If Google Was A Guy

Next! Hello, there. Is today tomorrow New Zealand? …Yes. Foot same-length Europe? What? Inch… Same length Europe? Gmail.com! *groans* (under breath) Oh, God. What is “Bitcoin”? Butthole! *kid chuckles* Gross fat butthole dick poop! Is that what kids are into these days? Are your parents home? Miss Pippy. You mean, “Mississippi”? Hey. I’m not a dictionary. My grandson, Nathan! Song that goes… *Repetitive enthusiastic meowing* *ugh* Girls College. College Girls. Nude. *sighs* … Really? Patrick Castles. Pat Castles. Pat Castles… Funny. Bitcoin Market Value. Weed…Amount…Legal… NYC. Patrick Castles. Funny Writer. College Humor. Are you gonna do this all day? What IS Prime Meridian?!?! Heghog cute! Do you mean,”Hedgehogs-” HEGHOG CUTE! …God. Do you mean, “Hedgeho-” HEDGEHOGS CUTE!!! Adderal max dose. Yeah, I- Adderal max dose.. 165 lbs man? Okay. Adderal max dose.. 165 lbs man… 20 years old? Adderall overdose signs! Download Firefox! Ever heard of “Chrome”? How to buy Bitcoin. Titanic drawing. Titanic *movie* drawing. Ummmmm…. Titanic movie drawing *scene*. Kate Winslet tits. Round Two! Facebook.com- My grandson, Nathan. No. Dexter based on real? Free hamster. Unbuy bitcoin. Boston bomber. It’s a real tragedy. Cute one. Oh, fucking shit!

100 thoughts on “If Google Was A Guy

  1. It would have been way accurate if at the end of this video they showed that they were being recorded this whole time.

  2. If I was there I would have say xxx pics,hentai pics,futa pics,old people dating teenagers and porn pics

    Because I’m 13 :V
    So that’s why I’m using “DUCKDUCKGO software”because i get privacy 0WO

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  4. Was the song Burn Your Life Down by Tegan and Sara?
    ''Tell me that you know another way to get it done

    It's not me, or how I would be''

  5. Es verdad que hubo algunos momentos durante el régi­men anárquico en la Banda Oriental que varios caudillos, exaltados por las teorías agradables con que un demagogo quijotesco lisonjeaba sus pasiones, proclamaron la inde­pendencia, no solo de las Provincias Occientales sino de todo el universo, y aun de todas las leyes con que se man­tienen las sociedades; pero estas ideas fuertemente incul­cadas en medio del torbellino de la anarquía desaparecie­ron con ella y con sus autores

  6. My most recent google searches are:
    "Can rabbits eat maple tree leaves?"
    "Homemade baby chicken food"
    "Why do farts stink?"

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