It’s not “Breaking the Geneva Convention” if no one Lives to Tell the Tale

You know what’s also dumb? Haigs? Male nipples. You
realize that men can lactate as well right?
what kind of tits do you have no actually it’s yeah the male’s can
breastfeed I would feel very sorry for the baby given that mine have
like a a ring of hair around them in very cold winter I can produce food for my
family through my nipples enemy enemy in front b-29 ah where is the capital
Asuka oh my gosh I’m elevating my wings just put him out of his misery
okay I think I’m okay I’m okay that’s what they all say oh my god the destruction oh look at
this folks is it working although it works I think it’s working
yeah nothing it’s their treats Missy what
about I littered all the buildings are surrendered on my hands actually yeah
you see them like they lost on the windows thank you unless you jump into a tank and see how
it looks like when girls stop the town a random bt7 though joke
yeah I’m gonna Ram and dump it in there maybe that might work
mom out George you just took out the
entire forest and on to spawn okay holy shit the guys if you want to
see the destruction jump into a tank this looks like follows so our barman Cologne I don’t see a
problem this yeah no no no no no no no yes we need to find that cafe better
Jack broke my phone yeah breaker it’s a spelt some beer on it oh my gosh
yeah you see that second fridge or the first bridge to the right or to get to
the right it really Gabriel your parents named you that um I gosh no no no it
this is getting cleaned Mike it is I’m gonna drop my left oh don’t believe
what’s happening in town that was really flattered no no this is this is called
erasing it’s cleanup simulator essentially
oh my goodness gracious dude there’s nothing down there completely completely
nothing at all look how open alpha is yeah if you got to be know it cause if
you go to the big what’s called the big statue area there’s you have a straight
line to there see the card map you can literally see into enemy spawn this
might be a legitimate tactic now just bomb the out of the enemies born
and you get to spawn captain I think we should we should do that I mean I mean
it is to spawn camp but when you put that much brain power into it I
don’t know man like that’s a tactic we did it boys we’ve made the best map that
guide you never been do you guys ever think wart then there’s going to be 32
v32 oh my gosh aged worse than I ever
thought it’s completely gone entire yeah absolutely nothing here and what the
best parts where these buildings used to be as a rubble as you can go up this can
go up in trouble you can go up the number Lia oh my goodness gracious
so destruction is available you just need a 5,000 full kilogram ish just
in the title lobby full of yes that sort of tricky
hold it there for a minute it seems we have reached the midpoint of this video
you know what that means in here to 2020 it is time to shill I am proud to
announce that this video is sponsored by absolutely no one yeah I know this
channel has long since fallen out with the algorithm and ID but you have the
power to change that helping me revive this channel is as simple as interacting
with the video by lucky it and leaving a comment to make it easy on you I’m even
going to give you a question to answer how about what’s your favorite type of
side skirt is yeah that should do the trick if you have made it this far I’m
also going to presume debts I’ve got at least a chuckle out of you so why not
subscribe to the channel as well don’t worry knowing YouTube nowadays a chance
of not actually making it to your sub box
this practically zero so you won’t have to witness any of my terrifying
thumbnails but I would greatly appreciate it nonetheless now let’s get
right onto the bonus round that’s just uh fibers adios I’m just a smaller tiny Mouse you know just survive the professor and
you’ll be good yeah I think I didn’t survive that I’m in fourth place I don’t know samosa
Garcia ah this isn’t one okay this is only realistic oh well I was wondering
why everything is so slow Oh Gosh is a chump a couple of them to be exact I’ll show you two steamers man from me
afterwards is nice is that Ueno ugly yep first place baby I should give up on puttin it on arcade
because it’s absolute class on arcade because really boys not actually turning
up cake okay for my then it’s why it’s a okay boomer okay pull Jimmy immune tada now magic catching us alone I’m second
place we get dropping artillery okay I need to me about day what the I’m hearing a train the
Train on the map it’s perfectly honest my activities it’s just a giant snowman
in the corner to Brian Deese Walters and says there’s a iceberg this is
your oh gosh I’m good flip no please no come
on yes no don’t sabotage me don’t sabotage
me okay I do I give up on year 1200 that’s a fact is you actually me oh my god that talked to the pool away
then that was me if it’s ago with the with a jumper just sitting there as you have top bits oculus bt1 – um
somehow they need us how okay I take you miss one of the listen no no I’m um I’m
legit illegitimate in the first place right now oh I’m on the 10th place I got
to get addressing the need for speed experience boy all right let’s look down so much in
dirty which is a baby Sonic maybe sonic baby sonic no oh it’s a
tulip map with your shattered frame of mind we’re humans

100 thoughts on “It’s not “Breaking the Geneva Convention” if no one Lives to Tell the Tale

  1. i leave comment like good subscriber of more then i can remember… but in all seriousness, where is dat IS-2 play through? jk. fun video 😛 and nice to see you back Mike

  2. Welcome back Mike! Glad to see you return to making content. I remember watching your realistic tank battle guide when I was still a new player! 🤣 Lets see, my favorite SIDE skirts would be the Tiger 2s, The Panther A and all the Centurion models since they are basically the same. My favorite kind of SKIRT is hot, wet and short as possible :3.

  3. Big fan of the zettai ryouiki vizible on some of the panzer 4 model. The absolute territory between the skirt and thigh hi- i mean hull is incredible.

  4. Dita is so far my fav WT youtuber. He has always been really kind to his watchers, even in twitch streams. Good sense of humor too. =3
    My fave side skirts are on the M4A3 (76) w. There's a reason they call him (Yes him) the "Easy 8". >w>

  5. I have strategically placed your decal on the roofs of all my tanks in the hopes that it will creep stare an attacking plane straight into the ground. Pretty sure it's going to work.

  6. This comment will not make any sense cuz its only meant to be an interaction comment. I have done my part to interact with the video. Now YouTube should do theirs

  7. What do we want?
    -We want stug IV!!!!
    When do we want it?
    -We want it NOW!!!!
    RT news broadcast- protest in front of game developing company Gaijin in Moscow is entering already third day, there is no end in sight. Mob is demanding stug iv model to be implemented in to war thunder.
    "We waited LONG ENOUGH, we wont leave until you give us what we deserve" – majority of protesters share the same opinion.
    Local shop keepers are busy counting daily traffic – "protest is good for business, i hope it drags for a while, all that yelling makes them really THIRSTY"
    In a local military equipment museum not far away from protest site, one of the protesters was caught peeping under stug IV skirts , he was yelling "IT WAS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE" as he was dragged in to the Gulag Express lorry, protest secretary disavowed any knowledge of his actions…..(flips paper)
    Now to the other news……..

  8. I left War Thunder when they Remove the Maus and watching this makes me reconsider my decision

    Someone please send me to the Gulag so I can [Redacted] already

  9. I have a feeling that this race shows exactly why VT1-2 is an abomination. 44tons, 51hp/t. Nightmare. Imagine having that on a vehicle with turret:(

  10. Favorite type of sideskirtes…
    Pfuuhh that's difficult, whilst I do like long skirts, like the one Hana Isuzu wears in Girls & Panzer, I think I prefere the big, but relatively close sideskirtes of the Jagdpanzer IV 70.

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