Juan Pablo: 3000 km coast to coast con Alma

Uruguay – Argentina Chile The trip I’m taking… consists of more than one journey. It’s a bike trip in Uruguay and a trip down memory lane. I’m travelling through memories. In Uruguayan people I see my culture, the one I inherited and learned from my parents, from my mother and father. I see in them the same friendliness. People here are kind and sensitive. I like travelling like this – cycling through memories and roads as well. To me, a travel is like a matryoshka doll Every day I rode toward Chuy, the border. I love frontiers. … Brazilians and Uruguayans are so different… I started this journey to know my roots, to visit the land where I was born. And to retrace my dad’s steps. My dad roamed this land with a traveling theater group. And then, magically, another matryoshka pops out… My wooden bycicle! My bike is a piece of art on two wheels, and it travels. This bike draws the attention of people, they gather around it, they’re curious. Exactly what piece of art would do. So, I came to realize… …that I’m doing what my father did. I’m travelling in Uruguay and bringing art with me! Art and wood craft. Here, I experience true human warmth and friendship, true emotions. There’s so much generosity and positiveness in this country. Every day I meet extraordinary people, normal people! They deeply relate to the notions of travelling, adventure and the encounter with other people. Here, we exchange opinions, we hug and wish good luck. This is so touching. The road is magical, it belongs to all of us Following the road, anyone can get anywhere. On the road you meet other people and exchange something with them. A smile, a hug, a story. It’s a wonderful experience. I’m back on the road with Alma. I’m happy. We like riding through these gorges. We’re in love with the Cordillera, it’s so fascinating. We’ll stop here for a few days, there’s so much to do and see. So… Little by little, we’re coming back home. I fell happy and fulfilled. It’s a wonderful adventure, my heart is filled with joy. Thanks to Alma.

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