IOT Energy Meter with Current, Voltage and Cost Monitoring System

IOT Project Details & Customized Development Call/Watsapp +917738796642 household devices like we are
demonstrating the bulk as the household device and we are also measuring the
voltage that is being given by the source and the current that is being
consumed by the device and these are information is uploaded to the internet
there which is IOT gecko site or here you can see that all the live data that
is spread by the device is given through this interface of IOT energy monitoring
and we American system and I already cooked for so now let us start the
system actually see how the project works so as soon as the project is turned on
it gets connected to IOT giggle and to start monitoring we have to first enter
to start more so once you get started it displays all the two parameters that is
unit cost voltage and current so you can see that the voltage being given by the
source is 240 volt the unit constantly gets increased as per the current that
is being consumed that is 0.45 amperes and you can also see that this live data
is getting uploaded on the internet on this high Wittig ACO web interface you
can see that another energy consumption that cost in the voltage and the current
that would be being displayed on LCD are also displayed on this website so in
this way this project can be very useful for the people to remotely monitor their
energy consumption of household devices and thus be alerted of any uneven
consumption of the devices so this is how the project works thank you

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