Karppi – ENNÄTYS 18.1 kg | Wild Carp 40 lb | Sub 🇬🇧

Just got into the sleeping bag. Is it about 4.30 am. now? I think this is not so giant fish either. I think it’s bigger than the previous one. Actually it could be bigger. Can you get the carp to this side? Do you see it somewhere? I don’t see it but it is probably going over there. The carp seems to be really far away. Could it be a bigger carp – – it is running the line so long. I have to come there. It most be a big carp – – it is fighting so long. Maybe it had gone around the fishing line… The carp is going to the difficult spot now…. It can not be so small… Teemu do you want to go to other side of the tree? This won’t work! Where has it gone? I have to come there. The carp is over there. And it is still running. We have to get it here. I’m trying to move the carp over there. Oops!! I thought I already got the carp to the landing net. I already thought this goes wrong. But the carp can’t be over 17kg (37lb) Where is our landing mat… Actually it is quite a big. It is actually very big! but it hasn’t eaten so much It is half kilos smaller. It is actually very large size carp! With our Lucifer boilie. The carp had hooked itself nicely in the bottom lip. Look at this carp! This is crazy wide fish also! Could it be over 17kg (37 lb) ? Let’s take a photo first. This feels so heavy!! Look at it! So big and long carp! Done! Now I’m excited. 18,9 kg (41,6 lb) …. … 18,7 kg (41,2 lb) …. Excluding the weigh sling. It was our new carp record! We have to check a weight of the weigh sling. Look at that pelvic fin. Very big also ! Maybe nobody has caught this one before… One of the best catch in my life. Unbelievable! It was 18,1 kg (40 lb). 18,1 kg (40 lb) of common carp. From the wild nature in Finland….

7 thoughts on “Karppi – ENNÄTYS 18.1 kg | Wild Carp 40 lb | Sub 🇬🇧

  1. Tykkään tästä tunnelmasta, monsterin väsyttelyä säestää seesteinen laineiden liplattelu ja aamuyön äänimaailma. 👍👍 Erityispojot noista ilmakuvista, joissa kala näkyy vedessä! :O Oliko teillä toinen kameramies ottamassa ilmakuvaa vai vain hyvin taidokkaan mulitaskaamisen/jälkityöstön tulos? Niin ja pitäähän se mainita että komea kala, onnea ennätyksestä!

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