KICKBOXING Fat Burning Workout! (LOSE 10 POUNDS FAST!)

What’s up champ! I’m Vince Del Monte of and today we’ve got a kickboxing based workout to help
you lose fat. Specifically a workout that I’m using to help me lose the next ten
pounds of fat. You guys are in for a treat. Wait till you see what we got in
store for you. So I brought in my good friend Michael Zhang North American kickboxing champ. Do not show me how to get in the ring, but what I think like he’s
going to show me might come in handy when my daughter has a boyfriend one day
and I need to be able to throw some punches and I can’t let him dodge them.
Right now the state of my punching ability my two-year-old could probably
dodge my punches. Alright. So if you want to laugh at me by all means go for
it have a laugh on my expense but I want you guys to understand that
the workout we’re going to take you through it’s not to get in the ring.
This is a tool, I’ll let Mike explain it that’s going to help you lose fat. Alright.
To get away from the sterile bodybuilding workouts. To get away from the boring
things you’re currently doing. We’re going to mix it up a bit. Mike, tell them a bit
about yourself. [MIKE] Guys I’m a North American Muay Thai champion. I’m from Toronto
Ontario Canada and what we’re going to do today is take you through a short
seven minute kickboxing based workout. You’re going to see we’re going to use
some movements here that you’ve never done in your life. We’re going to
incorporate shadow boxing. We’re going to cooperate some knee strikes some
punching. It’s going to activate all your muscles in your body in a way you’ve
never done before. [VINCE] Before Mike walks us through the workout I want to pre frame
a few things because as soon as this workout was done I told Mike I said holy
cow that was embarrassing. I’m a 37 year old man I don’t know how to throw a
punch. I don’t know how to throw a knee and you know he just said hey that’s
normal man. I have people starting in their 60s and I quickly
understood how a lot of people email me and say Vince I’m too old to get started
or you’ve been doing this your entire life and I never really got that comment.
I would just say well just start just start and that is the right advice
because for me, if I want to learn how to throw a punch, kick and do some of these
skills that he’s been doing since he’s 15 years old
I need to start. So I totally understand if this feels totally out of your
comfort zone. That’s why I want you to do it. I totally believe everybody should
try something new each day. something hard something that pushes them.
Something outside of your comfort zone not just from a physiological standpoint
but from just an emotional standpoint. It’s awkward being in the gym with a lot
of people who know me throwing punches that I don’t think I even know what
I’m doing. Get over yourself. Step up and give
this workout a shot. Mike, take it take it away man. [MIKE] Yeah, Vince, you’re
absolutely right. You know everybody’s got to start somewhere right. So today our first
exercise I want to do is a one two one two sprawl so when you’re doing this
move, what you want to really look out for is you’re turning your wrist over
about 3/4 of the way when you extend your arm don’t keep your shoulders too
tight keep them relaxed and bring them out one two one two then push your hips
back and as if someone were to try to take you down then you’re going to drop
down and get back up and do it all over again. The next we’re going to do is a
Burpee. This is just a standard Burpee so what I want you to do is jump up then
drop down into a push-up position complete the push-up and I want you to
focus on keeping your back neutral so you’re not over arching your back. Then
you’re going to come back up and repeat one more time. So you’re going to jump up,
drop down into a Burpee and do a push-up and come back up.
The next one I’m going to do is a push-up knee. What you’re going to do is
stand feet shoulder width apart and take one step back with one of your feet and
you’re going to drop your knee down to a lunge. We’re going to perform two lunges
on the second one you’re going to extend your arms forward and bring your knee up
point your toe back so you create a point with your knee and drive forward
you’re going to go back into your original position and step back with the
other leg. The next we’re going to do is a one two hook knee. Now this is going to
look similar to the very first combo the difference is after the one two you’re
going to throw a hook. When you throw a hook I want you to bring your elbow up
to about shoulder height and I want you to form a 90 degree angle between your
biceps and your forearm. Then all you do is bring your arm around by pivoting
your front foot and then after that you’re going to reach out with your arms
and extend and pull down the throwing knee. You’re going to repeat that until
the end of the 45 second cycle. The next movement that we’re going to do
is a high plank walk out. This activity is going to engage your core. What you’re
going to do is start in a push-up position I want you to engage your glute
by squeezing your butt and I want you to walk out slowly
with your hands to a point where it’s difficult
stay up. While you’re doing this I want you to focus on keeping your glutes
engaged so your hips do not sway back and forth. Walk out and walk in as many
times in the 45 second seconds. The last activity that we’re going to do is a
long plank hold. What you’re going to do is extend your arms out to a point where
it’s difficult to stay up and you’re going to drop down and lift yourself up
and hold it for three seconds. After three seconds you’re going to drop
yourself down rest for about one second and repeat until the end of the round.
And there you have a guy. Seven minutes of work.
Kickboxing based workout and I’m sure you’re tired right now. Vince.
[VINCE] Guys what you can see where we’re going with this channel we are starting to introduce you
guys to new styles of training. Workouts that keep life exciting keep life
challenging. Are you guys going to be doing bodybuilding workouts all the way
into your 50s 60s or 70s. I assume not. There’s a big world out there of
workouts so you guys. So you can see on the channel I’m introducing you guys to new
styles of training all based on scientific principles that will allow you to
achieve your best body. So as we’re growing I hope you come along and join
us. Mike again thank you so much. If you’re interested in more workouts like
this, check out the links in the description box below. We’re going to
send you guys over to Mike’s website where you can get his fast shredding
kickboxing program where there’s an entire collection of workouts like this
that you can plug in into your current training program to lose fat faster. To
get those abs popping. To look solid. Remember when you do too much cardio
you’re going to strip off your muscle. You’re going to look soft. You’re going
to look flat. You’re not gonna have those round muscles. Alright.
This stuff keeps your body looking hard alright. So check it out and
we will see you guys next time. If there’s any other kind of workouts you
guys want us to team up on, let us know in a comment section below. Share it. Show
some love. Give this video a thumbs up. I will see you guys next time peace out

24 thoughts on “KICKBOXING Fat Burning Workout! (LOSE 10 POUNDS FAST!)

  1. Hey guys! Awesome video eh? So how would you grade my first time kicking and punching skills? I got to tell you, this workout made me sweat like crazy and is WAY harder than it looks. 7 minutes of quality work to get rid of the next 10 pounds of fat. If you'd like Mike and I to team up again for more workouts like these, let me know and if you have any questions about to use this with your training to achieve your fat loss goals, let me know! – Vince

  2. Pivot on those punches Vinny! Especially those hooks! Way to go with changing things up. Let's see some more like this.

  3. Great video! Used to compete, this will burn calories like crazy. I am 63 and still use these type of moves, it will change your life!

  4. Those knees are horrible, do it right or don't do it at all. You're setting yourself up for failure with those lazy knees, could be more effective of a movement of you took time to learn the move. I mean, you have him right there with you, why not have him teach you the proper technique. That's like working out with you but not asking to correct my form. Same with bodybuilding, don't sacrifice form just to complete a rep. And those knees along with this younger generation getting more into MMA, your daughter's boyfriend will have no problem handling you lmao

  5. Vince, ive been following your program for 5 weeks and really happy with the results, the timed sets took me a week to get my head around and it has taught me to really slow everything down. Keep up the good work mate, your chest is looking great..Adam

  6. I am planning to do boxing again after doing weights.. but i am having difficulty gaining weight thats why i stopped in the first place..

  7. Luv that ur humble about the punching ability or lack there of at the time. Im doing a kickboxing class at alen belcher mma in Gulfport MS

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