Hello everyone and welcome in this new… …I’m out of breath You have to know that when I was 20 – f*** off – This is all a fake, and he’s really great at acting too, I have to say it, because he faked going to dance for 30 minutes yesterday so today he has the excuse F*** off to take x seconds I was…I was saying that – anyways continue making your.. When I was 20 I used to do 6 nights in a row, I wrecked myself like.. on the next day I was perfectly fine, now that I’m 29 I had 2 nights in a row and I’m ruined But, I’m not old inside like people who are 26 and yesterday instead of going to dance they were there “hurr I’ll go home and sleep because tomorrow I have to ride the motard because then the time doesn’t come out” – Serious people do this F*** off With this said, we’re in the circuit of Pomposa, oh well you don’t see it but there’s a track and there’s another track, we’ll ride in that one because it’s faster and we’ll get more hurt and this is the first track day of this holiday, you have to know that me and the good Luke are in holiday here in the coast and it’s not a real holiday because the idea is training and reaching the last championship race ready and charged So, the good Luke who had to have a motard of someone who destroyed it two days before and didn’t have it anymore made an announcement on Instagram and he found a vehicle that is…I mean I looked at it before and looked for a particle of dirt on this, there’s none there’s not a single screw out of place – – Those who know me know that I’m crazy about cleanliness My G…Today you have no excuses – You’re ma…you’re making an intro 4 minutes long to get the final result ready, but, today you have no excuses – Ok, ok ok ok I mean, look at what a vehicle he has Exaggerated, I mean, I’ll only tell you that that motorbike is worth as much as my r1…tuned Oh well But me today with the good Nick will demonstrate…strong powers – We need to make Alberto defeat Luke No, that will be hard, this is your job today, you have to give him a hard time – Today the designer has to defeat the.. Fashion blogger!! – Fashion blogger, but wasn’t he a pilot – – Wait a second, I have the vehicle…but I’ve never seen the track – Me neither, only once Excuses, excuses – – It’s not true! You live here! – Once! Don’t say bullcr*p So, Marquez, first time at Austin got a pole and won – – The truth is that I’m the one fighting against strong powers, and not the opposite Oh well I should put on the suit as I’m the only one with a shirt SHORTLY AFTER Let’s go in tilt Nicholas’s motard, worn tires, very nice that other has new tires, life’s good What a high side, that was a close one! 2 LAPS LATER… Come on I want to overtake Vitali No come on I already ruined the first D-Air, and we’re only at the first day It’s not possible – Noo you started I placed it on the ground, it got no damage – Damage wasn’t included I didn’t do any damage – hand guards 100 euros But if it’s fine – A bit scratched Oh well you’re a designer you can make it become new – Yes f*** off, – oh well give it gas, who cares, as long as you don’t break it I’m happy Hey the tires are over – No the tires are over Like there’s no more – No, there’s a bit – – But it’s the first turn! Stop! They’re over! Look – – Stop! – New tires Bull**** – – Mine are used! Look! But you haven’t used them in any turn How were the tires when you arrived? – – Ours have 7 days What were they like? – – Can you demonstrate that these were new? I don’t think What were the tires like? – – 100 euros, I’ll give you 100 euros later
– – – Oh. well… You suck How many rides do they have? – 8-9 – But they are from one year ago But as Haga said “Until tire like that, you give gas” – Until tire is that you give gas – It has to reach the cloth Exactly Ale, are you proud of me? – I’m proud of being your friend but more generally… I threw it on the first turn – Oh well, the average starts to be there And I broke the airbag – – Stop everyone for a second – – HP4 destroyed in three pieces – – DB doesn’t want to tell anyone DEL BIANCO SOME MONTHS BEFORE – – And then, the king, back there Who, who is the king? where is it, oh is he the king? – – – No he’s back there But two masters like you can’t throw it away every time you go out – – You can’t do… – No he has, he has, he has to do that, it’s all experience We have the Salvadori Demolition Company and – – Yes and then the day just started, so – I have an SPA I don’t have a company anymore, I already did…I already did the upgrade – – We’re all subsidiaries of DB Meanwhile the Vitali, pilot of endurance world cup was badly overtaken – He was overtaken but then what did you do? What was the crash like from behind, did you like it – It was funny, f*** I didn’t expect that Me neither – I was seeing you drive very smoothly, then at the end – Why? I have no more tire, 8 days with… – Don’t look for excuses The owner said it, I didn’t say that I don’t know, maybe too much brake, it closed – You went inside braking, there you enter in a… That corner, the rest yes – [Unintelligible] Ok, great. But anyways the motard goes faster than the R3 in here – A bit but, you passed me on the straight Well yes but does the motard go faster than the R3 on corners too? – It depends, this one is completely original, so, having a tuned 300 you can drive it Yes, yes yes – Right now I’m driving slowly, faster than that and you can’t do… Come on I’ll throw this one to the ground too