Images Of Rey And C-3PO Have Left The Internet Shaking

After unveiling an epic sizzle reel for Star
Wars: The Rise of Skywalker at this year’s D23 Expo, LucasFilm has released the video
to the masses. The special look is all sorts of incredible,
mostly due to its final few seconds, which gave us the first official look at dark Rey. Dressed in a black hooded robe, Rey wields
a double-bladed red lightsaber, which she flourishes downward to snap into a battle-ready
position. Her skin appears far paler than normal, and
her eyes look sunken into her head. Suffice it to say, this isn’t the Rey we’re
used to seeing. But what’s actually at play here? Judging by the clothes Rey wears and the red
saber, one could argue that she has officially turned to the dark side, joining Kylo Ren
and the First Order. Study her face and her posture a bit more,
though, and you’ll see some signs that suggest dark Rey isn’t the real Rey. Dark Rey is stiff when she handles the double-bladed
saber, whereas normally, Rey is swift when working with her weapons. Additionally, dark Rey is practically emotionless,
her face barely moves a millimeter, which isn’t typical of Rey’s usually hyper-emotive
mug. So, what does it all mean? Well, there are a few possibilities. This dark Rey shown in the new footage from
The Rise of Skywalker could be a clone of the regular Rey, one of several that were
created at the time of Rey’s “birth.” Considering The Rise of Skywalker will feature
a brand-new iteration of Stormtroopers, the red-armored Sith Troopers, some theorize that
dark Rey and the entire fleet of Sith Troopers are Rey clones. This could tie into The Last Jedi, during
which Rey entered a cave and saw dozens of copies of herself. The idea goes that these multiple Reys weren’t
just visions, they’re real, which would help explain why the Star Wars saga hasn’t yet
fully explained Rey’s parentage. Sure, Kylo Ren snapped at Rey and told her
that her parents were nobodies who sold her for drinking money, but perhaps the First
Order edgelord made it up to upset her. Maybe, just maybe, Rey doesn’t have any parents
at all…because she’s one of a whole bunch of clones made for the purpose of fighting
in the galactic war. Perhaps her “sisters” are all evil, while
Rey is the sole clone who malfunctioned and joined the light side. Or maybe she’s not a clone. Maybe she had a twin, with Rey’s parents having
sold her sister immediately after their birth. The abandoned twin might have grown vengeful
and turned to the dark side, and the evil Rey we see could be that scorned sister. Another theory is that dark Rey isn’t real
in the slightest, and that what we’re seeing in the Rise of Skywalker clip is part of a
sort of dream sequence. Just as Luke Skywalker saw himself as his
father, Darth Vader, while inside the Dagobah cave in The Empire Strikes Back, Rey could
have a similar vision in The Rise of Skywalker, facing her biggest fear in watching herself
turn to the dark side. This could give her the push she needs to
continue fighting against the First Order when the temptation to turn dark grows too
strong. There are about a billion possible explanations
for what’s going on here, and the same can be said for what looks like an evil version
of C-3PO in the newly released Rise of Skywalker footage. The protocol droid, known for his etiquette
and intelligence, is seen here with glowing red eyes. That’s the only physical attribute of his
to suggest that the upcoming film features a dark C-3PO, and while we hate to make sweeping
generalizations in saying that every character with red eyes is evil, there’s evidence to
suggest that this could be the case here. “Don’t say things like that.” In February 2015, Marvel Comics rolled out
a new Darth Vader series, which revealed in issue number three that the heavy-breathing
dark-sider had in his entourage droids that have the same design as C-3PO and R2-D2. There’s 0-0-0, essentially an evil version
of C-3PO from a design perspective, and BT-1, an assassin droid that recalls the design
of R2-D2. These robots are battle droids designed to
kill, which is a far cry from how helpful 3P0 and R2 generally are. Speculation has it that the red-eyed C-3PO
shown in the Rise of Skywalker footage could actually be 0-0-0, and that the Skywalker
who rises in the new movie is Anakin, who may return as a Force ghost with his literal
killing machines in tow. Since additional footage from The Rise of
Skywalker shown at a Disney shareholders’ meeting in March 2019 reportedly featured
Kylo Ren opening a container that holds Darth Vader’s helmet, it’s not completely out of
the realm of possibility that the villain formerly known as Anakin Skywalker could play
a part in the upcoming film. On the other hand, maybe the explanation for
the “evil” C-3PO is simple. Perhaps the reason why the droid has red eyes
during that scene is because he had his personality inadvertently augmented to be extra aggressive
for the sake of comedy, sort of like what happens with Data’s “emotion chip” in Star
Trek. “Yes, I hate this” All this is to say that many mysteries still
surround The Rise of Skywalker, and hardly any concrete answers are on hand right now. Writer and director J.J. Abrams could have
taken the film in any number of different directions, making it all the more difficult
to pin down which theories could be true and which are total BS. The Rise of Skywalker will surely answer the
big questions about dark Rey and the potentially dark C-3PO, but fans will have to be content
with waiting until the film’s release on December 20 to learn the truth. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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100 thoughts on “Images Of Rey And C-3PO Have Left The Internet Shaking

