Inside El Chapo’s Escape Tunnel

This is the tunnel that, Joaquín Guzmán came out of. We’re
gonna go down and take a closer look. Let’s go check it out, guys. Yeah, this is maybe about 20 feet. 25 feet maybe. We’re standing in a mid of cornfield farm he in Almoloya de Juarez, This is the community where
the Altiplano Maximum Security Federal Prison is
located at all here to my left about a mile that way and incidentally, about the same
distance this way is a Mexican army military base. This geographic location nonetheless, is where Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán apparently escaped from
the Altiplano prison, from the end of a tunnel, located in this
property right here behind me. At about 9 p.m., prison authorities inside Altiplano lost visual contact with Mr Guzmán, that is apparently the moment that he
chose to escape through this tunnel located in the shower, and
managed to get to this building right here. Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, the figure head of the Sinaloa cartel
escaped for a second time. Deeply embarrassing the Mexican
government, and straining its delicate relationship with US anti-drug officials. His first escape came in 2001, when Guzmán vanish from the Puente Grande prison in the state of Jalisco. By then Guzmán was already the most feared capo in the Sinaloa federation. A vast criminal organization that sends marijuana, cocaine, metaphatamine and heroin to the United States and around the world. Thirteen years later, Guzmán was caught again, at a hotel in
Mazatlan, Sinaloa, with the help of US intelligence. United States immediately wanted El Chapo to be handed across the border
to face drug trafficking charges in US federal court. But Mexican officials
said they could handle Guzmán arrest and detention. They even said it would take 100 of years, before the drug lord would be extradited. On Saturday, July 11, word began
spreading that Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, had escaped once more. The following morning, officials had almost unbelievable account to share with the public. The escape came just as President Enrique Peña Nieto and more than 400 guests, had embarked to Paris, France, to drum up foreign investment for Mexico. Under pressure, Mexico’s Interior
Secretary returned to the country to head the
investigations. Osorio Chong later release video footage of the escape from inside Chapo prison cell. It shows a man identified as Guzman, pacing, then putting on shoes, then ducking into a
blind spot in the camera’s coverage, a waist-high shower stall. Chapo disappears at 8:52 p.m. Flavio Sosa is a social activist and leader from Mohaca, who was arrested on criminal charges
that were later found to be false. As a political prisoner held in the Altiplano federal penitentiary, he was actually in the same unit at the
prison from which Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, escaped. This jailbreaker according to has really exposed the degree of weakness, that Mexico’s justice and security
apparatus has. The fact that Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman,
could escape in such a stupendous and and cinematic way, raises a lot of questions about the
usefulness on Mexico’s security administrations. This is the opening of the tunnel from which authorities say, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman managed to escape from the Altiplano Federal Prison on July 11th, This tunnel connects to the prison which is about a mile from here. Authorities told us that we would be entering the tunnel at our own risk, as it was not reinforced all the way through. They also would not allow us to film
farther into the tunnel, in order to confirm that it connects
with the shower stall one-mile away. What we hear first-hand look at the
kind of tunnel that the Sinaloa Cartel has become
famous for constructing in their efforts to
traffic drugs across the border. So, I think it’s safe to assume that
this is the sort of tunnels that they’ve used to cross drugs into the United States. This is sort of the lobby if you will to the
tunnel. The dirt that we’re just standing on its right above, by these wooden planks, so clearly you
can see that this is a well constructed facility. Essentially
there is a generator here beside me, and the actual tunnel down to the… link the mile-long left tunnel is right here. This is the crane that who ever
constructed this tunnel, used in order to take down and bring up heavy material, such as some of this
machinery. And probably I assume some the dirt brought that was necessary to pull out here in order to get this tunnel built. We’re gonna go down about 30 feet. Let’s go check it out, guys! Yes, this is maybe about 20 feet, 25 feet maybe. This is very low. El Chapo Guzman is said to be between 5’5, or 5’6. It’s basically custom-built for his frame. Goverment said this motorcycle contraption like things is not actually a motorcycle, it’s some kinda vehicle that is fitted also with this little carts, that most probably use to move the dirt. This is adapted, it doesn’t have a front tyre, it has a small energy source here, it can move forward and backward. Looks like a very old mining type vehicle. This is actually not
the first time that El Chapo has used tunnels to move billions of dollars worth of drugs or to evade authorities. Last year just before he was nabbed in Mazatlan, authorities came close to getting Guzman in the Sinaloa state
capital of Culiacan. But Guzman used a network of tunnels connecting various properties to allude officials again. He’s also linked to dozens of sophisticated tunnels, used to smuggle drugs to the US. Particularly along the Tijuana-San Diego border corridor. But in the end, all the government’s
evidence may not be enough to silence people who say: El Chapo spectacular escape, might be
nothing more than one enormous charade. Officials permitted some access to the
prison side of the tunnel but no independent observer has yet to
run the entire length of it, to confirm the government story. So, I gotta admit it was finally a pretty exciting to see this
tunnel upfront. I think what you will about El Chapo Guzman he has become a folk hero in a lot of people’s eyes, for
precisely this kind of thing, for his ability to outwitt and
outmatch the officials who were trying to bring him to justice. What is certain, is that the myth making, and sort of the legendary status that El Chapo Guzman has built for
himself over the years will now only be expanded because at this. And maybe he has become the most famous drug lord in history since Pablo Escobar, in Colombia. So what’s gonna happen next? Will the authorities ever find El Chapo Guzman?

