Introducing the New InnovaSonic 207i Ultrasonic Flow Meter

(electronic music) What does it mean to challenge the status quo? With skyrocketing energy costs, there’s never been a better time to invest in the precise
flow measurement required to maximize your HVAC system efficiency, meet regulations, and bring down costs. Sierra’s clamp on InnovaSonic 207i ultrasonic flow meter delivers. Designed, built, and calibrated by Sierra for liquid flow metering and optimized for thermal
energy BTU measurement, the 207i is the ideal turnkey solution for building and district
metering and submetering. For over 40 years, Sierra has pioneered one flow energy management
solution after another and now Sierra introduces
a transit-time meter to meet the challenges of a wide variety of retrofitted and new
industrial applications. At the heart of every 207i, Sierra’s revolutionary
Raptor 2 operating system employs advanced digital processing to assure the very best accuracy possible by adding a temperature input for a PT100 temperature transmitter provided by Sierra or by using an external input from an existing transmitter. The 207i uses Sierra’s NIST traceable fluid properties database to provide real time dynamic
liquid property calculation. A critical element of any thermal BTU flow energy measurement is determining the amount
of heat transferred between the hot and cold
flow legs of a process. Often with only a small
difference in temperature between the two flow legs, precise measurement can
make a huge difference. By taking into account
all fluid properties required to accurately measure flow and making ultra precise
temperature measurements between the hot and cold flow legs, the InnovaSonic 207i
calculates thermal energy, BTU flow energy, and provides you with the highest accuracy measurements possible to manage energy costs. That kind of accuracy is specified at half a percent of reading
from .3 to 40 feet per second and 0.1 to 12 meters per second. And the 207i works on a
wide range of pipe sizes, from 2 to 236 inches and 50 to 500 millimeters. Sierra has focused on making clamp on transducer installation
as easy as possible. The InnovaSonic207i features
a large back-lit display and dual function keypad
with audible feedback. With clamp on sensors,
there’s no pipe cutting or expensive plumbing. The 207i has a visual sensor
spacing tool on the display. Slightly move the
sensors together or apart so the indicator line is
between the goal posts. Easily connect the InnovaSonic to your building management system with BACnet communications. With its robust stainless steel enclosure, permanently fasten the transducers to make it a hardened installation and you are ready to measure. The 207i is the first transit-time ultrasonic flow meter to come with a comprehensive
software package for ease of use, field updates,
and calibration validation. This enables Sierra to provide
a range of advanced apps. Apps like MeterFit, to help
you optimize signal strength to ensure best performance. Apps like EnergyPro allow
you to fully configure your thermal energy, BTU flow
energy measurement system, including data locking and totalization of all energy functions. Apps like ValidCal Diagnostics make field calibration validation easy. Change pipe sizes and
measure fluid in the field with apps like Dial a
Pipe and Dial a Fluid. Sierra has many more
apps under development to enhance your product experience. As soon as they’re released, you can immediately download
and begin using them. The InnovaSonic 207i is the newest member of Sierra’s iSeries family that also includes thermal
mass and vortex flow meters. Optimized to measure and manage nearly any gas, liquid,
and steam flow energy in your facility, the iSeries family
shares Sierra’s powerful Raptor 2 operating system, enabling software apps that empower you to more
easily tune your facility to be more productive and profitable. The 207i has NIST-traceable calibration, is boiler MACT certified for boiler feed water incondensy, and is part of our
convenient rental program. If you’re looking for
precision liquid flow metering, or need precise thermal
energy BTU calculation, the InnovaSonic 207i provides the flow energy management
you can depend on now and for decades to come. Experience our passion for flow with the InnovaSonic 207i flow meter. (electronic music)

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