  1. I think the dark Rey scene will be like the scene in empire when Luke sees himself in darth Vader’s mask on dagobah

  2. This "we have to have a new take on the lightsaber for every movie" bullshit is beyond old.
    The clones were made from a badass bounty hunter. So these ones are just clones of the galaxy's most Mary Sue-ish Mary Sue to ever not earn her place. I'm so done with this. I'll just re-read the books.

  3. The force is about balance. Jedi strength has always been stronger than Sith strength. So, it’s not hard to figure out what needs to happen to regain balance in the force. Too much good throws off the balance…..

  4. ok, what about the star destroyer fleet that look abandoned, any chance the resistance get their hands on those ships?

  5. Nope, its once again merely a misdirection, Rey most probably is fakeing being "bad" in order to win the day which Merry will surely do, then she will give food to all hungry cure all with diseases and lastly save all kittens

  6. Rey is kylo sister liea had twins WIT han solo n rey is the secret twin sister of kylo liea knew this but did NOT TELL her EMOTIONS CAN HINDER MISSIONS

  7. Rey (of light) is the original and the others are cloned from her. Kylo was right about her parents. They sold her to Palpatine as the source of the clones. They left her on that desert planet once they were finished.

  8. Or……it could mean that she was a Sith sleeper the whole time. That would explain all the skills that a scavenger from a wretched hive of scum and villainy would have.

  9. More stupid wobbly light-sabers spewing sparks? How come no one in the JJ-verse knows how to make a lightsaber?

  10. Yeah we totally shook.. Sith swiss army knife and a robot that fucks up all the time turning ebil. Oh no. Fuck off this movies gonna be more trash then last ones.

  11. The plot leaked: Palpatin turns Ray to the darkside, while Vader brings Ren back to the light. Hence, "The Rise of Skywalker".

  12. C3po is the master Sith… Hello! He has been in every movie and was built by Anakin Skywalker… If you follow his complete journey he seems innocent and overlooked this whole time ?

  13. He might have red eyes for the same reason he had a red arm in Force Awakens. That is to say, there is no reason at all.

  14. The rumour is in regards to 3PO’s red eyes, The Resistance are searching for 3PO’s old memory onboard the Tantive IV Blockade Runner they accidentally insert a warrior mode chip in 3PO.

  15. Just looks stupid. I don't understand how Disney can do so good with the 1st 20 something Marvel movies they did, but completely and totally ruin these past 2 Star Wars movies.

  16. red eyed c3p0 is really a terminator who is sent back in time to kill luke skywalker before his born, thus star wars/terminator cross-over is born… i called it first!

  17. “Maybe you’re a clone,
    you’ll never be alone,
    there’s so many of you,
    there’s nothing you can do.”

    – Creepio

  18. That light saber would be completely pointless, unless she can take them apart and have dual light sabers…in which case they combined 3 different weapon styles… which is pretty badass. She can use it as a single saber, dual sabers, or the 2-sided like darth maul (idk what it's called because I don't really obsess over this stuff). I would like to see someone really skilled use it because they could switch several times mid-fight and confuse the shit out of their opponent.

