Is A Throttle Body Spacer Worth It?

in this episode going to be installing
and talking about something that is sometimes controversial in the
automotive aftermarket and that’s throttle body spacers if you’re looking for bolt-on items for
your vehicle that are supposed to increase power or give you better
performance or gas mileage one of the things I’m sure you’re going to come
across is a throttle body spacer the throttle body spacer is basically just a
block of aluminum that’s made to go between your intake and your throttle
body it’s supposed to give better air flow going into the engine which is
supposed to increase performance or gas mileage if you spend much time online
reading about these things you’ll find complete opposite ends of the spectrum
when they’re talking about these some people love them
some people hate them some people say they’re a waste of money waste of time I
don’t have any experience with those I’ve never used one on a fuel-injected
engine I have used some spacers on some older carbureted engines and I have
noticed a little bit of difference but that’s just a little bit different than
what we’re talking about here somebody commented on my video when I clean the
throttle body that I should have put a throttle body spacer on while I had it
off that’d have been a great idea had I thought about at the time but I didn’t
so I’ve got this spacer it’s from jet performance it’s part number six two one
three four comes with all the parts and brackets and pieces and bolts and
everything you’re going to need to do the install I’m going to go ahead and
install this thing and we’ll really find out if it’s worth it or not again I
don’t know I don’t know what to expect I’ve not used one I’ve read a lot of
mixed reviews yes it works no it doesn’t I’m going to find out the first thing I
need to do is remove my cold air intake then I’m going to unbolt the resonator now I’m going to go ahead and unbolt the
throttle body I think there’s enough play in these lines I don’t need to
disconnect them to install this spacer if you want more details on how to
remove this refer back to my cleaning a throttle-body video or I’d go a little
more in depth with the removal included in the kit with this throttle body as a
new o-ring and also new bolts that are longer than the factory bolts I’ve got
the new o-ring installed on the throttle body spacer now I can just install it in
between the intake and the throttle body using the longer bolts included in the
kit I’ll go ahead and get in get it mounted up with the throttle body out a little bit
closer you got to be really careful of these connectors for your ignition coils since we’ve changed the position that
the resonator is going to sit in jet has included these little aluminum spacers
and that’s where the resonator is going to mount you we need to install those
these just install in the factory holds that the resonator originally bolts to
now we can reinstall the resonator don’t forget to connect the little vacuum tube
on the bottom of the resonator I can reconnect the intake make sure you retighten down all your
hose clamps and throw your wrenches everywhere now we can start it up and
see what happens well no engine light let’s take it for a test drive so I just got back and just took the
truck for a five to six mile test drive if I didn’t say before my trucks a 2007
Chevy Trailblazer it’s got the 4.2 liter inline six-cylinder engine just in case
you were wondering so my initial impression is I do notice a difference
I’m actually a little bit surprised now it’s not a huge difference but it does
feel a little bit more responsive on the low end like when you’re taking off or
when you’re going lower speeds it does feel a little more responsive and I I
can tell the difference again I’m really surprised I I didn’t really know what to
expect going into this didn’t know if it was going to be a waste of money and a
waste of time or foes actually going to work but right now again only got five
six miles of driving time on it I have no idea what my mileage is going to do
but as far as performance I can feel a little bit of difference now one thing
that I have heard with throttle body spacers is that sometimes you get an
annoying whistle sound or something like that I don’t hear that but I do have a
aftermarket exhaust on the truck – so the cabin noise is not really that big a
deal even if there is a whistle I can’t really hear it though with especially
with you with the radio on and with the exhaust I can’t tell now these throttle
body spacers are supposed to work well with cold air intakes and aftermarket
exhausts and those kind of things which I have all of that on my truck so sounds
like everything’s working well together I didn’t have any check engine lights or
anything like that go off yet hopefully I don’t but if I do I’ll definitely come
back on and let you guys know but right now I’m happy with it
pretty inexpensive upgrade didn’t take very long twenty thirty minutes really
and definitely a noticeable improvement so again this was jet part number six –
one three four four the chevy trailblazer and other engines it is
compatible with several other models this same part number so thanks a lot
for watching this video if you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up share it
with your friends a little bit of Throttle body spacer myth-busting I guess you
might call it thanks a lot for watching we’ll see you next time so I didn’t really have any outtakes to
share at the end of this video it was really a quick install I didn’t really
have any issues installing that but I do have about a week of driving time now
since installing this throttle body spacer so I thought I’d share a few
final thoughts after driving this for about a week really the performance
increase gained is so so small and really it’s only a little bit of an
improvement in responsiveness I think it’s that it’s so small it’s
really hard to notice I do really don’t think it’s any horsepower increase or
anything like that it’s that’s about the only thing I can feel is just a little
bit more responsiveness and not really a big big improvement I guess my final
thoughts would be is it worth it probably not really it’s not an
inexpensive part so it’s not like it’s really a big deal but it’s not a big
enough of improvement to really justify buying it and spending them half an hour
or whatever to get this thing installed it definitely it didn’t decrease any
performance and don’t see where it hurt anything I don’t yet know what my fuel
mileage is going to be I haven’t calculated that I should have calculated
that during this week that I’ve been driving but I really was focusing on how
is the truck running and do I feel any kind of performance and really it’s just
so small I just don’t think that I could really say that’s definitely worth it
again I don’t think it was a waste of money necessarily because I was able to
test some things and see how it was going to work but I wouldn’t go out and
tell you to buy this thing right away you’ve got to have it it’s not one of
those kind of parts so overall and I’d say save your money do something
different and go from there so final thoughts thanks a lot see you later

