100 thoughts on “Is the 4ocean bracelet a scam?

  1. Hey All! This is Corey from the 4ocean team.

    We’ve been following the comments and in the spirit of transparency, we want to clear up some questions about our business and mission to help solve the ocean plastic crisis.

    The big question this video asks is whether our founders, Andrew and Alex, are pocketing most of the money generated from bracelet sales. The answer: no.

    To date, each founder has taken less than 0.7% of our revenue in total compensation since starting the company in 2017. Which means over 98.6% of our revenue is being invested in our clean ocean mission, including cleanups, staff (we have a team of over 300 around the world), marketing to raise awareness, donations to ocean charities, and new ocean cleanup technologies. You should also know our Trash Tracker represents pounds we’ve pulled, not bracelets sold, and our trash collection is far ahead of our bracelet sales count.

    Since we’re a private company we don’t publicly share financials, but Andrew and Alex have submitted their personal tax returns and 4ocean’s financials to the Better Business Bureau to verify that they each have received less than 0.7% of our total revenue in personal compensation.

    Another question raised was about the status of our OPR vessel. Here’s the straight answer: it’s not ready yet. We still have great hope for the vessel, but we’ve been tied up with modifications, testing, and certifications. We took down the OPR videos and the webpage because they were out of date. My fault, I’m the marketing guy. We have an update coming soon.

    We definitely understand why some could assume the worst in the absence of information. Our goal is to clean up the ocean and we promise to do a better job telling the complete story and shining light on everything we’re doing to help solve the ocean plastic crisis.
    We’ll soon be posting videos to be more transparent and address questions we’re often asked, so check back at 4ocean.com to learn more.

    There are a lot of great organizations working to rid our ocean of plastic. An estimated 16 billion pounds of plastic enter the ocean each year, so it’s going to take every idea, approach, and business model to reverse the damage to our ocean. We applaud all efforts and encourage everyone to take action, contribute, and volunteer wherever you can, be that with 4ocean or with any of the other companies trying to tackle this crisis.

  2. It doesn’t fucking matter there doing something about the ocean and ur just complaining about them yea they like money don’t we all do but there doing something amazing

  3. In my country it's illegal to dump trash because there will be $ fine, I gald they did that. Trush gives into the trash bin, not the ocean

  4. What's the problem with 4Ocean team ? Are you an alien ? you are a greedy person @danya har !! we all love the 4ocean team because they are the true heros . you are a greedy person 🤮🤮

  5. This whole video is pointless and was literally made for an income (Basically what Dayne Har is accusing 4Ocean of doing). Almost everything that was said is irrelevant like the company is cleaning up the damn oceans and if they take a little profit who cares i don't see Dayne Har cleaning up the ocean.

  6. Great video. Wow – I feel totally duped and my octopus bracelet hasn’t even arrived yet. The above “transparency” response from the company has had the opposite effect of its intention…

  7. the real problem isn't the plastic you see tho, its the groundup micro/nanoplastics smaller then 1mm that gets eaten by every living creature on the planet thats the problem! for decades they used fish that contained to much plastic and turned it into fertilizer and animal food thereby putting the plastic into the ground and the animals we eat! even fruit and vegetables contain these small plastic particles now, its even found in honey and spring-water. cbs tested bottled water and found some bottles contained 1000's of pieces of nanoplastics. these things go into your body and stay there attacking the dna of surrounding cells where it builds-up,if it gets into reproductive organs it can even attack the dna you pass to you're children giving them all kinds of birth defects due to faulty dna, the toxins in this nanoplastic can desolve parts of you're dna depending on wich plastic it is and what kinds of molecules it pickedup during its lifetime they act like little sponges that release what they are made off but also pickup all kinds of bacteria and polutants. its comparable to radioactivity outside the body its fairly harmless but once inside its there to stay and it attacks everything that surrounds it desolving dna wich leads into faulty cell growth wich leads to growths like tumors. this small piece of plastic has the potential to wipe life off the planet if it makes everything infertile due to faulty dna thats passed on. the only solution i see is filtering what you eat and drink and humanity would need to do this for hundreds of years to bypass the effects this plastic polution will have over time.

  8. Fr why are you hating on these dudes like they helping and profiting

    Like they have done so much more than your sorry ass.

    And even if the boat isn’t REVOLUTIONARY it’s still helping and they could’ve just said thanks for the bills and peaced.

    Ur a sorry piece of shit

  9. Who the fuck are you to attack this company there making money cleaning the ocean. This company is only one of first to do something like this if there is money more companies coming in and it turns competitive. Your just attacking these guys because they were smart and made some money

  10. Every time 4ocean ‘donates’ to earth charities, they can write it off at tax time.
    Same with McDonalds. Never give you’re money to Ronald McDonald house, it’s pointless, they get to pocket billions a year from it.

