I Lost 14 pounds in 2 Weeks! Here’s how! (90 day challenge – Week 2)

What’s going on YouTube?! It’s your boy Sagacity, here once again bringing you guys another 90-day challenge video. We are
now on week two of this challenge. Yes, 14 days in and I could not be more excited!
A lot of work, sweat and pain was put into this week’s workout to continue to
shred the pounds to get closer and closer to our goal. For those of you who
don’t know, I started this journey at 270 pounds and my end goal is to be
somewhere between 195 to 200. Or at least very close to that amount. Let’s begin by
showing you this week’s workout routine. Monday tricep and chest.
Bench Press Vertical Chest press and Machine Chest Flies. Chest press and
Straight bar Tricep Pressdown. Rope Tricep Pressdown and B bar Tricep
pressdown Tuesdays
Biceps and Back. pull-ups Reverse Curls and Barbell Curls. seated cable rows in machine back rows alternating waves and biceps Thursday
Abdominals. Superman and V-ups. sit ups and Planks. Friday legs barbell Squats. Seated leg curls Right and Left Seated Leg Extensions Right and
Left. Inclined Leg Press. All this work doesn’t mean anything if your nutrition
is not on point. I will be making a video solely on what I’ve been consuming within this challenge. *Disclaimer!* I am NOT a nutritionist nor
anything of the sort. The information that I will be providing you should
consult a nutritionist or a professional before you make any drastic changes in
your diet. Now with all of that said, let’s continue. The very first thing I did was
to completely eliminate soda, or any sugary drinks for that matter. Although,
from time to time, I do drink juices and smoothies, but they’ have have to
be 100% natural and homemade and with no sugars added. Just regular fruits and
veggies. I also drink coffee but it has to be black with only one sugar added or
none, Tea preferably green or oolong tea or just straight water. I do not drink
any alcohol of any kind. That’s going to be temporary. That’s going to change as
soon as the 90 day challenge is over. I minimized the consumption of flour based
foods such as bread or anything like that as much as possible. Everything that
I’m currently eating is either steamed grilled or broiled I’m eating a lot
more greens and veggies, such as salads and stuff like that, and I got to say that
I feel way more energetic than I ever did before. So I’m most likely going to keep going with this diet. Well guys this is gonna be the end of this video. Make sure you guys subscribe if
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and with all that said this is your boy sagacity and I’ll see you guys in the
next video. Peace!

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