100 thoughts on “Is A Throttle Body Spacer Worth It?

  1. Depends on the car some engines respond well some make no difference or even hurt performance. Get on the forums of the vehicle youre considering see what they say

  2. Great video! Have you looked into the Gadgetman Groove? It works everytime on every gas engine. This tech modifies your stock throttle body to increase intake manifold vaccum and in flow bench testing, increases air turbulence more than a throttle body spacer by 10,000x the amount. Average Increase in mileage is 37%, emissions lowered so much your exhaust is like a dryer vent, and the power increase is impressive everytime. Call me to learn more!
    Facebook : Gadgetman Michael 763-220-9712

  3. Put one on my 95 ZJ. I can say that I felt a good improvement. I don't have any numbers or any of that. Just saying that for me it worked and also got a little better gas mileage.

  4. I don't know for sure but I think the proper install involves boring the opening between the throttle and the plenum otherwise the spiral crap can't really happen. The tiny difference in throttle response is probably a result of the air that can pass the throttle at half throttle or less, it's slipping through the grooves on the side of the plate that goes into the plenum. Overall probably not worth a dime. Instead just port the throttle so it lets in a bit more air when the plate isn't wide open. Dremel time is cheaper and proves to be same results with more believers.

  5. Why wont people just learn and accept the FACT that you need to have you vehicle tuned after making modifications. Especially when dealing with the air/fuel ratios….you cant just slap on parts and think the stock ECU is going to recognize what you've done and just correct it perfectly… ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

  6. Guess it all depends on the car too. 2 different cars, from different manufactures are gonna perform different. Sometimes you think you are going faster when you install something too. That's some much in the tuner community. I like how you did a quick after drive video. Then a "after a week" video. I got one for my neon…but also an intake manifold spacer from neongoodies. The DOHC first gen neon has a poor air flow, which helps it some. Have yet to install it tho.

  7. Every one i used on any motor i tryed one it worked really well on inline motors they worked varry well but i also do exaust and clean the old parts to like new but i noticed not so much power but lot more low end instant snapy responnse is what i have noticed some vehicals more than others my jeep 4.0 a 2" made wold of dif and wen i aded new header polshed the intake and solid catless welded biger exaust with intake and my jeep was like a new motor id say def more power but more of beter response wen u punch it. Im buying one for my hhr 2.4 ill let u know

  8. Spacers won't do anything if they are made of aluminum. The whole point of a spacer is to stop heat from transferring from the engine to the throttle body and lower the temperature of the air. If you want a spacer you have to get one made of something like Teflon which will keep the heat from transferring.

