If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Hello back at Sourhope Farm today and If you haven’t seen Mick’s video from Sourhope Farm when he did the Schil I recommend checking out his video and check out his channel as well Mick, Blamhof So the reason I’m back at Sourhope is because… Can you remember this? Last time we tried to get up Cheviot with my daughter. It was too windy and it kept on blowing her over So today I thought we might be better to go up via Sourhope because the distance is further But it’s a lot less steep That’s looking back on Sourhope farm over there used to be a house … for the observant from the last videos that I’ve been here. They’ve knocked it down such a pity So that one there is the Schil This one here is the Dodd And we’re going to go up this here and then up Auchope Ridge… Goes along here like that This is one of my favorite views in the Cheviots There is Windy Gyle up there. It’s very windy today the cotton grass is out Looking across at Cheviot Burn there. With the snow on the top And the same with the Hen Hole on the other side snow on the top You’ve got Newton Tors up there. You’ve got the Schil up here There’s the inside of Auchope Hut That’s us fed, watered, and rested. Now it’s time to tackle The big hill, The Cheviot I keep forgetting what a slog this hill is… It is hard going especially with the little one There’s looking down into the Hen Hole It’s not far to the top So this is Auchope everybody. This is the hard work done. Great views Now if we want to go to the Cheviot summit we’ve got to go around and the Cheviot summit is over there somewhere Now we just follow this path all the way to the top One and a quarter miles to go to the summit Four miles to Windy Gyle Now Mick Mick, YouTube account Blamhof. Check his channel. I’ll put a link below He said but somewhere around here is the remains Of the wreckage from one of the planes that crashed on Cheviot I can’t really see anything to be honest This is Cairn Hill and they’ve put some new stones down This was a mud bath last time I was here and the time before that and a new stile So, we’re not that far left, three quarters of a mile… top of this hill. This one is for Andy Wardle He was wanting to know about camping on the Cheviot… this is the wild camp spot Just a little bit along from Cairn Hill There’s Hedgehope over there Which is where Mick was today Hello, Mick I said I would wave to him but I don’t think he’ll see us Yep, there’s the top and she’s running for the summit She wants to be first… the highest person in Northumberland The Cheviot everybody, the highest point in Northumberland and by heck it was a challenge getting my little one up here We got to go all the way back now Stand on there, there, there, up Think you can do it? Use both hands to climb, I’ll hold you You up? Top of Northumberland So We’re coming onto Sourhope again That’s the Cheviot done. Got my little one up there. To be honest, it was a little bit too much for her I wish I hadn’t bothered now I wished we had done something a little bit easier, but she did good, she got there, she bagged it So she doesn’t have to go back up there for a while. So if you liked the video give me a thumbs up, a like and don’t forget to comment below always like your comments and subscribe if you haven’t already and share And I’ll catch you on the next one You

15 thoughts on “If At First You Don’t Succeed…

  1. hip hip.top marks.she's bluffing man she's got energy in reserve lol.again my daughter moaned non stop when she bagged it scald hill route though.like the look of sourhope.love your favourite view mine is probably looking north west from mozie law.

  2. Well done to your daughter that's a great achievement especially at 6. The Cheviot is a tough hill from any direction. Thank's for the shout out Nick. You were looking too early lol it was after you passed The Windy Gyle turn off, as you headed towards Cairn Hill keep looking left over the plateau, though it helps if you know where to look because it's like looking for a needle in a haystack lol.. My fave camping spots up there are The West Top or The top of Bizzle and I have a secret spot right at the top of The Hen Hole next to the stream. Once again well done. Atb. Mick.

  3. Well done to both of you, a really nice but long walk. 10 plus miles! WOW! ⛺️👍

  4. To be fair Nick, she did brilliantly, not only bagging the Cheviot and not only doing 10 miles but going up again after her first attempt ended in failure, fantastic job!  The views on a clear day look spectacular and if you ever fancy a midweek (Mon/Tues) wildcamp up there, let me know, as I could pick you up/drop you off from the A1.  Cheers Alan

  5. Great video again. Impressive sound quality. Wee ones have more energy than we give them credit for so long as their spirits are kept up. Your wee girl did well covering that total distance never mind the climb! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Never been up from sourhope, there are some big walks up There. One of the crash sites is near west hill, always wanted to go and camp there but never get round to it.
    Your daughter seemed alright going there, getting back and retracing your steps would be the hard bit, she did well.
    Atb thanks for sharing, Mark.

  7. Never done the Cheviot…and every video I watch doesn't exactly thrill me into hurrying to bag it! Not that this wasn't a great video! Haha just everyone says the same thing…big slog…not great haha

  8. Brilliant Nick. A number of good high points there. You guys are getting fitter and stronger with every outing. And your daughter is looking a proper hill bagger with her gaiters on. It's a wild range of hills. I think I'd like them. All the best to you and all. Mark

  9. Hahaha loved that flashback. And so interesting that the "bull" seemed to transform into a bunch of chickens. Beautiful landscapes, green forever!

  10. Nice video again..The Cheviots are looking good,take it some of the tops can be very boggy too hence those big slabs to the summit. Your daughter has again excelled getting up high fells.. brilliant going from her. 💪. ATB Mark.

  11. Excellent. Wee legs going up there. She done really well. I signed the auchope shelter book. I think. May have been tipsy. Was looking at going up that way due to Mick saying there’s camping spots. Now I know. Well done to your daughter. Give her a high five ✋ from me. Atb.

  12. Great to see the two of you making it all the way to the summit.
    Has the trig pillar always been so elevated? Or has the surrounding landscape eroded drastically?

  13. Good video mate, nice to see another kid not glued to an ipad.

    Have took my son up many a Fell from about 4. His endurance is dead by about 4-5 mile but he keeps plugging on. WELL DONE!

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