later – Do you want to try it? Can you go on it? – Hard huh? Between turn 2 and turn 3 I couldn’t shoot… LATER YOU’LL KNOW WHY – Well, now we’ll do a bit of driving school to the good Albert – more than driving school I’ll know that we’ll smash and do damages Fu****! – Oh there he is Look at this f***** he wants to ruin my tires Life is good with new tires uh? “I’m being cool with the 40k euros motorbike with new tires” Son of a ***** Where did you pass me d*** I hate you Luca, why are you going so fast SOME SECONDS LATER…THE “SALVADORI DEMOLITION COMPANY” STRIKES BACK (You’ll see the video of his fall in his channel) What happened? – I hit the grass and I didn’t notice You did a high side? – A crazy bomb Did he throw a big bomb? – Well with the high side he flew in the sky But did he hit the ground hard? I didn’t notice anything, I was continuing to drive What did you arrange for the damages? Then he says that to me!! Then he says that to me! Go, now I’ll do 52 2 LAPS LATER I did such a high side, oh my – Are you ok? Where did you slide? Lower back My first high side, f*** did you see the flight? One meter in the air, no two meters, I arrived here No but such a bomb, guys such a bomb that you can’t imagine What? And you haven’t seen yours You don’t know what a high side I did I flew like over this van – – Really? You can’t imagine The big tire, full acceleration It’s arriving, but the handle got crooked in my opinion – What the f*** are you saying? Yes Now you’ll watch the video – – – We arrived at 3PM, 4:30PM, everyone home – Because you have to go sell fish But did I go down with the time at least? *In the background Nicolas is saying that he “loves” me*
– I don’t know what was the reference of before What did you take as best? – I took a 52.7 Let’s go! Now you’ll understand why before I couldn’t shoot *They hid my camera telling me that someone stole it. After 1h looking for it – Where is the camera? I knew it I’ll break your head in half Whose idea was this? Because you were all there That other guy behind laughing – We did it because we already did two high sides in… You won’t sleep tonight, you will not close an eye, tomorrow you’… – By the way, by the way it wasn’t my idea, Nico hid it like a hour ago Bas***** This is called karma, you hid my… Now that finally I recovered the camera, let’s see how I wrecked.. Hey it’s like new – There’s something weird here But it was already like that – Both Luca and Alberto have to sell fish – Fish Anyways now I found out why I had pain in the lower back – Mother of God what a blow *Luca didn’t understand that I’m recording the ending of the video*
Ouch *Luca didn’t understand that I’m recording the ending of the video* – Now when I’ll go home I have to [unintelligible]…because I can’t understand s*** It was…the one I was recording was already the conclusion You arrived to tell me how we’ll edit the video – Look, look, wait huh, this is live Why are they calling you from Great Britain? – Look huh It’s those… – Exactly, now I’ll insult them
It’s those about electricity Go go go ! – Hello? – – Good morning, [unintelligible waste of time] – You have to f*** off! Stop, Sto-p, you call me every day – Nothing, they hung up I was saying, everyone always said that I never had a serious high side – It was your first high side? First high side Today we celebrate my first high side – No I instead… Oh well you have already given, but even today the Salvadori Demolition Company, I have to say that.. – & Naska, we have to open a construction company together, actually, no a construction company that then throws them down because we’re in a terrible condition to say the least Oh well guys, this had to be the first day of training of a summer season made up of training for September’s races in which, you know, you go on track… …we already destroyed the world – My knees are destroyed, we won’t be able to ride during the holidays – on Sunday we had to be in Misanino, where… – you don’t have your butt anymore, but did you show your butt? – will we show the butt?
Go – Oh my – What a blow Oh well guys this video started with me in pieces and it ends with me even more in pieces – Oh well it’s not like I’m fine either sadly But we don’t give up, tonight table at the Villa delle rose tomorrow table we don’t know where, and on Sunday we’ll ride in Misanino with the R3 – Oh with the R3? Yes – Enough motard? Enough – But anyways they told me from back there, the good Roberto Farinelli, – that it’s the highest high side that he has ever seen, and I didn’t get hurt, so – Thanks to Dainese as usual, by now… No it’s true, Dainese between back pad and everything today saved our a** – Yes, the problem is that we don’t have it anymore No, we’re out of back pads – Finished Oh well, guys, see you in the next video Some good clips before the crash Everyone of us has talents, right? Here’s the Salvadori Demolition Company which has talent in twisting motorbikes there’s also Del Bianco Demolition Company back there with a great talent… – Today, I have to say, that he didn’t do his job Not today, incredible – Incredible We have the good Casadei, which has a talent in making helmets, and we have one in destroying them And then, we have the good Farinelli, which has his unique talent F*** They used you as a stand-in in the movie Alien – Really? – I’m good at this You don’t even need special effects


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