If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 35

That salad’s totally grossing me out. I’ve completely lost my appetite. [gong] How long have you been a meat eater for? I only eat meat. I’m going to the Meatstock Flesh Festival. Are you goin’? Yeah, I want the tofu spring rolls, except I don’t eat tofu, so do you have like a tofu-flavored chicken you can substitute in for me? It’s not that vegetable eaters are bad people, it’s just that they’re… terrible people. This sausage is a meat-based vegetable substitute for cucumber. It’s got the taste and the texture of an actual cucumber, with none of the cucumber. Eating plants makes your body WAY too alkaline, which will definitely kill you. Do you really want that? All you need is some meat to be healthy and thrive. You get everything you need from meat. Beef is loaded with carbs! Orcas are even more spiritually evolved than humans, and THEY only eat seal meat, so that means humans should only eat meat, because it’s the most spiritually evolved diet, because of orcas. Plants give off oxygen. Why would you eat them? Do you even know how dangerous deer are when you’re driving your car? If you don’t kill and eat deer first, you basically want people to get into car accidents. The world’s a much safer place if we eat the animals that could eat us. Broccoli? That’s what my food eats. That’s my food’s food, and I don’t appreciate you eating that. You should eat Siberian tigers to help them go extinct. It makes it so that they can live on through you and your children for generations to come. The best chance for the survival of their species is for us to kill and eat them. That coconut was gonna grow into a palm tree. Why would you eat that? I could never eat plants that are raised in crowded farms in inhumane living conditions with less than one square inch of space per stalk, stuck in the soil against their will. Have you ever thought about going meat-eater to help save the planet, or do you just not care about the earth? Have you seen that Kalespiracy documentary? You’ve gotta see it. It’s so heartbreaking seeing how all the plants are killed and the deforestation from the plant farming and unsustainable farming practices. Kale farming is the number one destroyer of the environment. Once you see it, you’ll never eat plants again. As he redundantly repeated his emotionally charged nutritional opinions at me, I was instantly convinced to become a meat eater. JP was the most illogical, condescending person I’ve ever met. Saying something like that’s just a symptom of being overly alkaline. It just makes you mean and you can’t think straight. [gong] So that you can be a less terrible person, be sure to subscribe to my carnivorous channel. All those meat eaters in one place, it’s beatiful… [dog chomping meat noise] Hmm. [softly] Gimme my steak.

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  1. So fucking funny! That was the best table-turn smack I've ever seen! I say, eat what you want and stop attempting to shame others because they're not aligned with your dietary politics. Be vegan, be carnivore … whatever floats your boat. Advocating for humane animal farming does not mean one needs to be an herbivore.

  2. Truth is that eating 'endangered' species would guarantee their survival as they would command high prices and farming them would be profitable so good farmers would ensure the best breeding stock and survival of the species.

  3. I was at a restaurant once, and I said I was vegan, and the restaurant servants laughed. They laughed every time they went near me. I asked for chips and they were like, "A piece of stake is better than chips you fool".

    Me and 34 more people never went to that restaurant ever again. (There was a lot of people there, and they were disgusted by the servants' behaviour.)

  4. If meat eaters acted like vegans, the leading cause of deforestation, GHG emmissions, ocean deadzones, animal cruelty, world hunger, species extinction, habitat destruction would vanish within a day.

  5. i say this as a vegan(hate saying it but it makes me allowed to say this) this isn’t true. like at all but it’s a joke so it’s ok

  6. Well, if meat eaters eat living animals, then vegans eat living plants. SO WHEN YOU EAT, IT MEANS THAT YOU EAT SOMETHING ALIVE. SO WE ARE ALL THE SAME

  7. How do vegans reproduce, anyway? It is a proven fact that heterosexual male vegans do not exist, and even in the improbable event that they did, vegans do not allow animal products into their bodies, and humans being members of the animal kingdom, that would include semen as an animal product… which means unless they have plant-based imitation (like they do for pretty much everything else) semen to fertilize themselves, reproduction is impossible for vegans.

  8. Why are vegans annoying?

    They claim stupid things that are easily proven false.

    They lie.

    They are hypocrites.

    They have such stupid double standards!

    They are stupid due to their starving brains.

