Inch Pounds To Foot Pounds Conversion Explained For a Torque Wrench!

Hey guys Kelly from Torpey Denver your online resource for industrial power transmission and automation today we’re going to be talking about how to convert foot pounds into inch pounds and Inch pounds into foot-pounds and to start off the first thing you need to know when doing this is that 12 is going to be the constant for this equation every time there’s 12 inches in a foot and That’s why it’s the constant So when you’re going foot-pounds two inch pounds You always want to multiply When you’re going inch pounds To foot-pounds, you always want to divide So now let’s take a look at a couple Equations, so guys, let’s say we have a torque wrench That says it’s 36-inch pounds. You have a set of 36-inch pounds, but the spec calls out that you need it for Let’s say two foot pounds Would this inch pound 36 inch pounds be more or? Under what you need. Let’s figure that out. So thirty-six inch pounds and when we’re going up again remember when we go up two inch pounds to foot-pounds We divide put that note in there. What’s our constant? Our constant is always 12 So what we’re gonna do is divide 36 by 12 and our answer will be three So what we have is three Foot-pounds and As I said the spec was calling out for two foot-pounds. So we are going to be higher Than what the spec says Let’s go ahead and do this do another conversion. Well, we’re gonna do it from foot-pounds two inch pounds okay guys, so let’s say you have a torque wrench that’s calling out a four Foot pounds and we need to convert that over to inch pounds So remember when we go from foot two inches, what do we do? We multiply So and what’s our constant Our constant is always 12 so four times 12 equals 48 So then we would have 48 inch pounds of torque You

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