Industrial Counting Scale Calibration

ULINE Industrial Counting Scales are
pre-calibrated when you receive them; however, you may need to recalibrate them if they’ve become inaccurate. It is also recommended that you calibrate your
scale at least once every year. Precision calibration weights must be
used to properly calibrate the scale. Calibration weight must be at least
1/3 of the scale’s capacity and cannot exceed the scale’s full capacity.
Industrial Counting Scales can be calibrated using English or Metric weights. To change the unit of measure to match the weights you will calibrate with,
first turn the scale on. Change the unit of measure to lb by holding the UNIT WEIGHT PRESET key until “UNIT” is displayed. Then press 1. To change the unit of measure to g or
kg, hold the UNIT WEIGHT PRESET key until “UNIT” is displayed. Then press 2. Then,
turn off the scale. You are now ready to calibrate your scale. For this video, we
will be using single point calibration. To begin, turn the scale on and remove all
items from the platform. Once the weight is displayed as 0, press the period (.) and
UNIT WEIGHT PRESET keys simultaneously and release. After approximately 5 seconds,
the last calibration weight capacity used flashes in the WEIGHT display. If
another calibration weight is desired, use the numeric keys to enter the
calibration weight and place the desired calibration weight on the platform. When
the QTY display value stabilizes, press the MC key. As the scale
counts down to zero, remove the weight from the platform. Calibration is complete. Should you choose not to calibrate the
scale yourself, ULINE’s Repair Department can be reached by calling
Customer Service. You can always rely on ULINE for exceptional customer

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