What measurements will you be taking today ? How many hours will you spend writing and organizing paper measurements so that your partners won’t waste time or materials from incomplete data? Never lose another measurement again with the all-new Hilti PD-C. It’s made especially for busy contractors and supervisors who need it done right and done fast. This powerful camera and touchscreen enabled range meter allows you to sketch your distances directly onto photos as you work. All using one device in one hand, capture a laser measurement, zoom in clearly and draw precise laser measurements directly onto the picture. Take thousands of measurements on any given day thanks to the PDC’s 4 gigabyte memory and built in simple to use functions. See and take your measurements and the most challenging conditions even in sunlight and with your work gloves on thanks to its bright easy-to-read touchscreen the PDC is built to last and is jobsite ready. Store your photo with measurements for later use and transfer by USB or Bluetooth or export project results into a professional PDF right on the spot.

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