  9. I'm a meat eater but meat eaters act annoying when talking to vegans. They always talk about vegans unsolicited "I'm vegan" comments, but meat eaters reply right back with "wElL i LoVe MeAt" okay. Nobody asked you either lmao 😂

  10. Voici un argumment débile de végétarien: "Si tu devais tuer pour te nourrir tu ne mangerai pas de viande''
    Bah si, si on m'y avais habitué depuis la naissance.
    Sinon c'est pour çà qu'il y a des bouchers… sérieusement cet argument est ridicule… et ne sous-estimez jamais une personne en détresse et affamée… les cas de cannibalisme le prouvent, on est prêt à bouffer son pote quand on est on train de crever.
    Ah et aussi, les animaux mangent les autres animaux, l'Homme est un animal donc il mange les autres. Certes on n'est pas obligé de manger que de la viande, mais faut arrêter les conneries l'Homme à toujours chassé pour se nourrir. Sinon excellente vidéo, très drôle.

  11. In sweden we have a LOT of rules in the farms about how the animals must be treated in a good way. But the people think the meat is "too expensive" so they buy meat from other countries where the animals don't be treated in the same good way. I dunno, but it feels like it dosen't matter how we do, people will still never be pleased…?

  12. あれ?これいつ日本語字幕付いたんだろう?前見た時は字幕無しだった気がするんだけど

  13. 19K don't like this? Hahahahahaha! That's a bunch of Pussy-Hat Wearing Politically Correct Liberal Climate Change Social Justice Warriors.

  14. We got to the top of evolution because we are omnivores – so it sounds plausible to eat everything (some insects are tasty, too)

  15. if farmers were transparent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoOuJlnaOjU&list=PLBvGDNsNq-R2HUQjpMnyDS9ytKMhhwoDu&index=1

  16. This video exposes carnists, not vegans. You're completely stereotypical and blind to our intentions, mocking us like a joke whilst you're the one taking lives and destroying the world,not us.

  17. As a conservative libertarian, if I don't want to eat meat, I don't eat meat. (I do eat meat, tons of it, by the way.)
    If leftists, democRats and other feeble-minded fools don't want to eat meat, they want Big Stupid Greedy Government to force everyone else to not eat meat also.
    See the difference, normal people?

  18. His face expressions kill me😂 it's true though. There really are vegans who act like it's a religion or cult. On top of that they can't cook😭😂 So the impression is really bad for alot of people. But truthfully. It's a beautiful thing. It can and will save our planet. I hope to see a mostly vegan world one day.

  19. This actually makes some arguments against veganism look overly stupid, and at the same time it points out how weird vegans seem when they talk about their choices. But what are you supposed to do when you're trying to save the world? Be *nice*??

  20. This very funny. I am not Vegan but at one point in her life, my sister was and got really into it. I wish I didn't like meat but I do. I feel sorry for the animals but at the same time for the plants too. We are at the top of the food chain and everything we eat, or almost, was alive at one time.

  21. If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans They'd Be The Same, Idiots! I Personally Know That Just Because You Don't Eat Meat Doesn't Mean You'd Act Differently! It's Just Healthier. And Vegan Alternatives Taste The Exact Same As The Product With Meat. You Should Just Eat That. So Stop Being Afraid Of Change, Stop Sitting Around, And Try Something Different. Vegans Don't Say That! They're Nice! They're Nice People Who Aren't As Lazy As You Idiots! You Portray Them As Boring, But You Obviously Only Met 1 Vegan, And Now How They Act From TV! Now Let Me Ask You A Question. Are You Racist? Because If You Assume All People In That Minority Are Like That, Then It's Pretty Dang Similar To Racism. And The Menu Thing Is Because It Is So Hard To Order If You Are Simply Vegan, Because Meat Is More Popular, That's Just The Truth! They Don't Want To Sound Annoying, But It's The Best They Can Get That They Actually Like. And I'm Sure They Deserve Some Them Time When IDIOTS Like You Are Always Around Them!

  22. plants do not have a nervous system even if they are technically alive. even if that kind of makes me a criminel. i've never seen a carrot that got emotionally attached to its baby carrot or a farmer. because carrots do not have children or cucambers or tomatoes

  23. Informed non-vegan: "In fact, more animals suffer and die for plant foods than for animal foods."
    Veganist: "Well, you see, that's actually an argument for veganism because livestock animals eat plants. #letlivestockanimalsstarve"
    Informed non-vegan: 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


    In addition:
    Veganist: "Veganism is very easy."
    – more and more ex-vegans appear –
    Veganist: "They didn't do it right."


  24. Vegan is a collection of idiots. They claim that meat destroys the environment, but I don't think it's environmental pollution that they make chemical masses and destroy acids to grow vegetables and fruits.

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