  19. If I had to guess. I'd say it's a dream,or vision where Ray has to battle her dark-self like Yoda did. So she doesn't fall to the darkside. An of course she wins just like Yoda did lol. ? Maybe she doesn't win,but also she doesn't lose. She becomes
    The Gray Ray… lol

  20. Rey clones? People are giving this movie a lot of credit after these first 2 have come out now…

    All these theories remind me of when episode 7 dropped and everyone was freaking out about phasma….a lot happened with her..

  21. there is another theory..the people that made this video dont know shit and are just speculating about whatever they want to. wait till the movie comes out..!

  22. Do you think she could be going through what Luke did when he was on Dagobah and and went into the tunnel and confronted Vader?

  23. Who made C3PO is the answer to why are the eyes red. Through the darkside Anakin with Rise as a Black painted C3PO, with Cape, talking as Vader, with red eyes and a red lightsaber. Anakin's Ultimate Relic is a machine that he built! And it wouldn't be far from the machine body he had at death.

    Are minds will Melt!

  24. An Evil C-3PO would be absolutely amazing. " don't touch me!' "what are you doing?'! Get Off me you revolting worm!!" IN his C_3PO Voice. make him supper complacent!!/ to annoy the shit out of everyone in starwars/ and make him be abusive to R2D2. and then R2D2 has to confront him.

  25. Rey is Palpatine's granddaughter, ghost Palpatine persuaded her she's actually dark, and that there's no way of getting out of it.

  26. So Darth Vader's sacrifice was basically pointless with Palpatine returning. Rey who is the most boring and poorly written characters in the history of this franchise and has literally no appeal is now evil and we are suppose to buy into this modern turd pile called Star Wars. Star Trek literally has a series with the letters STD. What's next for Star Wars? Star Wars battle for VD!

  27. I've said it after The Last Jedi… the final movie is going to make EVERYONE GO BACK and rewatch The Last Jedi… because now everyone has to take the movie for what it is…not what they all wanted it to be.
    The Last Jedi after rewatching it 3 times…is actually a good movie if you don't watch it with all your expectations

  28. So we have Darth-3PO and R2-Fett now huh. Man, they need to step it up with the stories. And please make Kylo Ren put that mask back on, his face is so disturbing that I can understand why Luke tried to kill him.

  29. Any bets that all of those star destroyers is a shitty space invaders reference. This movie is going to be so lazily done.

  30. The Rise Of The Fandom Menace, may the farce be with you…who actually really cares what happens now, Leia, Lando, C-3PO, Chewbacca, R2-D2, R.I.P. 2019.

  31. Its going suck a last jedi good, They are desparate dark rey who really cares there was little value in rey she morepowerful than any no real struggles really And the ghost of palptine will make evil c3po

    Don't worry jarjar will come back and bring balance to the force"mesa back"

  32. It could also be vision/dream of some sort, of what could happen to her if she goes to the dark side too for all we know!

  33. Or he just needed new photoreceptors and red was the only color they had one hand….JJ is probably laughing up his sleeve and saying, "Look how many rumors I can start with this…."

  34. As I've commented below other Looper publications, I will just wait for the film to premier – and just watch it.

    Hehehehehe, "OH YES – I HATE THIS!"

  35. I absolutely dislike the word rise being used in movie titles.
    Rise of the Silver Surfer
    Rise of the Planet of the Apes
    Rise of the Machines
    The Rise of Cobra
    Rise of an Empire
    Rise of the Guardians
    Rise of the Lycans

  36. I know where this is going. RAY goes evil and REN turns to the light and saves the the day. Disney's version of the I am yr father twist… It will FAIL

  37. oh my ….its makes me laugh how she pumps up ray lol JUST FLUSH THIS TURD DOWN THE TOILET ALL READY ………….its like saying ewww my farts smell wonderful while the hole room cleared out because of the stench ………………………………………….

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