INT4 load cell digital panel meter calibration – EASY!

Here’s a demonstration of the simple calibration of an INT4 digital panel meter. This is the load cell version. This is our load platform and I will demonstrate
how easy it is to calibrate this meter. We think it’s the
easiest meter to to calibrate on the market, so I will
show you how it is done. We will use this drum of cable, which
weighs 5 kilos. We will calibrate the the meter using
that 5 kilos. First, we must make sure there is no weight on the
platform. We press the first button button for 3 seconds and I will set this to read zero. There, that’s our zero
calibration done! I’m now going to put the 5kg calibration weight on the platform. I will set the meter to read 5 kilos… That’s it,
done! Our calibration is now complete. If
I take the weight off, it should go to 0. So it is reading 0 to 5 kilos. Very easy,
very quick. This panel meter family also has options for 4-20mA or 0-10V analog output, 2 or 4 alarm relays, serial data, linearization, peak, valley. It can be powered
from 95 to 265 volts or from 11 to 30 volts DC. Designed and made in England, 3 year warranty. Thank you!

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