Introducing the Xbox Adaptive Controller

>>At Xbox, we have a controller design
that our fans love. However, for gamers with limited mobility or gamers who don’t use both their hands, this controller design
might not work best for them.>>Doorknobs are
the worst thing ever invented. Putting on shoes, the
cell phones that I use. These are the sorts of
things that we don’t think about until we have to, and I think about them every day.>>I have cerebral palsy
in my entire right side. This side of
the controller is fine, this side doesn’t happen. As game platforms have
gotten more sophisticated, the controllers have
gotten more sophisticated, and it started to get
really frustrating.>>We designed the Xbox
Adaptive Controller through feedback from the
accessibility community.>>The Xbox Adaptive
Controller is really easy, you just plug it in and then you can plug in
other various devices. I can make it work for
me the way it has to.>>With the Xbox
Adaptive Controller, a gamer can game with one hand, and one foot, or one hand
and their shoulder, or even one foot and their chin.>>And I can change
it from game to game.>>Good, ready? Forward, squeeze tall, there it is.>>Craig Hospital is a facility for patients who’ve either had
a spinal cord injury, or a traumatic brain injury, and it’s a place for their rehab.>>We’re here for a game night,
and we’re helping new patients getting back into gaming again.
Is that the D-pad?>>Yes.>>Our role as occupational therapists is to
get people back to doing. When the Xbox Adaptive
Controller came along, it acted like an Xbox
controller and it just worked.>>It’s over there.>>On the Standard Xbox
Controller is just hard to press
the buttons because I can’t really put
pressure through my hands, but then with
the adaptive controller, I can use larger joysticks, larger buttons that are
easier to press and reach.>>Cory and his brother
Zachary are twins. Before Corey’s injuries, Zachary had gamed with him regularly, and that was the way that they related to each
other as siblings.>>Who do you love playing Xbox with here
at Craig Hospital?>>Zak.>>The Xbox Adaptive Controller, and the co-pilot feature, allowed them again to
play games together. So, there’s a huge
social component to it.>>We’ve got it.>>Yes.>>They can play
any game they want. I see the confidence
just burst out of them. [XBOX SOUND]

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