5 thoughts on “Kaisersalmler in ihren Pflanzen im 200 liter Aquarium – Emperor tetras – Nematobrycon palmeri

  1. Ja , das vermute ich auch, habe aber keine Eier gesehen, ging ein paar Stunden so, kurz nach einem kleinen Wasserwechsel.
    Viele Grüsse

  2. I've rescued and rehabilitated 1 female emperor tetra, and has been normal and calm in my 55 gal heavily planted community tank for about 1 week, and just 2 days ago added 1 male rainbow/royal emperor tetra. Now, the female is constantly chasing and nipping at the male… What is going on? I'm not sure if it's characteristics of mating, because it seems a little to rough, and the male seems to not want any of it. But the female will chase and follow with him, bullying him, I think?
    Should I have not added the male? He was in a tank mixed with male and female Emperors and Rainbow/Royal Emperors, so I'm not sure why she is bullying him. It's not like these two species (same) don't get along. I'm actually surprised she's doing this due to the fact she was on her death bed with another male Emperor torturing her at the LFS, prior to me noticing and saving her. Maybe she's afraid that when he get's fully adjusted he'll also abuse and torture her like that other dominant/psycho male at the store..? I dunno…
    Is it territorial? Will she ever stop?
    He's actually slightly bigger than her too. I hope he adjusts quickly and learns to avoid her, rather than trying to ignore her.

  3. Ich bewundere ja immer die Pflanzen – so wunderschön kräftig! Geht bei uns leider nicht ! Daumen hoch – wünsche Dir einen schönen Tag lieber Mike und Gruß Petra

  4. Hallo Mike!
    Wieder schön, die Fische zu beobachten. Diesmal fielen mir aber die tollen Pflanzen besonders auf. Schönes, kräftiges Grün. Entspannt die Augen. Daumen hoch! 🙂
    Viele Grüße

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