I Made the WORLD’S LARGEST Aluminium Foil Ball… (Mirror-Polished Japanese Foil Ball Challenge)

But mom yeah, Marty. Yeah, what do you say we get started? Let’s do it. Let’s do it Ok so the strategy going into this I’ve washed a few of the videos. I am a better professional I’m joking I’m Definitely not however the way people seem to be doing it is you just have to hover as you go along But obviously I’m not gonna be making a small ball. I’m gonna be making a huge one really worried Does one of those using a homo you needs to be saved when you hold another the first thing I’m gonna Do is make the call now the core is the most important it has to be super super hard With a hammer you know what guys this is my core. It’s a pretty bad a turf. We’re gonna be making the biggest one ever Okay so basically One thing I have heard about these videos guys is that they take a lot of time? The ball is already huge And yet this guy we’re still all over the birds to roll we have literally got like 50 rolls this thing It’s gonna be like the size of the flipping house. You might not even be able to get it Rolling away, okay Okay boys and girls. We’ve just finished the first layer of tinfoil right now It’s about the size of a football so what bad thing you do then play a game of football with it I store this know that you have to leave a like on the video Okay, I’ll show you how it’s done Guys not even a tinfoil ball commitment about your football. Let’s go get the next letter song six and a half hours late Oh guys 30 minutes later. I have just been working on this thing non-stop. I’ve been working so hard Morgan you’ve just come down from your bedroom in Milan have done that how many rails of tinfoil that we’re done But still I’m here now So you know it’s a supermarket Morgan ball the tinfoil I just need your attention Everybody look this way. I’m gonna put an old switcheroo. You know that I’m talking about clickbait clickbait You know that it really ain’t nothing new I’m gonna put a dope image on the video to raise up the views you can say that I’m lying you can say that I’m Tripping but I just need you to click it. I called a good business I know you wanna come see this. I make it very intriguing when I start my videos like you won’t leaders Oh My gosh guys that was This is an exclusive look at what went down on the first day of the book shop? And if you want to come down and experience all the hype for yourself the shop is also open tomorrow Saturday and the day after I think I Got a few moments later Oh my gosh, no, this is like building a snowman out of tinfoil We’re gonna put this ball within those different things and see if we can destroy them Should we go? Yeah, definitely Cara. Oh hold on hold on hold on yeah like our language, and it’s like it’s how I still move Cringe Cringe Cringe Yode creige cringe cringe Okay, thanks It’s experiment time we’re gonna start this with a bike and we’re gonna see how the world’s largest super ball goes up against Oh I think it broke it because broke my table with a ten-foot pole You guys know the power right now oh Don’t you begin any food for a while yeah, he probably got a good point How come this ball can break the table Oh man yo I do over the bear mango from the table Mmm. I think it clear that no foo can withstand the power of the ball, so What could we destroy next day – What a wonderful day today, I sure have no one jokes the world’s largest temple a ball on my head Okay boys and girls we’re on the roof right now and as you can tell we have the giant ball We’re gonna test out the power of the ball from our first victim is innocent The cardboard box was no match for the giant tin foil ball. That’s a cardboard box I wonder what would happen if we put the ball up against a wooden table a few moments later Do I even have to say what about happy guys we found another table? It’s brand-new. It’s nice Boom ball, and I’m about to take my ball and smash it to bits Oh you buck again Doubt it you can have a go if you want, but birds here blue Guys so yeah as you can tell the dimpled ball is basically Indestructible going down below if you want me to do a nother video with the ball maybe I couldn’t open maybe I actually try and Destroy the ball instead of destroying things with the ball all I know guys is that that ball is gonna be tricky To destroy guys, thank you so much for watching if you never remember to go down there smash that subscribe button I’m also enter the fortnight giveaway link is in the Description below and come meet me tomorrow And on Sunday at my problem shot in Medawar and also check out these clips from when I went to the supermarket And bought all the temple because they’re absolutely hilarious Okay, guys. We found the strong foil and month Do you think maybe maybe one or maybe should we get like she’ll get to get two – two – okay? Or should we get another one? Yeah Welcome what are you doing? Oh, okay? I understand. I haven’t got enough okay one of these

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  1. All I like is Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan and Morgan and Morgan and Morgan and Morgan

  2. استقفرلله يلعب بنعمه حسبي الله عليه
    الي مسلم يحط لايك

  3. Your such a facer you meant to score so you could get a like boo hoo you didn't want to save the ball because you wanted people to press the like button

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