Introducing the Illuminati Light & Color Meter

Hi, I’m Mike Okincha. I’ve designed the Illuminati meter, the first wireless lighting color meter for photography and film making. Back our project and help us create the most versatile tool for solving exposure and color problems. The Illuminati meter is the first battery powered Bluetooth meter that works with your smart phone and smart watch to measure both color and brightness. It helps you set exposure like a standard light meter. You set any two of the ISO, F/stop, and shutter speed, and then the app gives you the third setting based on light level. But that’s where the similarities to other meters end. Illuminati meters are small and wireless so you can place them anywhere in your scene and take readings up to 30 feet away. You control the meters and receive readings on your smart phone. Imagine the speed and convenience of taking readings in your scene without having to leave your lights or camera. A few quick readings and your lights will be set exactly where you want them. You can measure the color temperature to get the correct white balance. The app even helps you select gel filters to get the correct lighting for any source. The meter also gives you the actual chromaticity so you can measure and correct the magenta-green shift of difficult lights like LEDs or fluorescents. You can mount the Illuminati meters anywhere in your scene- on a tripod, have your models where them as a pendant, or stick them to a metal surface with the built in rare earth magnet. You can also use the included accessory clip to attach to clothing, a backdrop, a boom, or anywhere else. These meters can go anywhere. The smart phone app connects to multiple Illuminati meters. Yeah, we’ve created the first multi-point measurement system. You can use multiple meters to meter the foreground and background at the same time to quickly set lighting ratios. Or, you can use a grid of meters to get the green screen lighting perfect in a fraction of the time, measure the color of all sources in a mixed lighting scene, or perfectly recreate set lighting between sessions. You don’t even have to pull your phone out of your pocket or let go of your camera. The app can send readings right to your smart watch, or even trigger readings from your watch. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or doing it for love, the smart phone app lets you work quickly and with confidence. If you want to try something new, the app also has a built in gallery with lighting guides and step-by-step tutorials to help you set up all kinds of shots. Another powerful feature is the continuous ambient monitor. The meter continuously measures the ambient lighting brightness and color and warns you of any significant changes. If you’re shooting outdoors and a cloud floats in front of the sun, you’ll know right away to adjust your settings or correct your lights. If the setting sun changes color too much, you’ll get an alert to re-white-balance. Never be surprised by the light again. The Illuminati meter is perfect for working with flashes small and large. It works in corded and cordless modes. In addition to giving you dead accurate exposure readings, the Illuminati meter also provides flash to ambient ratio, a feature that helps you keep your flashes at your target ratio. Our meter also measures the color of both your flash and the ambient so you can immediately see if there’s a color difference. No more trying to fix bad lighting in post, because we help you get it right before you shoot. There’s no other meter that offers the power and convenience of the Illuminati meter. After a lot of hard work, we’ll almost ready for production. The electrical and mechanical designs are done, but we still have to get the plastic molds made and finish the app development. We know how, but we need your support to finish this amazing product. Please back our project and help us bring everyone’s photos into the light. Captions by

5 thoughts on “Introducing the Illuminati Light & Color Meter

  1. will you guys still sell these if you dont meet your project goals with financing? please let me know. would like to buy one but if the goals are not met on indigogo will i still be able to purchase one?

  2. Well I'm intrigued. Not much camera tech interests me after 30 pro years but this one's interesting… I'll wait for the real world reviews though.

  3. Well I'm intrigued. Not much camera tech interests me after 30 pro years but this one's interesting… I'll wait for the real world reviews though.

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