Juicing vs. Blending — How To Make Orange Juice with a Blender

How do you make orange juice in a blender?
This is how you do it. You start off with some water. We’re going
to need one cup of filtered water in there. Now you need an orange. And
I’m going to leave as much of this white pith on as possible. All this fiber
is really the most nutritious part. Really, particularly it’s
high in vitamin C and calcium. All right? So you can actually get your calcium
through your fruits and veg. You don’t always have to drink milk. Now there’s a big difference you probably
have a juicer at home. It’s probably sitting at home got a little dust
on it. You probably don’t use it that much. It’s kind of hard to clean, right?
Hey, I’m not bagging juicing, I still juice. But there’s a big different
between blending and juicing. Normal juicing just pulls the water well,
the water and the sugar. It’s about 10% sugar in here on its own which is
about the equivalent about 10% sugar is the same thing as like a cloak and
stuff like that. And the thing about juicing is that you’re throwing away
the fiber. Okay, this fiber here, this is the most nutritious part. It
has all the good stuff in here. There’s lots of benefits of having this in
our system. Particularly diabetics, they won’t be able to drink the
juice but they will be able to eat the fruit because the juice has too much
sugar so they can’t drink it. But by eating the fruit they’re getting the
fiber and the fiber slows down the absorption of the sugars into your body.
So instead of getting a big hit with the juice you go up and then you
come back down. It’s that sugar rush. By having a smoothie or by blending
it and having that fiber you’re still going to have the energy and those sugars
but the fiber is going to slow down the absorption so you’ll have more
energy long-term. The fiber also helps pull toxins out of our
body. Where’s the lid. It also helps us lose weight. It’s going to fill us
up for a lot longer as well. Plus we pay for our fruit and veg by how much
it weighs. You might as well use all of it, right? So let’s blend this
up. All right. Let’s dig into this. Very orange.
All right. Look how smooth this is. That is all the fiber and all the
seeds and everything from the whole orange there. You know the problem with
normal juicing and like buying bottled juice and stuff at the supermarket,
it’s just so much sugar. And you know too much sugar leads to diabetes
and it’s just very, very bad for the body and we’re feeding it to kids.
At a very young age you can’t be giving kids a lot of sugar. So by having the
fruit, making it in a blender, it’s a lot easier. Easier to clean as well.
And plus all the benefits of the fiber. So hopefully you’ll enjoy it. All right. Welcome. We’re going to make some
green smoothies. If you don’t know what a green smoothie is, it’s very simple.
It’s this new craze that’s going around the world. All it is, it’s really
simply a combination of fresh fruits and… [ends abruptly]

91 thoughts on “Juicing vs. Blending — How To Make Orange Juice with a Blender

  1. Fruits are NOT bad for diabetics..the only one they need to be careful of eating is pineapple and watermelon. 

  2. I tried this but it came out very frothy.  Did I blend it too long maybe?  It also tasted bland, which surprises me because the oranges I use are sweet and tasty when I eat them.

  3. I tried this again today making sure it blended for only 30 seconds, yet it still came out too frothy.  And again it tasted bland, I even used less than a cup of water.  Yet if I juice these same oranges, it takes great and isn't frothy at all.  I really want to be able to blend orange juice to get all the nutrients and fiber, but it's not working to my taste.

  4. So today I tried blending an orange with less water for 15 seconds, it still came out frothy, almost like pudding.  It was however a little sweeter due to using less water.  But I'm still not happy with the outcome, so I'm going back to juicing oranges instead of blending them for juice.

  5. Dude,use your right hand when eating, drinking and cooking
    It's hygiene that way
    Using left hand is just revolting

  6. tastes great. 🙂 do u add in a tiny bit of sweetener? unfortunately the orange i used wasn't as sweet but still good 🙂


  8. I just recently started to blend my own orange juice, the commercially available ones in this part of the world are pure crap, lots of sugar and preservatives in them. But we do get oranges, lots of them, at about 1-1.25 american dollar per kilo.

    At first I tried same method as you, just peel the orange and mix everything in, but for some reason, I didn't like it as much, kept getting crushed seeds and chunks of the whitey fiber part. Am I not mixing it long enough ? I only blend it for aprox. 10-20 seconds, do I have to blend it for longer to mush everything together very good?

    The cup I made this evening – 4 large oranges and 3 melinole (a variety of orange) – about a liter of juice which I refrigerate lasts me 1-2 days – I blended and filtered through a sieve. Some pulp made it through, but no bitter seeds or chunky fibrous shell. I like it a lot better, taste and texture wise, but obviously I hate wasting all that juicy pulp, so I might try blending whole the next batch, for longer.

  9. hi i recently made some orange juice in a blender…used around 4 oranges and some water…immediately after it blended i drank it and it was sweet. Then I put it in the fridge for half an hour came back and it was extremely bitter any reason why. Tried this twice with different oranges and result was the same.

  10. I've never believed in juicing. What a big waste of your fruits and vegetables. Blending is way better

  11. I just bought my first blender. Do you find fresh fruit is more expensive than buying a branded carton . I got one so I know what I am drinking .

  12. This is fantastic, my blender is a bit on the weaker side and will leave it quite foamy and chunky but the taste makes up for it 🙂

  13. I am 50 years old and I never knew it was this simple to make orange juice. I did it in less than five minutes after the video. I'm sold !! And I kept the white part on. Thanks!!! You just help me make a positive permanent lifestyle change .

  14. brought some oranges today and ended up on your video, saw a few others very inspired, been eating badly and feeling super tired.

  15. You'll earn a subscriber if you tell me what kind of blender that is! I've got a Nutribullet 1200 and it goes to absolute town on carrots and seeds, yours looked smooth as.

  16. finally someone who is educated and mentions the importance of the fibre and the nutrients the orange contains👍 Good video man

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