind down one of those wrenches almost to the point of showing its guts. Only way I could tighten the rearmost bolt on the intake manifold in my 996. And I still had to use a webcam and an endoscope to see what I was doing.

  9. My 97 camaro 2 years ago would randomly loose RPM for half a second and in one instance stalled out and I started it back up at a red light. Scan tool code said it was the crankshaft position sensor, fortunately for me it is bloody easy to get to since I have the 3800 series 2 engine in a engine bay built to fit a v8 so there is plenty of maintenance room around the belt mechanism in the front!

  10. Thank you for the great vids👍🏻
    I have a 2008 gmc 2500hd truck, the check engine light keeps coming back every couple of days because of the catalytic converter (Removed)
    How can i turn it off for good? thank you 🙏🏼

  11. The 2021 Z51 will be quicker than the GT 500 Shelby Cobra. The 2020 is also. Never EVER buy the 1st year of any car.

  12. People are saying he's wearing shades I'm pretty sure they aren't shades they are actually prescription glasses and get dark when light hits them idiots.

  13. If you pull a battery terminal, shouldn't it always be the negative first? If only 1 terminal is connected, I've always read that it should be the positive

  14. I had a 1970 Corvette that would die shortly after a left turn, then restart easily and run normally until the next left turn. Turned out to be water in the gas, the water sat at the bottom of the tank, and a left turn made the water move over to where the fuel pickup would suck up some water, and when the water hit the carburetor fuel bowl, the engine died.

  15. Mr. Kilmer has decided to take the positive terminal off instead of the negative which is contrary to everything I have ever heard.

  16. Love it! Dam I would have probably given up when the starter didnt come out. Stubborn Scotty persevered! Way to go Scotty!

  17. What? did you fix or wreck the vette? And what C vette? ( wreck? ) did the U of T help with your grammar? you starting to sound like a Canuck!

  18. Scotty.. Same thing happened to my '95 Cadillac Deville just last night! Car stalled when I started it.. Said "check engine soon"! I drove it to the store! Seemed alright! Came home ( 6 miles ) approaching my driveway, car losing power, dash lights flashing.. Get car into the garage! Wouldn't start again! Just like the battery was dead! New battery ( 2 months ago) hoping it's the Crank shaft positioning sensor?

  19. I had a Chevy Venture Van and it was first vehicle in 40 year I could not even get to spark plugs. Cost nearly $400 for a tune up. My dad has Chevy Suburban and to change a running light , we had to remove front tire, open wheel well liner, and a bunch of crap under the hood before w could get to burnt out bulb, Chevy engineers and their lack of concern for Chevy owners is a reason I no longer buy their products.

  20. Did you use your "Garage Light 6000 Lm Deformable LED Garage Ceiling Lights 60W CRI 80 Led Workshop Lights for Garage Adjustable Panels Tribright Led Garage Lighting Basement Light(60W Standard)"??

  21. Isn't there a crankshaft position relearn you have to do over the OBDII interface? You may have lucked out or maybe that was only with the older 5th generation LS1 vettes.

  22. GM might be crappy vehicles. But that Corvette there is very nice. I like the rounded shapes. And it is a fun toy. I have one sitting in my garage with 15,000 miles on it. I keep adding on the miles though. But very sparingly, it is not a daily driver. Just for fun and only in clear sky weather.

  23. Reminds me of changing crank position sensor on my '99 Cherokee .. nasty spot, and don't drop the bolts .. into the flexplate housing. Not quite as bad as that 'Vette sensor though. Nasty.

  24. Anyone gonna talk about the fact, 52 years of experience just disconnected the positive of the battery and not the negitive.

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