Hi everybody! and welcome on Fanatik-Discus YouTube channel I propose here a new video simply dedicated to the installation of a discus fish breeding tank Why? Because I receive many messages and questions of course How to manage the discus breeding aquarium setup? What things i should check? Which filter I should choose? Which equipment? and so on I thought that a tiny video could be interesting so……. you didn’t knew yet… But I asked your opinion on Facebook and Instagram To know…. what kind of variety I had to choose the variety you proposed me to start my new reproduction You had smashed the like button for the brown discus pair Anyway, on Instagram you could only see the female not the male I’m going to catch them it’s a pair without any problem and I’m lucky, because it is a pair I was watching So… i invite you to dive with me in my aquarium where you can find some of my adults to catch those two brown discus and hope that it will match a minimum I prepared all I need to transfer the fish in good condition The breeding tank is ready I’m going to explain you this step by step Ready? So follow me guys! The goal is to slowly catch them and not frighten too much the fish Here is the female Not cause too much stress then, go outside quickly here we are this is the female you’ve choose you have voted for her on Instagram and Facebook to low the stress I’m going to keep her in the dark the fish will feel more confident Now I’m going to catch the male Look at him, he is there Big baby He will not come easily Something I didn’t told you yet to low the stress of the fish I put some Acclimol in the bucket I’m going to use for the pair Look at him! How he is healthy! Hey… come on… come with me…. He cannot escape! He is going to join the female look at his face striations looks very interesting well, I add him in the bucket add more water Now, let’s go to to the breeding aquarium I’m going to show you this right now! Heyyy wait!!! You said you will explain us how to setup the aquarium for breeding discus yeahhhh, that’s true I’m going to explain it right now By the way… you subscribed my channel??? Of couse i subscribed!!! I’ve smashed the bell And I like all your videos Great THANK YOU! I cannot explain all here so visit my website Fanatik-discus the discus breeding aquarium will be around 100 liters simple setup easy to clean the heater will be placed horizontally You will understand WHY later Temperature will be monitored with a reliable method FILTRATION !!! It will made with an airlift method equipped with a thin foam this filter will transform the water pollution without injured the futur discus fry For the light, it’s not difficult and not need a huge power Do not forget to add a breeding cone where the pair will lay their gametes Here we are… Your discus breeding aquarium is ready Think about buying some water tests Water quality is indeed very important for the embryonic development of the eggs Minimum I advise you a conductivity meter a pH test and of course Nitrites and Nitrates tests One day after adding the water Do not forget to add some filtration bacterias From my side, I use Biodigest bacterias from PRODIBIO society You will find all product LINKS below in the video description Come on, let’s return to our fish Something I regularly use is STOP AMMO on a new tank it avoid the ammonia toxicity it’s a small ampoule from PRODIBIO again So I’m going to add it in my tank Very easy to use You just have to break it If a small amount of ammonia is coming the STOP AMMO will erase it very quickly This is something some use in discus competitions a Wonderfull product It’s now time to put the discus in their aquarium Slowly not to afraid them male first because he is a bit nervous Handle him with care You can see him I show you the female You know her You saw her on social networks spread out fins They will need some hours to feel good to feel better in their new aquarium Because capture is stressful the environment is new for them And then, very quickly with the soft water we are going to change the spawning behavior should come Anyway, that’s what we hope when we place a discus pair in this kind of tank I show you there the foundations of a discus breeding aquarium setup This is of course my own method And you can find many other way If fish are ready and sexually mature the spawning behavior can quickly arrive You will maybe have other questions! but this will be for an other video By the way


  1. Hi Yann.I use rotap mix with a final tds of 70, Ph comes out 6 but after agitation and co2 relase it gets 7,5 .Is this a problem for eggs?Or gh and kh is the important and ph rise will be ok for the eggs? Thank

  2. Bravo pour cette video…celui qui n'a pas tout compris n'a qu'une solution…revisionnez la une seconde fois…

  3. Bonsoir superbe vidéo j'ai un aquarium de 450 litres avec 6 Discus qui est planté mais celle-ci ne pousse pas bien peut on mettre un kit co2?? EtJ'ai un couple qui c est formé et qui actuellement dans un aquarium de 100 litres et qui a pondu 3 fois mais pas de naissance je pense que ça vient de la conductivité qu'elle est la bonne merci d avance bonne soirée

  4. Merci de vos réponses à bientôt pour la prochaine vidéo et je suis allé voir l article très intéressant bonne journée

  5. Slt Yann belle vidéo.
    J'ai une question moi j utilise toujour des filtre avec mousse ceramique et ouate dans mes bacs de me repros. Toi tu utilise les exhausteurs mais tu fais des changement d eau tous les jours ? Merci

  6. Hello Yann, first of all thank u for sharing this very instructive video ! I understand that keeping discus is quite demanding when it comes to feeding the fries up to 1 – 2 months. Having said that in my case how do I feed the fries on BBS during the day when I am off to work ? Do u recommend any alternative to BBS? I'm aware that fries need to be fed at least 3 – 4 times per day . please advise?

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