Internet & E-mail Tools : How to Convert Inches to Centimeters Using Google

Hi, my name is Tod Amazeen, I’ve been an Internet
business consultant for 15 years. I’m going to show you how to convert inches to centimeters
using Google. First navigate to the Google website, by typing, in your
web browser, and hitting enter. Now for todays example, we’re going to convert 30 inches
into centimeters, so go ahead and click in the text entry box, and type 30 inches in
centimeters, and then click on Google search. You’ll see the first result is the answer
to the question. Now you can also, if you choose to, type that in plain English, I’m
going to go ahead and do that, I’m going to highlight and then delete what’s typed in
there. And this time I’m going to convert 20 inches, 20 inches, in centimeters. You
see I click on search, and Google gives me the answer, 20 inches equals, 50.8 centimeters.
You’ve just learned how to convert inches to centimeters using Google. I’m Tod Amazeen.

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