INSANE Chinese Seafood – $1500 Seafood FEAST in Guangzhou, China – 10 KG BIGGEST Lobster + KING Crab

Wow. – Here we go, guys. We’re having seafood of your dreams here. Giant, Alaskan king crab. Giant, Australian lobster. And we’re gonna get a
couple other things, too. This is just the biggest
aquarium of seafood from heaven. Awesome. We got invited into the
kitchen, this huge kitchen. And we’re gonna see how they
make the lobster, and the crab. Wow, look at the size of this. Huge. Wow. Look, at this line. This huge line of woks. That is a huge wok, full of lobster flesh. Alright, check it out, guys. It’s Trevor James. We are back in Guangzhou, China. And today is a super special occasion. We are at the craziest, most
delicious seafood restaurant in Guangzhou, Hong Xing Restaurant, and we’re gonna be having a full-on feast. There’s a huge aquarium of seafood that you can eat in there, and we’re gonna go check it out. Today’s video is an extremely rare occasion. We’ve been invited to go all out, and have an ultra-luxurious seafood feast. Bringing you to see every
dish, and the price too, worth upwards of 1,500 dollars, thanks to Hong Xing Restaurant,
in Guanzhou, China.` And at the end, Ting, and I are personally giving away
two round trip tickets with everything paid
for for two lucky people from anywhere in the world to come here to Guanzhou to meet with us,
and eat this delicious seafood. Let’s eat. – This is the absolute
seafood of your dreams here. This is like a seafood
aquarium, look at this. Look at the massive, it’s an aquarium, (register chiming) and this is a big, grouper fish. Oh, that is huge. And look at these beautiful
Australia lobsters. (register chiming)
Wow, that is huge. This is gonna be the best seafood ever, and we’re gonna have a huge feast tonight. I can’t believe the size of the fish here. I believe that is a giant grouper. And we’re just gonna take a tour around this whole aquarium of selection. Look at that massive, huge tank of crabs. Look at these Alaskan
king crabs of your dreams. And he’s just scooping them all out. Giant, giant crabs. Look at the size of these. And what’s so exciting, is that we can take any of these crabs, or any of this seafood,
(register chiming) and cook it in any style we want. Cantonese, true elegant cuisine. Oh yes. This is just crazy, guys. And if you watch until the end, we’re gonna explain how
we’re gonna give you two tickets to come here. We’re gonna choose two
winners in our giveaway. And fly you here, we’re gonna
eat this seafood with you. Look at that, whoa. Wow, that’s about four kilos. – Four kilo. – Look at that, whoa. Look at that guys, that is huge. We’re gonna have– Four kilo. (register chiming) That’s 4.1 kilos. We’re goin’ full on tonight, guys. We’re getting the biggest
crab, and the biggest lobster. Oh, there it is. That is the biggest crab in the whole restaurant, right here. We got the biggest
seafood in the restaurant. Awesome, look at that. And there is so much more
over here, look at this guys. Large scallops, it’s all here. Look at all these, these,
like, snail shells, and mussels, and razor clams. It’s all here. Look at this, we’ve got the geoduck. A lot of these actually
come from North America, Canada, and California. People dive for these, and
they’re exported to Asia, for restaurants like this. This is a full on
seafood experience today. And I can’t believe what we’ve got here, just huge tanks full of fish. I think we’re definitely gonna have to get (register chiming)
one of these geoducks. What they do is, they chop
it up, and they can fry it. Oh, oh, look at that, it’s leaking. That is crazy. Look at all of these
beautiful shells here: mussels, we’ve got oysters,
New Zealand oysters. Seafood from around the world. Let’s see what we got over here, as well. Look at this, guys, South African abalone. Look at the size of that abalone. New Zealand. Look at that giant abalone. Wild abalone. And look at the rest of this
crazy selection here, guys. We’ve got South African abalone. There is so much seafood here. Large scallops, look at the size of these beautiful scallops here. Unbelievable. We’re gonna order these,
cooked with garlic, and with vermicelli rice noodles. That is gonna be
(register chiming) so delicious. This is one of the best things you can order at a Cantonese
seafood restaurant. We’re gonna get, let’s get two. That should be good. We’ve got large shrimp,
look at all of these. And you’ll notice that all
of the seafood here is live, so, you know that it’s
really, really fresh. That’s how people like it here. They keep the seafood
alive, none of it is killed. You choose what you want, and then they bring it in the back, and cook it for you right then. So, you know it’s super fresh, and super delicious. Oh. Wow, look at that giant prawn. Look at the color on that. Beautiful. And then look here, guys, sea spot crabs. Beautiful selection. Large, pink shrimp, it’s all here. Ooh, those can really swim. And let’s go see what else there is. There is some really exotic stuff here. Wow. We’ve got catfish over here. We’ve got sturgeon. This is really, seafood
