Jim’s low-carb success story

When I started the process I made a plan
and I started with a low-carb diet and a bit of intermittent fasting
in tandem. It started working very, very well for me
right off the bat. It was actually easy
for the first time in my life, weight just dropped off automatically,
month after month after month. And I thought, “My gosh,
why don’t more people know about this? Why haven’t I been informed about this?” My name is Jim Caldwell,
I’m a product manager. I come from Chicago, I’m 59 years old. I started my journey on weight loss
when I was 57. When I started I weighed about 352 pounds
and today I’m down to 170, so I’ve lost
more than half my body weight. It’s changed everything; my attitude,
my mood, my clarity of thinking. I work better, even at the office
my boss gave me a good review and said, “Jim, you look better,
but you also perform better.” So more positive outlook on life, so it’s really hard to just pin down one thing
that has changed. Has changed literally everything,
not only how I look and my weight, but mentally and emotionally as well. I see a lot of people correspond
on social media, I talk to people all the time and it seems like they want to be
half in low-carb and half out. They still want to maintain
an attachment to carb, they want to give a little cheat day
or this and that. I advocate more making a clean break, in the beginning be very hard
and tough on yourself and just make a break from sugar
and grains. You might have a little period of adjustment
but in the end it’s worth it. Because if you break the sugar habit,
it’s well worth it and you are free and you can explore
different opportunities. I’ve been doing it one year and a half
and now I can’t stop. I don’t need to anymore,
I don’t need it for weight loss, but it’s an easier life,
you don’t have to worry about lunch.

12 thoughts on “Jim’s low-carb success story

  1. Wow Jim! You just look great! And not just your body, but your beautiful spirit that shines out! Thank you for helping so many people and for being this incredible example! Your light and hope is a tremendous gift to others.

  2. I follow Jim's channel on YouTube his keto style is carnivore …… wonderful success testimony!!!😀

  3. Love this. As a personal trainer I always direct my clients to Diet Doctor.
    Great work Jim.

  4. went cold turkey on carbs lost like 20 kilos in 5 months, 1st week was tough then it got easy so fast.

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