Intermittent fasting how I lost 30 pounds in 2 months – Insane KETO weight loss – Success Story

So in summer of 2015 that time I realized that I need to lose weight. So somewhere in fall 2015 That same year. I bought a scale to measure my weight and I saw myself to be a little bit overweight not too much, but it was just enough to have you know diseases Develop a bad health habit. And also I was the doctor my family doctor He said you need to take this medicine that medicine And he said that if you really want to you know Not develop any kind of disease in your body soon then you have to take this medicine and when I was taking this medicine I saw a lot of side effects like my hair was falling off And he also said I could I could not eat a lot of things that I loved for example He said you cannot eat potato, rice Certain food that I would you know eat on a daily basis In fact, they were my staple foods So not only that I could not eat those food because I was at risk of developing diseases Like diabetes or high blood pressure things like that, but also I could not eat those who that I loved so in 2015 end of 2015 and I started to do a lot of exercises like mountain climbing and Crunches I would do you know jump squats a lot of cardio exercises and at the same time, unfortunately I would not see any results no result I will be at some point at some time like it was so painful I would sometimes even cry out for you know for result like I’m doing these things and I’m not I’m not losing weight I’m not I’m not getting what I wanted to you know, okay, and so I Came across intermittent fasting and then I found different ways of how you do your meal plans and things like that so that was the time I realized and people were telling me that you have to cut down on your calorie intake if your Calorie intake is still the same He’s going up. Then doesn’t matter how much exercise you Do you will see very very slow progress if at all, right so Intermittent fasting when I came across this Almost like my saved my time and and gave me back my hope and I was excited When I found out about this plan But I was not quite sure even though I knew that for me to lose weight for me to be able to Maintain a healthy lifestyle. I need to cut down on calories. So I Kind of like thought about this, but I did not do it right away. I wasn’t still eating food But at the same time I will do cardio exercises then keep doing it as usual until I found out that you know It’s time is enough is enough. I need to do something I need to follow this intermittent fasting because people are saying that I need to cut down on my calories So let’s give it a try so I have started to not eat as much as I would. so I stopped eating my breakfast and Trust me. It was so painful Not eating your first meal of the day early in the morning, especially if you’re used to it is so painful But nevertheless I you know Convinced myself that this is the lifestyle. I want to follow And then I would go through pain but nevertheless I would not eat food. So what will happen is throughout the day I will be feeling hungry and walking on the street and going to this place that place not because I was avoiding food but because When you are not when you are in demand fasting when you are not eating food You have a lot of other things in your head going on because most of the time I realized that We spend is actually planning for our meal planning for you know What we will eat next and you know thinking about going to the grocery things like that but at the moment you give up on your you know, you know focus of Eating food and buying food and planning for your meal. What are you gonna eat next? Guess what? You save a lot of time a lot of time and that’s exactly what happened So I was saving a lot of time at the same time I was able to do a lot of other things that I would not do right because now my my head is clear I’m not thinking about food anymore. So walaikum asalam RB so what happened is if you’re a non Muslim Salaam basically means greetings -peace greetings So anyways back to that story Interpreter fasting I would be staying away from food My head will be able to you know do a lot of other planning’s things that I would love to do and then it was at the same time very Painful and I kept on doing it I kept on doing it After maybe three weeks you don’t feel pain Okay, if you are thinking well, how can I survive the whole day without eating food? It’s really not that hard after 3-4 weeks it you get used to it You get used to the hunger and in fact, you love your hunger because now you’re seeing results Okay, when you see results when you see you’re losing weight, I was losing weight like crazy It was almost like a double edged sword, right? I mentioned that in another video. I was coming down calories I was burning calories at the same time and I was seeing result like crazy insane amount of weight loss and and The shape I wanted to be in so you don’t get a fasting that made the process very fast Even though I would lose weight, it doesn’t matter regardless whether I was doing in a manner fasting or not by doing just exercises But if you want to get result if you want to not only get a result and have a you know, body That is in shape, but also you want to maintain a long term Routine that is healthy. That is good Your body that is good for your hair brain your everything because he mentioned In the u.s. In the states, he (Dr Berg) mentioned Alzheimer disease or Parkinson’s epilepsy These diseases can develop when you are Not doing in the Intermittent fasting so somebody who is intermittent fasting who is training his body to be fasting all the time He would be able to not develop this diseases Okay, if this cognitive function your cognitive function ability will improve You will not be able to develop those diseases because your body for some reason You know when you know fasting it keeps your brain sharp clearer and more productive So I was losing weight and I was seeing results very fast and then in just two months, okay, just two months I lost like 20 pounds more than 20 pounds, maybe 25 or even 30 I don’t remember exactly now, but I lost and I could not believe my eyes I was you know standing on the scale and I will see that you know the power while going down and down and down I’m like what’s happening? So I came to the realization it was because I was doing the intermittent fasting that was making the process a lot faster So if you’re doing Intermittent fasting keep doing it, I was benefited from it. This is my personal story and now What I do is I don’t eat breakfast I have nothing for breakfast only drinking coffee tea something really, you know some liquid drinking water and That’s it I go about my day and at the end of the day when I come home until my fasting as you know You you follow like sixteen eight Sixteen eight meal plan You eat? problem say Eight o’clock o’clock or 11 or 12? Whatever time it is, and then you don’t eat for a long time until up to a six o’clock in the evening Whatever planner you are following or eight o’clock. So I Do get hungry sometimes I do get thrown off track but because of You know if you have a family visit if your friends coming if you’re going somewhere But I as soon as I go off track I come back on track. Okay? and and that period of transition can be a little bit hard can be a little bit painful because Let’s say you are Intermittent fasting and then all of a sudden your routine changed. Okay your schedule change You have something happen in your family, or maybe you have a family visit something like that. And you start eating again It’s not a big deal What I do normally is that I again train my body to fast and because I have seen results I get motivated Instantaneously, okay, I get motivated. Like I know that if I go back to Intermittent fasting I’ll be able to maintain my weight right now. I am NOT Trying to lose weight because I have the the weight I want it I don’t want to I don’t want it to go up or down Okay, if it goes down that is good But it will not go up why because I don’t even do exercises the good thing about intermittent fasting is you don’t even have to do exercises all your life if you just follow in your Subconscious level that hey I need to fast that Thinking is enough for you to maintain your health. Okay, and keep you in shape I hope that this video will give you some motivation some encouragement To do Intermittent fasting this is I mean the best way to lose weight you get result right away Like this video share this video leave your comment and I’ll see you next time

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  1. When ever we succeed and By which I mean actually succeed, when we rise above we become more powerful and effective as humans, we proceed into a whole new phase and you can actually change. This improvement regardless of which it could be and for whatever reason, is really what allows you to be more robust as a person. Accept the change and therefore let’s alongside one another make 2018 the most excellent year of our lives!

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