Intermittent Fasting During The Holidays

– The average person gains
between five or 10 pounds from Thanksgiving to New Years. If you want a strategy
where you don’t gain weight over the holidays, you should consider trying
intermittent fasting. By the end of this video, I’m gonna map out a whole protocol for you to follow so you
don’t gain any weight over the holidays. Now intermittent fasting
works so incredible over the holidays,
’cause you’re able to eat all your favorite holiday foods and not gain weight. First off, what is intermittent fasting? All it means is that you’re
limiting your calories to a specific eating window. For example, one protocol
that’s really popular is called 16 eight, where you fast for 16 hours and then you take in all your calories within an eight hour eating window. So a lotta people like skip breakfast, just eat lunch and dinner. But for example, what
I think works the best over the holidays is the OMAD approach. The one meal a day diet. What that means is that you’re gonna fast for say 21, 22 hours, and then you’re gonna
take in all your calories within a two hour eating window. It works incredibly well for the holidays. Let me give you a specific example. Let’s say you’re going
to a Christmas party, like after work. Let’s say it’s Wednesday. Okay, you wake up Wednesday
morning and all you have is a cup of black coffee. Okay, coffee is an appetite suppressant. It’s not gonna break your fast. It’s a great thing to drink. All during the day, you’re not
gonna take in any calories. You’re gonna drink Pellegrino water, you’re gonna keep yourself hydrated. If you get a little
hungry, have some green tea with a little caffeine in it. You can have herbal teas. You can have any type of
unsweetened type beverages during the day, and just think, look at all the calories
you’ve just eliminated. If you typically would eat five,
600 calories for breakfast, maybe another five, six,
700 calories for lunch, you’re already in a 1200 calorie deficit before you’re going
into your eating window. That’s the secret, one of the main secrets to intermittent fasting. There’s also some other
health benefits of being in a fasting state that I
talk about in other videos. I’m gonna link up a number of
those videos you can check out about all the health benefits
of intermittent fasting besides just losing weight. But just think about it. Now you can go to the Christmas party and eat anything you want. Even if you eat like two, 3000 calories, you’re gonna be way ahead. First of all you’re probably
not gonna eat that much because you haven’t eaten all day. Your stomach’s gonna
be shrunk a little bit, and you’re probably not
gonna wanna gorge yourself. It’s somewhat counter-intuitive. I think you’re gonna be surprised. You’re gonna enjoy yourself at the party, but you’re not gonna be
overeating in calories for the entire day. Especially for a beginner if you’ve never tried
intermittent fasting, I think the holidays is an amazing time to get started. First of all you’re gonna be leveraged and you’re gonna be motivated. Who wants to wake up, you know, New Year’s
morning, 10 pounds heavier saying, “Oh my God, I’ve
gained another 10 pounds “again this year.” And then spend three, four
months trying to lose 10 pounds. You’ll be leveraged. You’re motivated. Try this intermittent
fasting over the holidays. If you don’t want to do the OMAD approach, at least do the 16 eight. Skip breakfast on days that
you’re gonna be partying in the evening. Have a light lunch. Maybe just have a salad. And then eat whatever
you want at the party. I’m telling you, it’ll work. And let me link up a whole
bunch of other videos about intermittent fasting. Check ’em out. It’ll get you motivated. It’ll get you excited
about not gaining weight this holiday season.

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