100 thoughts on “I Took The Longest Bus Ride in America… 84HRS OF HELL

  1. THAT… Was insanity. But also surprisingly wholesome at the end… Check out Zac and Jay for their version of the experience and don't miss miss our Seek Discomfort x Lululemon Collab!! https://www.seekdiscomfort.com/ Much love everyone – Matt <3

  2. I think you shound seek disconfort on the longest train route in the world, starting in the best country Portugal till Vietnam 😀 29 trains in 30 days

  3. Tbh if the U.S. had cheap accessible and fast transportation people would make more trips and seek other places for holidays and such then we would understand each other better as people and politically.

  4. The only thing worse than a 84 hour bus trip is and 84 hour bus trip with a couple of vlogers and a pissed off loud lady.

  5. if you guys drove through tallahassee while on this bus i’m going to just cry my eyes out. i got seek discomfort tattooed on my chest and everything 😭😭😂

  6. dude I cant even imagine doing this. I did a bus trip that was suppose to be about 15 hours but then it turned into about 27… it was a rough one. Every bus I was one was late too, but I was unlucky in the fact that I missed a bus because the traffic was so bad for hurricane evacuation. Major props to you guys for getting through this!

  7. Havent watched the video yet but i dont think that an 84 hour bus ride would be bad because i enjoy sitting on a bus and driving long distances 😀 if you would pay for me to fly from finland to florida and the bus ride i would definitely do it even if you guys werent like famous and awesome just because it sounds fun

    Thanks everyone, have a nice day. Take a flight. It won't actually cost you any more than the bus these days. Give a thumbs up if you've been fucked over by their shoddy business or just want people to know how horrifying they run their bus line, out of the fact that they have no competition.

  9. You guys definitely need to come to Russia! Feel free to hit me up if you do, you’ll need a native speaker out here, because not a lot of people speak English 😅

  10. Never seen british guy who didnt straight away made new kid friend anywhere. 😀 (I dont mean it in creepy way 😀 :D) I meen it in cute way guys, I promise. 😀

  11. did no body catch the fact that the one guy took a damn painkiller…. for a bus ride. he shouldnt complain. a few clip later at 6:57 his eyes arent dilating what so ever

  12. I was just sitting watching this video and realized you guys stopped in a place not far from me, it’s really cool how just doing all this stuff can lead you to meet so many to people to bad I wasn’t one of them have safe travels in the future

  13. I took greyhound bus from Florida to Nevada, was 54 hrs. I took the bus because it was $100 cheaper than flyiing. Never again.

  14. Your brand speaks truth. During my recovery from anorexia they force you to confront anything that makes you feel discomfort because when we have challenged our thoughts it allows us to truly grow as people

  15. I've been from Burlington, Vermont to Las Vegas, Nevada and back again many times. To many to count. And it took 5 days. I got stuck in Vail CO once and a bus I was on broke down in the CO mountains. It really suck to be hungry for 5 days and hoping a resturaunt will be kind enough to give you some free food. (did I mention I had a baby, no wipes and no money for food? My whole life has been a bad run of luck. Including a dead husband and the homelessness in the winter that I am about to experience, again) So I think I totally beat you guys. I was a bit more uncomfortable.

  16. The longest bus ride in my country is 3 days nonstop. About more than 10 years ago I read some news about an elderly man has gone crazy (histeria) in the middle of his ride.

  17. 12;13 i just paused there and counted that how many hands were up….man they felt like prisone4s leaving the jail happily after decades

  18. I don't think this is the longest trip by bus. I know that exist a trip from São Paulo (Brazil) to Peru (Lima) that takes 4 days. 5.800 Km and around 96 hours of journey.

  19. I like your content and all but the only thing that I dont like are those little SJW comments they make. They should drop it already.

  20. I was force to take a Grey Hound out of Atlanta years ago. The bus stops were ghetto as hell and sketchy but the buses were nice, seats reclined had foot rests and wifi

  21. The worst I've done was 57 hours travel from Chiang Mai (Thailand) to Montreal (Canada). I took four connecting flights, I can't even imagine 84 hours.

  22. Try getting transported for 32 days in a DOC transport, shackled and black boxed shoulder to shoulder with no light, 24/7 driving because they switch drivers. You got no clue what hell is.

  23. Cripes, I once rode the bus from New York City to Tulsa, Oklahoma and I barely made it out sane. Though I suppose doing it with good company helps significantly. Glad to see all of you had such a good time!

  24. Oh gawwdd. , This video made my day …and the way y'alll interact with people !!!!!! Massive respect from india …………

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