Incríveis fisgadas de #pesca em directo  (4K ULTRA HD)

fish on incredible hi guys and welcome to another fishing video,It’s very windy today I decided to go to a different place very close to home, I have many things to do so I’m closer, as you can see there are still many boats and it’s complicated it’s windy. many boats did you saw that? but we will fish something for sure What am I going to do today? I’m going fishing with the nails. to Barbel I have lots of batteries so we’ll see the attacks … the boats are starting to arrive And they come very fast, they must be late. I will try to fish some Barbel there let me show you, can you see there? is a good spot for them, they have food there that is a wild vine and the grapes fall to water and they stay there under fish on there are huge waves in my way had to pass the boat… I think he’s in the middle of this here he is incredible a person suffers to get a fish so last week I tried to show you a live strike but I had few batteries, today I have 9 batteries for this camera and two power banks and three extra batteries in case the power banks fail so today there will be live attacks this was the first one,well it was not the first , I’ve had several attacks but this was the first one that was effectively captured has you can see a beautiful Barbel and a Nails as I explained in the last video of Barbel with Nails Mayfly catch more fish because looks like a insect but the most fun way to catch a Barbel is with Nails, is fun to see them atacking the lure with experience we know that a Barbel has to be there, it is almost impossible not to be and there it had to be if there are grapes falling, of course there has to be a Barbel this is well hooked three hooks inside the mouth he did not escape easy, I will release you soon, well… this is the fish has you can see and I fish him with Nails this is my favorite species as you know they are so smart, he can go to the middle of the river most of species try to go to deeper waters not Barbel, instead of that he swim to the herbs but I get him let´s see if we fish another one I’ll make a run against him I think I’m winning. and he goes fast no, he win but is not by far Do you want to see me say bad of my life again? I am going to the middle of the herbs with Nails and the fish will go to the middle of the herbs and I’ll grumble there… fish on now I can start saying bad of my life again he is in the middle of the herbs I’ll find him he is in the herbs I am not very smart let´s try to get out of here put the motor… … put the motor in the herbs let´s see the fish? look another strike and another capture I fail him twice but this fast lures have one advantage, if they miss they can atack again, a slower lure will be harder because they have time to see the lure Savage Gear Nails look, so beautiful easy , I will release you look this colors spectacular? let´s release there he goes there are vines there and maybe grapes but they are not above the water so if the grape fall will not fall into the water but sometimes the tide rise and the grapes stay in the water, this is not ideal seems to have no depth but we will try,maybe there is one there fish on he was there third fish can you see him here? the lure is out, this don´t give me a lot of work Savage Gear Nails is not normal to fish this kind of fish let me show you why he is strong easy can you see? is a very small fish compared to the average look a male and is entering pre-spawning, strange as I was saying, fish who atack lures are usually larger this is an exception but it was a nice exception and is the third small bass look my fish finder all of this you are seeing is a big school of prey so… I change my lure go down please I want something that runs all the water and looks like what is here I cast near shore and I got this fish, It seems to be
good I think I can catch him he is strong this fish is good my drag is closed and he is pulling drag, he is good is a good fish best of the day if I catch him look, the hook is out so lucky so lucky was right here look big Barbel so beautiful brutal and let´s release fish on incredible astonishing incredible need to be easy or he will open my hook he is good the hook is on the lip another one look at this It is or is not miraculous? last week I said it is beautiful, he was good bigger than the last one so is over, I will end my fishing day here, I got six fish five Barbel and one Bass was a very fun day, the conditions where bad, seems all boats come to me and very fast the wind did not help much either but I got some good catches and that’s what matters

100 thoughts on “Incríveis fisgadas de #pesca em directo (4K ULTRA HD)

  1. Bonito video amigo, como disfrutas con esos barbos, son muy fuertes y peleones. Un saludo y que siga la pesca.

  2. Mais um grande vídeo, grandes barbos e grandes pescas

    ps: os últimos links da descrição referentes ao Distribuidor Savage Gear não funcionam sendo que estaria interessado em alguns dos produtos

  3. Impecável! Que maravilha para o cérebro 😜👍
    Onde posso comprar online esse material 🎣🎣🎣?
    Grande abraço!

  4. Boa noite João, boa pescaria de barbos, aí si eu morace perto de um riozão desse, eu ia pesca todos os dias.

  5. Olá Tudo bem?
    Gostei muito de seu canal, acabou de ganhar +1 Inscrito! Se inscreva no meu se puder.Obrigado👏🙏

  6. Bonjour mon ami félicitations très beau poisson je suis abonné de FRANCE 👍🇨🇵. Hola meu amigo
    Parabens Peixe Muito Bonito
    Eu amo o seu canal
    Muito obrigado meu amigo 👍
    J ai réalisé un nouveau diorama en noir et blanc et en couleur
    Si tu veux bien regarder ma chaîne tu me diras ce que tu en penses
    Merci beaucoup mon ami 👍🇨🇵

  7. John, you and your Nails are incredible! With all the difficulty with wind and waves and water weeds, you caught some really beautiful and strong Barbells. I love how fast your kayak is and admire your ability to handle all the confusion (called a circus, hahaha). Again, great show. Your friend, Don

  8. Passando pra conhecer o canal e deixando meu like, show seu canal, também gosto de uma boa pescaria, já tô inscrito blz 👍

  9. Já tinha comentado neste video mas, eu quero a nails, e são 7 barbos, ou 8 se contares o piercing, Abraço.

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