from all over the world, and all over Asia. Look at these, water beetles. I honestly don’t know how
these are gonna be cooked, but I think it’ll be really
interesting to try them because that is super unique. Water beetle here, and then eel over here. I think we’ll go with some beetles today. Oh yeah, look at these water beetle. Whoa, we’re gonna eat those. And that is gonna be, I
think we’re gonna order the boiled in fragrant soup stye. So, that’s, like, Chinese medicine style. Wow, they’re really scurrying there. And, we’re just gonna put ’em in the bag. (register chiming)
Try those beauties out. And we are gonna go. We’re gonna get the ultra
seasonal, extremely unique, Chinese hairy mitten crabs. These are only in the fall time, and they’re ultra luxury. People love them for the roe, the huang. And that’s what we’re gonna have. Look at all of these fish. Giant fish, giant lobsters. Oh, wow. Wow. Look at these geoduck. These are not prized for the meat, they’re prized for the roe. So, you can suck that yellow, gooey, huang out, and the eggs
out from the female. And it’s a real delicacy. It’s so elegant, and soft, and fresh. And it’s only during fall season in China, around October, November. Super luxurious, (register chiming)
and a real, real delicacy. We are gonna prepare the crab now. Incredible. Seafood from heaven. That is huge. Oh, and look at the, look at the, the huge plate there. That’s like a, you could
use that as a soup bowl. That is giant flesh. Look at those legs. We are gonna steam this with garlic. We’re gonna get that steamed with garlic. And look at the size of those legs. Look at all the flesh in there. Look at that, that is huge. Look at this size. Oh, wow. That is huge. Unbelievable. I can’t believe what we’re
about to feast on, guys. Four k g lobster. Chef is just taking a break, and we’re gonna take a look at the size of that lobster tail. That is just half, he’s
already cut the other half, and we’re gonna get that Bei Fung Tong, and chop the rest up. I’m just speechless
here, with the amazing, giant seafood we’re gonna have tonight. Okay guys, and now we’re
at the wok station. We’re gonna take a quick look. This has gotta be quick, ’cause this is absolutely hectic in here. And we’re gonna cook it up right here. So, here’s our huge bowl of lobster flesh. And we’re gonna cook this up. Look at this line here. Just wok after wok. I can’t believe how lucky we are to get into this kitchen, and see the magic happening here. So, all that lobster flesh is just getting a nice bit of starch. Here it is guys, the
lobster flesh is going in. Oh, ho. Absolutely crazy. This is one of the luckiest experiences to get into this kitchen. The absolute hectic, hectic
workload going on here. Whoa. Look at that. Here it comes guys. Tons of garlic going in. Right into that wok. Oil, and garlic, that is so aromatic. And the lobster is gonna go right in, too. Wow. Amazing. That’s where the flavor comes from. And we’re gonna put the
rest of the chunks in, too. Wow, that is unbelievably aromatic. And look at this guys, we are just plating the lobster. Look at that. Wow. That is amazing. Huge. So, they’ve got garlic,
and a little bit of chili, and they’re gonna put bread crumbs on top, I believe, as well. Oh yeah, look at all those bread crumbs. Amazing. This is seafood from heaven. That’s one lobster, four kilos. He just pulled it out of the wok, and plated it all in one go. Little bit of bell pepper on top. Bei Fung Tong style. Whoa, wow. And here is the crab. Ooh. Ooh. Look at this, wow. We got giant lobster, and crab here. Alaskan crab, look at that. Look at that top piece. And it’s just all, ooh, look at that. Look at those legs, steaming hot. Light soy sauce, you can smell it’s slightly sweet with garlic. Oh, and that crab flesh looks incredible. And then, we’ve got this beautiful, monster 4.2 kilogram Australian lobster. Bei Fung Tong style. Look at the flesh, its covered
in breadcrumbs, and garlic. Huge pieces, oh, look at that. You can really smell that fried garlic, the breadcrumbs, unbelievable. And it’s just a mountain of joy. And then we’ve also got
these water beetles. These are cooked in a
Chinese medicine style. Little sweet, oh, and I think you just have to scoop the flesh out. And we are right overlooking all of this aquarium style seafood, amazing. This is incredible. Let’s go right in, for the– – Where are you from? – Canada. – Oh, you like? – Yeah. – Love. – Beautiful. Let’s go right in for this
steaming hot crab first. That is huge, and we’re just
gonna pull that flesh out. Oh. Look at the size, look at that flesh. That is huge. It’s steaming hot, covered in garlic. Oh, wow. Dripping with that beautiful garlic. Light soy sauce, oh, steamed. That is gonna be incredible. – Wow. That is insane. That is the best chunk of meat that will ever enter your mouth. It is so perfectly, soft, and garlicky. So garlicky, so soft. Huge legs, the biggest crab
