10 thoughts on “Is Synthetic Motor Oil Better For Your Car?

  1. Ok but I've been told that synthetic oil actually wears out your seals fast. So I've used regular 10w30 because im worried that all my seals in my motor will be worn out way to fast. I can now see its def better for the motor but what about the gaskets and seals. Would love for you to do some testing on that in another video.

  2. The only time I would ever use pennzoil is if it was the last oil on earth. It is a parafin based oil and will sludge up your engine bad. The claim is they make it from natural gas, well one of the main components of natural gas is parafin. Parafin is wax which turns to sludge on engine parts. Found out the hard way years ago with my own vehicle. Y’all use it if you want to…. ✌️

  3. the oil is under pressure that's what the pump does,these tests are not under pressure,oil is oil if the bearings are feed with oil the job is done,dont lsten to the marketing hype……………..

  4. Here is my question. I've heard of oil made up of 5 qts or even 10 qts. Let's say you had all the same viscosity 5W30, all fully synthetic. Each oil may contain certain additives vs others, so mixing could make sense. However, could this work? Your thought of the pros and cons.

  5. I know many people have already talked about this, I just want to know that I live in a country where the temperature can be between 23 to 36 Celcius, now I have a Toyota Corolla 2nz fe VVTi 1.3 liter engine, it has run around 91,000km, will 20w50 multigrade oil be fine or should I switch to 10w30 or 10w40 fully synthetic oil, as I bought it used with no history of what previous owner used.

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