Ice on Wings Can Kill!

[Music] hi it’s fadi here welcome back to miss jet TV and today’s episode is another accident this time I’m going to talk about a challenge of 604 lat crashed berming an airport just off to takeoff in January 2002 but before we get into the accident I was just like to encourage you to subscribe to biz Jet TV if you haven’t done so already we’d love to hear from you in the comments below and give us a thumbs up at the end of this and please share these videos on this jet TV the purpose of the channel is to inform people about business aviation tell you all about how to buy an aircraft how to lease an aircraft how they operate different types of airplanes the problems are the pilots without different types of airplanes how they behave accidents and you know news and all sorts of good stuff here so have a look around if it’s your first time on this jet TV have a look around at the other videos and I’m sure you’ll find them interesting so let’s get straight into today’s episode so January 2002 a challenger 604 built by Bombardier flew in from the United States into Birmingham with two passengers and three pilots – pilots were flying one was on the jump seat he was tagging along to gain some experience with flying across the Atlantic so that’s why they had the third pilot with them they checked into the hotel next day they went to the airport and it was bad weather there was ice on the wings the pilots decided not to the ice for some reason and off they went tearing down the runway lifted off and about 30 feet airplane did this especially one wing stalled and the airplane turned upside down and crashed and killed the people on board so this is what happened now question is what was the cause of this accident now National Transport Safety Board looked into it what they discovered is that the pilots had taken a sedative of the night before to sleep and they also had drunk some alcohol they reckon that this impaired the judgment of the palace a little bit so when the airplane did do that after takeoff their reflexes weren’t quite there but I think the problem is is before that I think that the reason the accident happened was the lack of knowledge about icing on behalf of the pilots now these were experienced pilots but experience doesn’t necessarily mean you know what you’re doing because if you fly for 10,000 hours in in a bad way or to a low standard and survive yes you do have 10,000 hours experience 20 years of flying but if that is bad experience repeated over 10,000 hours what really is important here is performance and knowledge and doing the right thing now what a lot of people don’t know and some pilots don’t even know this and this is really really important I mean what I’ve learned in my career where I was talking what I’ve always applied as a rule when in doubt always the ice now the icing does cost money in some airports it can be quite expensive but again you don’t want ice forming on the wing of the aircraft now the important thing is when the pilot doesn’t walk around that they actually touch the wing to see what the situation is maybe cooler the icing guys who are kind of experts in this asked their opinion but when you’re in doubt you need to dice and I’ll tell you why because even a very tiny small part of ice on the wing and if you take sandpaper for example medium grade sandpaper so which is not very thick just just that Mediasite sandpaper thickness will change the stall speed of the aircraft by a whopping yes a whopping 15 knots yes 1 5 knots so and so this ice especially if it’s at night and you’re looking out the window you’re not you’re not really gonna see it she really need to go out and have a walk around touch it with your hand we glove your hand and whatever call the de-icing guys and if you are in doubt you need to dice this accident happened because the pilots decided not to the ice and it’s not the only one there’s a lot of other accidents that have happened throughout the history of aviation both in the airlines and also in in in the private jet space so it was very very important to de-ice because icing as I said even just a few millimeters of ice on the upper part of the wing can change the stall speed by 15 knots and as you’re rotating an aircraft up you’ve got a high angle FAK and you know you know if you don’t know but just all open you need a high angle of attack and so you know some pilots think that they can just slam a load of thrust on and that will still get them up in the air they don’t realize that the the stall is a function of your angle of attack and even if you’ve got full thrust but you lift up what happens is you know the the the air coming over the wing is because of the angle it’s no longer coming over the wing like it should and that’s when the airplane loses lift and does this and that’s exactly what happened in this case one wing stalled before the other and the airplane did that just after liftoff and the airplane turned upside down and crashed so you know one that happening to you so if you’re operating a private jet and your pilot says boss we need to the ice and of course the icing takes time 15 to 20 minutes but the ice the airplane and it obviously cost money as well please don’t cut corners don’t try and go cheap take your time because safety is really really important mean if you don’t get the other end or you get the other end in half a piece not in one piece you know that’s not the point you really do need to play safety here so again it’s very important that your pilots are trained and know all about icing and de-icing and that this that they are also up to date with the new information that’s coming out and they’re always discovering new things about weather and whatnot it’s very important that you send your pilots along for these training courses every six to twelve months so that they are at the forefront with all the information and whatever and if you can provide them with good technology instrument wise that’s good too so that’s all about this accident so sad thing that happened but you know as I said the icing is really really important and if you home subscribe to Bishop TV I encourage you to subscribe like this video and share this video and that’s all from the fat party biscuit TV and I’ll see on the next one [Music]

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