In-Situ Flowmeter Verification and  Validation for Thermal Mass Flow Meter Calibration

Sage Metering has been an industry leader in high-performance thermal mass flow meters and has pioneered numerous innovations; including introducing a digital method of driving the sensor verses the traditional drift-prone Wheatstone bridge. We are the only thermal mass flow meter manufacturer that provides a convenient in-situ (on-site) calibration check that assures that the flow meter still retains the original NIST traceable calibration. This simple three-step check is conducted any no
flow condition which aside from verifying the meters accuracy, also confirms that the sensor is clean and that the flow meter has not drifted or shifted. This is a tremendous benefit to all of our customers since it eliminates the cost an inconvenience of annual calibrations on the flow meters. In addition, many greenhouse gas protocols, such as the landfill project protocol, the US livestock project protocol, and the organic waste project protocol, require periodic calibration field checks. The Sage technology greatly simplifies this process. Good afternoon, I’m Bob Steinberg, president of Sage Metering Inc. Today I’d like to introduce you to a very convenient method for checking the calibration of your flow meter in the field, within the pipe. This is known as an in-situ (on-site) calibration check, and I will demonstrate three easy steps. Simply, loosen, lift and look. Thank you. Note the Sage Prime® that is inside of a four-inch pipe, currently measuring flow rate. I am now interested in confirming that the meter is still in calibration.
Step one. I will loosen the compression fitting.
Step two. I will lift the probe until the safety chain is taut and I will close the valve.
Step three. I simply observe the reading of milliwatts (mW) in the top left corner of the display, and match it to the meter’s data tag. If they agree the meter is still in calibration; in fact, its entire range is still in calibration. That’s all there is to it. Thank you for your time and attention.

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