Jeep Wrangler JL 3.6L AFE MACH Force XP Hi-Tuck Axle-Back Exhaust Sound Clip & Review

Hey, guys, today I’m here with the AFE MACH
Force XP Hi-Tuck Axle-Back Exhaust System, fitting all 2018 and newer JL Wranglers two
and four-door with the 3.6 liter V6 motor. So, there’s a number of different benefits
when upgrading to a new exhaust system including a small performance gains at higher RPMs,
as well as a better sound and a better look out of the back end of your Wrangler. This option by AFE is going to do all of that
by replacing that big and bulky factory muffler with a high clearance or high tuck axle-back
exhaust system. So, as far as sound goes, this is going to
be a three out of five on the loudness meter with one being the stock exhaust system and
five being incredibly loud. Now, this is gonna sit right in the middle
of the spectrum as far as volume goes while still doing a really good job at deepening
the tone and making a more aggressive sound out of that 3.6 liter. So, as far as interior noise goes you’re not
really gonna have a lot, you will be able to hear your exhaust system while you’re stepping
on the throttle. However, there’s not gonna be a lot of drone
considering that you’re keeping that factory resonator on your cat-back piping and you’re
just getting rid of that big and bulky muffler. Now the big takeaway with this is the fact
that this is a high clearance exhaust system, perfect for somebody who’s doing a lot of
trail riding and wants to increase their departure angle while getting rid of that big exhaust
system from the factory that could potentially get hung up or damaged while out on the trail. With all of that being said this is also going
to be incredibly affordable for an axle-back system at roughly $200. So, you do have to keep in mind the simplicity
of this exhaust system. Other more expensive options on the page are
usually gonna have a big muffler or even a medium-sized muffler with either a dual-tip
or a single tip outlet. With this, you’re just getting that single
over the axle piping, it’s going to be very simple and sit up against the frame, perfect
again for anybody who’s looking for something that’s going to cut back on price while still
giving you those trail performance gains, small horsepower and torque gains, while also
creating a better look and better sound out of your 3.6 liter. As far as install goes this is gonna be a
one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, you’re gonna need some pretty basic
hand tools to get the job done and about one to two hours worth of your time. So, speaking of that install let’s jump into
that now. The tools that I used for my install were
PB B’laster or you could use any penetrating oil, an impact wrench, a 10-inch extension,
a 13-millimeter ratcheting wrench, a 3/8 inch drive ratchet, a 15-millimeter deep socket,
a 13-millimeter swivel socket, and a hanger removal tool. So, there’s a couple of ways that you could
take off your axle-back, you could take it out of the isolators or out of the hangers
and remove it that way or you can completely remove the hangers. I personally remove both of the hangers on
either side just because there’s not a lot of room next to this large muffler. So, for that you’re gonna need a 13-millimeter
socket and a 13-millimeter ratcheting wrench and we can take off the two bolts that are
holding on each hanger. This may be a little bit difficult to see
however, we’re gonna be on top of the hanger and this is the bolt on the backside here. I’m gonna take a 13-millimeter swivel socket,
a 10-inch extension and ratchet, go over the sway bar and start removing that bolt. Now, when that bolt is completely removed
we can head to the bottom one. So, now we can move to the bolt on the side
that’s threaded into the frame. I’m gonna use a 13-millimeter ratcheting wrench
because there’s not a lot of room here and we can start to remove that bolt. So, once that’s unthreaded you can actually
keep the hanger hooked on to the frame here. It will stay in place while we take out the
bolt on the other side. So, our next step is to loosen up this clamp,
I’m gonna be using a 15-millimeter deep socket to do that as well as my impact wrench. Once that’s loosened up, we can open up that
clamp a little bit and we can wiggle off our axle-back. So, what we can do now is unhook our hanger
brackets from the frame, do that on either side and it should drop down and we can wiggle
the piping and it should come right off. Before we hop into the inside I wanted to
step down and tell you guys a little bit about the differences and the benefits that you’re
gonna receive out of this new AFE axle-back system, especially in comparison to our factory
setup. Now, right off the bat, you can tell that
we are dramatically decreasing the size with moving over to this new AFE axle-back. Our factory exhaust system has a big and bulky
and very large muffler that can get in the way especially if you’re out on the trail,
and it doesn’t do the best as far as departure angles go. Not to mention the muffler itself is baffled
and it’s very restrictive. So, with this new system, we are completely
getting rid of that muffler. So, that’s gonna free up a lot of airflow
and it’s gonna help you out with your tone and your sound of your 3.6 liter. Now, the big takeaway about this new exhaust
system is the fact that it is a high tuck. And like I mentioned before, with your factory
exhaust system it can get in the way, it can get damaged, especially if you’re crawling
out around on the trail. With this, this is gonna sit high and tight
up against your frame rail and you’re not even really gonna be able to see it from the
back of your Wrangler. So if you are coming down off of an obstacle,
this is going to be completely out of the way and you really don’t have to worry about
your exhaust system at all, especially when you’re out on the trail. Not to mention this is gonna be a big step
up in materials. This is gonna be made of a mandrel-bent two
and a half-inch 409 stainless steel in comparison to the lower quality materials used with the
factory exhaust. This is also gonna have a factory style hanger
on the side, we are gonna be using the isolators from the factory and it is gonna match up
perfectly up against the frame. And of course you are getting all the clamps
and all the necessary hardware that you need with it making this a complete kit. So, enough about these two side by side, let’s
go ahead and nut up our new one. So, what we’re gonna do first is swap over
our driver side hanger. So, I’m gonna use a little bit of PB B’laster,
you can use any lubricant that’s going to help it slide off the hanger a little bit
better. So, I’m gonna use a hanger removal tool, you
can also just either slide it off with a flathead screwdriver, a pry bar, or however you wanna
do it, this just makes it a little bit easier. All right, then making sure that it’s in the
same orientation, what we’re gonna do is just slide it on to our new exhaust. It should have some PB B’laster on it already
so you can slide it on, it’s a lot easier to do this off-car than it is on-car. Once that’s over that little lip there, we
could go ahead and mount this up. So, making sure that we have our clamp on
our new axle-back piping, we can go ahead and go underneath our sway bar over our axle
and wiggle this into place. There is gonna be a notch just like the one
on the factory exhaust. What I’m actually gonna do is wiggle this
hanger and isolator down just so I’m not banging it up against the frame and it should go right
into place and sit on that little notch there. Then we can move this back into place if you
did move it down, put this up against the frame and mount it in the factory location
with the factory bolts. We can tighten those down with the 13-millimeter
socket. Now that our muffler is out of the way you
won’t really need that extension, you repeat that for the one on the frame here. Last but not least, we can tighten up our
clamp using that same 15-millimeter socket as well as the impact wrench making sure that
the clamp is sitting over both pipes. That’s gonna wrap it up for my review and
install. Make sure you like and subscribe. And for more videos and products like this,
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