  9. Sometimes the seat of your pants feel is just fine and I appreciate your take on this product. My only issue is people calling SUV's and crossovers "trucks."

  10. Only need a spacer when you have increased the injector size , more fuel needs more air but since you haven’t increased the actual throttle body size you use a spacer to kinda make up for it on the punch …. its a cheap mod for people who dont know anything about what their doing or how it works

  11. Ima throw this w an afe blade runner intecooler and clean my intake filter. Hope i can feel it. My exhaust is on hold. Then ill tune it

  12. A Trailblazer is NOT a truck. Does it have a bed that is not covered? No?!? Then it is NOT Truck. A Ford F-150 is a truck. Heck a Nissan Frontier is a truck. A trailblazer is a SUV.

  13. I love the fact that you dropped your wrench……because that happens TO EVERYONE when working on a car. If it doesn’t happen to you, you are a liar LOL

  14. Mfgs design a fucking engine, but forgot a spacer and never tried it after seeing the aftermarket. Probably not….actually no for sure

  15. In the beginning of this video he says " i actually felt a difference I'm surprised "… at the end of the video " is it worth it, no not really" lol MY WORD this is what you call CLICK BAIT

  16. Used a vortex spacer on 2000 impala along with exhaust upgrade and intake manifold and cold air intake. I noticed alot of power gain after those mods. I did have to get the computer re programmed to run the new parts more efficiently and also to tweak shift timing. That car was fast especially after installing a shift kit. One day the girlfriend jumped it and destroyed the front end and transmission ? RIP impala

  17. I installed a Helix power tower throttle body spacer on my 99 Blazer 4.3L Vortec V6 and I promise it makes a BIG difference. I would recommend at least a K&N filter with it. I also cut the small short inlet pipe to allow more air in the filter box. I upgraded to a CAI on mine so it helps but CAI really don't do much but allow more air flow in. I've also installed headers on mine with some improvement.

  18. The biggest claimed benefit of these throttle body spacers is the supposed increase in power. But you didn't dyno the engine before and after. How are we supposed to know if the purchase and install is "worth it" if you didn't test anything? Are we supposed to just take your word for it? Fail.

  19. Throttle body… lol. They don't do shit. For that matter K&N filters don't do shit UNLESS you have a supercharger or turbo. For a normally aspirated engine more air has no ability to be forced into the engine faster and in more quantity. So all these silly after market glory holes do nothing but waste your time and money. Spend your time on waxing.

  20. Need too remove that resonator. Lol you have no need for it an you can use male end air tool fitting for the vac line pvc pyping to throttle body to your cool air kit an drill hole add the fitting jbweld putty the fitting an you will notice a lot more that resonator does nothing waste of space it actually rob. Power because it's direct forced air that air is just twirling around in a 180 degree heated plastic box.

  21. You want the air to be sucked in quick directly from the filter and go on eBay an get a stainless steel racing filter if yah want better free flow an colder air charge

  22. Well main issue lol is these people do cheap they see bolt on power adder an buy it when they don't realize it's meant for after you supercharge or turbo charge or mod cam. Mod motors it's will do nothing as gain or improvement on stock engine except help increase air swirl which raise fuel economy because of air fuel mix reason why it has the cut in swirl vane in the throat.

  23. First of all
    How does spinning air give more horsepower??? if it spins the air to begin with
    It's a scam, the cheapest way to make more HP is a nitrous kit

  24. Someone did a dyno of a spacer it was like 3hp and 7 torque at wheels. If you port the throttle body in combination you'll get more. Same with exhaust and intake. The more to do to move air in combination they all work together to increas power. it does free up torque lower and broadens your "power band" if you will. You may 2hp extra per install. So air tb exhaust would be 6 plus the 3 of the spacer you're getting close to 10hp to the ground.