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  1. So funny how Donald trump thinks us mexicans are dumb by selling drugs but ur people the Americans are buying it lmao wtf

  2. El chapo will be out again ! Too much money and resources ! It's easy to get inside people – can threaten them or buy them ! Pressure ! Why wouldn't the United States want to combat the trafficking ? Isn't there enough overdoses ? Inequality ? Drugs cause problems for everyone on all sides ! The mere fact that they aren't doing anything whatsoever to get the drugs and sources out of the country is inexcusable ! Sams with sex slaves ! Unacceptable ! I've seen a whole pallet of fake cereal Trix cereal none of it was real it was half meth and half heroin – looked almost exactly the same tho ! Same size fruity pebbles ! 🤣 billions of dollars and thousand of underground tunnels ! Half them come up in the desert or in jumpstates like Ohio or Arizona or Texas or New Mexico or Seattle or Michigan ! Michigan is now one of the biggest importers of heroin ! But y'all don't pay attention to anything ! Arrogant and obnoxious people to proud and too stupid ! Rather embarrassing watching you idiots tho !

  3. What a shit this whole screen play…LILAC TIE? that is the sign of the mafia membership….why they needed more 4 years to catch him?

  4. Money is not everything….but is sure does beat whatever is second best !!
    He is a frickin billionaire and this escape (twice) was well planned by prison officials coz their bank accounts were credited by a good sum.

  5. They thought it was crazy that Mexican Authorities take Bribes!!! LMAO…In America We Definitely Take Bribes!!…..They seen Forbes!! We Must have him in the U.S. ……..Billionaire!!! He's Definitely Coming to US 🇺🇸

  6. To say that it is not possible to escape from is a total lie we’ve seen over the years people escaping prisons just look at Alcatraz which was said to be impossible to escape from

  7. There is obvious corruption happening here. The threat of life and death may be happening here to prison guards. But what can you do when a cartel is threatening you? Abide likely right? Unless you want to have your family involved and killed as well. Just my thought

  8. I lived was playing in Mexico when Chapo was "caught" and my coach, who was Sinaloan, laughed and said "that's not Chapo"

  9. I wonder how many high up peoples were behind el chapo escaping from he's own cell. He ruled Mexico for a good few years.

  10. Pablo Escobar was smart enough to never get put behind bars in the first place, but when he did go to prison it was HIS own so you gotta give me props for that, I mean who could say they did time in THEIR OWN PRISON, tbh it was more of a 5 star resort but the government allowed it, kudos Colombian government

  11. Girl: come over
    El chapo: I can’t I’m locked up in maximum security
    Girl: my parents aren’t home
    News: breaking news el chapo drug lord has escaped maximum security again

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