Justin’s Inspirational 52.2kg Weight Loss | LifeShape Clinic

Since I left school I’ve kind of slowly put on weight,
never really tried to diet before. It’s taken until about 12 months ago, when I finally reached the lowest point in my life physically while skiing with my fiance in New Zealand. I was physically incapable of doing a lot of the things I need to ski, I was quite terrified of even going to be honest. I’m Justin I’ve lost 52 kilos over the last 12 months with LifeShape Clinic, and I’m now living the life that I’ve always wanted to lead. Thinking back to what I was like before I started this journey, I didn’t appreciate at the time how badly I felt. I wasn’t really aware of the way I was avoiding a lot of activities and social situations because of my weight. So as part of the program we’re obviously encouraged to do some exercise. I started out with a bit of cycling, and then I started running which I’ve never enjoyed in my life ever before. Now it’s become a bit of an obsession It’s just so great to be able to get up every morning and go out and have a run – which is not something that I would ever have done in the past. Every week getting to go in and see the dietitian has been a really fantastic experience. You know that they know what you’ve been through it’s something that when I first started the program I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy. I thought that I’d probably dread going every week, but by the end, I really enjoyed it. If I could talk to prior Justin back when I was a lot heavier, it’s just get started. It’s so much easier once you take that first step. Having lost this weight now I just know that I can do whatever I want. There’s no fear anymore about being judged or not being able to do something. And you know that if you go
and put yourself out there that there’s a chance to fail. That’s the great thing about this program
is you’ve got so much support that I don’t think that’s a possibility.

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