  25. A significantly longer intake length post-filtration yields more torque because the air becomes less turbulent due to the longer distance it needs to flow. This is why cold-air intakes make more torque and sooner too; the lower intake air temp is not the major part in adding power.

    Now a spacer is insignificant in terms of length added, so I doubt there's actually any significant improvement.

  26. Everyone complaining was looking to spend 100 and get turbo results. Spend more money with some more money and upgrade with lots more money. HP doesn’t come cheap.

  27. I've got an idea,why not keep your throttle body clean and drive a sensible speed to get better gas mileage. What do u think?

  28. We use the throttle body spacers just to add nitrous ports, very easy to drill and tap them. It makes for a clean setup and keeps the nitrous line secure.

  29. Have to admit, I've never purchased one due to all the negativity about them. If they actually work, at least, for mpgs then I would purchase one for my 2015 Silverado 1500 5.3L.

  30. did you ever find out if its worth it?? you juat added it amd said it didnt have a noise because you have a exhaust so whats really goung on haha??


  32. Basically simple. All this does is give you an extra inch or two for your gas to atomize better, (plus your wife will enjoy the extra inches). It will allow less gas to be used but very little you probably won't notice and it might help the response time a very little bit. Extra horsepower, I don't really think so or even better quarter-mile track time yeah I don't think so ether. Just remember most vehicles computers should be reset after installation of this spacer to allow your computer to adjust what it needs sooner rather than later. Install spacer reset your computer after installation let the vehicle run for 15 minutes for your computer to read everything then enjoy. Mmmmmm 2 xtra inches.

  33. For this product to work, one of these two things would need to happen.

    1. It would have to increase the volume of air feeding the engine at any given moment.

    2. It would have to increase the air velocity during a part of the rpm range or throughout the whole rpm range.

    This product can not do either of those things, from an engineering standpoint. I dont care what you think you feel. It just isnt possible. Any felt increase in power is purely placebo.

  34. Its more or less just an added part you would put on a build for some more results ex: you have a 4" intake w/ a performance intake manifold, bigger TB, and a good engineered TB spacer can have results to help the other mods for better airflox. You adding it to your stock air box w/ filter lol w/ nothing else is not worth it. Upgrading even a better intake system and a TB spacer should help out just in itself

  35. Throttle body spacer, more expensive way to get better responce from the pedal

    Cheaper way, tighten your throttle cable

  36. I made one out of a slab of aluminum. It does not save fuel. It did not increase the high end power, nor the mid level power. It seemed to have made the throttle more touchy. The vehicle got up to speed a bit quicker. That is all I noticed. I guess it is worth it if you make the throttle body spacer yourself. But do not pay a bunch of money for a piece of aluminum. Just make one.

  37. I get a whistle but its minor. I also had a check engine light but it went off after about 10-20 miles. I also installed a bbk intake with the throttle body spacer, I hav a feeling the whistle is the intake and the spacer was the check engine light.

  38. Not worth it unless you play with the tuning in order to take advantage of the new dynamics created by the altered TB length. First run there might be a slight noticeable difference but then then computer will adjust things back to compensate

  39. I just bought one and it connects to nitrous, sweet! I bet mine works, 50 hp,75hp,up to 200hp. What ever you jet you select. Lol

  40. I have a 2006 Chevy trailblazer in-line 6 4.2 vorthec I got an air raid worth 126 dollars, it was worth the money I have no intake just stock and yes when you come out from a complete stop I goes much faster way faster, and yes it makes a little whistle like turbo , the only bad thing is the spacers that comes with the package they are not good they strip and sucks so I took them off but yes it’s worth it

  41. These are absolute snake oil UNLESS the throttle body handles fuel because the concept of a spacer came from carburetors.

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