  11. These people work… They work to clean the ocean.. I think you can't get enough money for cleaning the ocean tbh because if no one does it who does it? Do you really think this video was necessary? Think about it.. Why did you make this video? In all honesty? I don't think you tried to raise awareness you just seeked for attention to make money.

  12. Stop focusing on the negative.
    So what if some individuals make a big profit off it?
    They make the ocean cleaner?
    If so, I'm happy for them and I hope they will keep earning a lot of money.

  13. I love how Alex is my uncle if you don’t know who that is he is the founder of 4oceans and I have participated in the clean ups it is worth the 20 bucks let’s just say that

  14. So far, 4Ocean has cleaned 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 % of the ocean.

  15. I don't give to charity because i personally think it's all a con – but i endorse 4ocean – i personally think global warming is a load of bollocks but pollution and tipping is a very definite problem.

    Well done guys, you are an inspiration and i hope you change the world

  16. Good god dude. Not everything is a conspiracy ya smuck. You and your receded hairline can honestly shove it. Here is a COMPANY (cause let’s be honest non-profits really don’t do jack) that’s cleaning the ocean. It’s not a conspiracy. $20 dollars for 1lb is actually pretty cheap considering fuel, tools, oh and COST OF LIVING to actually clean up plastic. Yeah they may get a pound of doo doo every thirty seconds but If you haven’t noticed that plastic is actually light weight per pound of doo doo only half that pound is actually plastic idiot. They’re bracelets have GLASS on them which is HEAVY ya ding ding. And finally pointy chin. You’re a hypocrite okay. You bash them for using their ship as a publicity stunt or to gain attention. The ONLY reason you made this video is cause they’re popular. Their the buzz and your tiny YouTube channel isn’t getting enough attention so “hey let’s tell a bunch of people that this company who’s actually doing something worth a snot is actually scamming bois so that maybe I can get out of my parents basement and buy a hair transplant” so eat on that kelp ya balding 24 year old

  17. This happens time and time again. It's hard to trust most charities these days. None profit always tends to mean, bloated management salaries plus volunteers. I'm looking at you Wikipedia.

  18. I had to stop your video @ 7:08 marker because I could no longer stand to listen to your annoying voice. You obviously had a specific agenda when you did your so called research, there by your data is skewed to suit your narrative. You must be one of those liberal jackholes that are against free market enterprises and would rather have big government taking revenue from this company to LINE YOUR POCKETS in a socialistic give away program! You are just another little pencil necked basement dweller that is intimidated that a couple of healthy red blooded American men, decided to do something about a global problem rather than sit on their cans making YouTube videos trying to cast aspersions. You are what is wrong with the world today, rather than support any effort to make our earth a better place to live, you point the finger of unfounded allegations, YOU MUST BE A FREEEEEEKING DEMONRAT!

  19. Dude who cares there taking action for cleaning the ocean and nobody else is u wanna swim in trash trashy the stfu and also dude ur dumb my mum bought me one of those mofoing braclets and it cost like 1$

  20. Clean the ocean of its plastic and then do what with it? Throw into a landfill? China won’t buy anymore recyclables. Guess it goes back to the oceans.

  21. Well… Maybe it takes about 30 sec to pick up the plastic, but the bracelet takes time to make (if it is handmade).

  22. How about you go clean the ocean for free 😊 it's really that simple within the 12.19 min of the video you would have gotten slightly far with that. JS

  23. I don't care as long as there's one bag getting cleaned up out of the oceans I'm good with it every little bit helps. And I honestly believe this group is doing an amazing job at cleaning our oceans they're getting the word out opening people's eyes to the garbage that is so clearly getting out of control. We don't need Charities for people to clean our oceans we just need people that care about the wildlife that's being affected and the Damage that is doing to our planet. Please anybody who reads this go pick up one piece of garbage today whether it's in a ditch or by the ocean every little bit helps. thank you and God bless….

  24. If We can Save This Planet and That Means We Have to Make a Few CEOs YottaGazillionaires, I and A lot of People would agree. The problem is to prove if they really are doing what they say they do for the Planet

  25. we shouldnt have to pay cause i mean if theyre already out there picking up trash, they should just pick up trash, cause what if one person bought a bracelet, they went out there and picked up one pound of trash, they should pick up all of the trash not just leave it there after picking up one pound. does anyone get what im saying?

  26. What does it matter if they are in it for the money or not? They still clean the ocean and it’s a business. Why not get paid to clean the ocean and make and sell bracelets? I think what 4Ocean is doing is very smart! They are helping all the sea creatures and the earth while making money and still making their customers happy by receiving a cute bracelet that shows your support. They are doing one hell of a job! If only I was as clever as them to build a business like this. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Are you doing YouTube to spread awareness on what people are doing or are you doing YouTube to make money or are you doing it to spread awareness and make money? Exactly who cares!

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