in the entire restaurant here. The garlic is so aromatic, and so smooth. And the light soy sauce
is really, really simple, elegant, slightly, slightly sweet. And the crab flesh, oh,
the first bite you take just brings you into heaven. Now we’re gonna go in for this beautiful Australian lobster. Look at these huge chunks of flesh. This is cooked Bei Fung Tong style. So, it’s got garlic,
breadcrumbs, and you saw that stirring in that thick oil in the wok. So, this is fried with tons of garlic. It’s gonna be extremely
flavorful, as well. Look at that beautiful chunk
of unbelievable lobster flesh. Oh, wow. – May I take photo? – What’s that? – Water beetle. That is insanely delicious. It’s got a slight crispness to it, but it’s juicy, and it just pops. And it just pops in your mouth when you take that bite. You can taste the garlic, the breadcrumbs add a
little bit of a crunch. And also, there’s a slight spice to it. Wow. And you can just watch as they sell tons of these giant, Alaskan crabs. We’re also gonna try, look at this. This is one of the best
ways to cook seafood in the south of China. We’ve got scallop with garlic, and vermicelli, rice noodles. Mmmmm. That is perfect. That is so flavorful. It really is all about the garlic. In all of this seafood, the garlic is so pronounced, and aromatic. Not overpowering, so smooth. With the light soy sauce, its just– Now, before the Chinese mitten crabs, and the geoduck, we’re gonna take one of these water beetles. And you can actually smell that broth, it smells sweet, and there’s gonna be a lot of juice in there. This is cooked in a sweet broth, Chinese medicine broth. Never tried this before, let’s try it out. Mmmmm. Oh wow. That’s sweet. That actually tastes like honey. I was not expecting to
like that, it tastes like an herbal Chinese soup with maybe a bit of cinnamon, and honey. And that flesh of the body, it’s juicy. Honestly, I was not
expecting to like that. But that is good. Wow, and here’s the– And look what we got here now, Chinese hairy mitten crabs. You can see the hair on the claws, and these are not for the meat, you can see the legs are small, the claws are small. It’s all about the roe on the inside. And you basically just crack these open. You open this up, oh,
and the roe, the huang. It’s all about, oh, there it is. See, that’s the huang. And you just take this off here, oh, wow there it is. Oh, look at the inside. That is all huang, that
is all the huang, the roe. You can see the eggs, they
just look so flavorful, and light, and you can see that
they’re mixed with the guts, and that is a delicacy. You don’t even need the meat. You just take the guts. You can see there’s a bit
of a brown layer on there, and you can dip it in. They put vinegar, and garlic. But I’m gonna try pure, original
flavor for the first bite. Mmmmm. Oh, wow. That actually tastes a bit like egg yolk, but creamier, and
lighter, and more elegant. Oh, look at all that,
look at all that huang. Oh, and you can just, that is, oh, look at the amount of there. Look at that pure amount of huang. And you can just slurp
that huang, that roe. Let’s try it out. Mmmmm. Oh. Oh yeah. That is the definition of creamy. Crazy guys, this is the finisher. This is raw geoduck. This is probably from North America. Oh, look at that, sliced thin. Raw, geoduck. Soy sauce, wasabi, awesome. This is breathtaking food. Cantonese seafood delight. Mmmmm. It’s actually just like sashimi. It tastes kinda like
(register chiming) a clam, or an abalone in
soy sauce, and wasabi. Really nice. So, because of you guys,
we are giving away, again, for our 2,000,000 subscribers
giveaway, a free trip. We’re inviting you and a
friend out to visit us. This time we’re gonna pay
for your flights to Guanzhou, and show you around for a
full on street food tour. Just like we did last time when we hit 1,000,000 subscribers. We’re doing it again for 2,000,000. We’re gonna bring you to
this seafood restaurant. Fry this amazing lobster,
fry this amazing crab, and all you gotta do to enter
this giveaway is check out our Instagram, click, follow,
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we’ll choose one of you, and you can bring one of your
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hashtag 2,000,000 rangers. We are gonna choose one of you, and you can choose a friend. We’re gonna fly you out here, bring you to Hong Xing Restaurant, and have an ultimate seafood feast, and bring you for an ultimate Guanzhou street food adventure. This is because of you, we couldnt’ve done it without you, so, we’re giving back, and
we’re flying you out here to take you for a street food adventure. Thanks so much for watching guys.

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