inches & pounds

right in front of al pacino’s face ironically, i did that on purpose… is the line ‘the six inches in front of your face’. live in the moment. the metric system is much more logical and easier to use, but it’s cultural here because the game of american football is based on yards so if u watch a translation of this movie maybe the translation for al pacino is the approximately 15 centimeters in front of your face. take things as they come. be in the moment. go step by step. maybe u say, “why don’t u just use ‘step by step’? u could. sometimes it’s ‘step by step’. sometimes it is ‘inch by inch’. floyd ‘money’ mayweather, the ‘pound for pound champion’ of the boxing world, meaning…. floyd mayweather fought saul ‘canelo’ alvarez last september and this picture circulated after mayweather’s victory over canelo, based on a bet that snoop dogg made with a friend of his. snoop dogg tweeted…….. may short for mayweather that’s over 140 characters. snoop dogg is posing with a bag full of a pound of marijuana; that’s obviously kinda funny. but also the fact that it was a pound of marijuana; he’s making that connection between the pound of marijuana and undefeated pound for pound champion floyd mayweather. life is the 6 inches in front of your face. in front of your face!

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