We decided to create something! what?your own Youtube channel. That’s what I wanted before.I was making videos before but don’t know if someone was ever watched any!? Yes, but you didn’t upload your videos but we will.. Right Sky? are you going to be on Youtube?We will play and show it to everyone, how we are playing. Yes? yes! and how we dancing , Yes? Yes! We Right? are you going to play video games with papa? Yes. And to show our adventures right? Yes Did you eat? Yes! Good. Sky be careful when we got home stark will put on his kimono, right? yes! And where will you go? to Jiu-Jitsu! what are you doing tomorrow? Jiujitsu challenge! what are you doing tomorrow? Jiujitsu challenge ! Sky is so…lol where are you going? what does it mean? Jiu- Jitsu when is your tournament ? now at the training are you going to train hard and wrestle great? Yes! opening! opening! Lets do it master Stark! be careful! look from both sides. Here are Stark’s friends! don’t fall asleep! you have a champion haircut! look how cool you are look at your hairstyle… subscribe to our channel and click like where are we going?Jiujitsu challenge! Jiujitsu competition right?YES! Yes? Yes! are you going to win?YES! is your coach there with your team already? I don’t know. I think so! that’s the exact time when its opening. At what time is weighing ? at 9 am is your weighing, the important part is for you not to weight more then 49 pounds. I think his weight didn’t changed overnight))) did you go to bathroom ? how serious were you weight preparation? serious?)) yes! ok beautiful stop whistling here, Sky don’t whistle in the car! what submissions are you planing to use?wring the arm, to choke and to choke from guard position)) So warrior?! are you asking Papa?)) ughu))) Sweety we didn’t forget you don’t worry)))what art is on your umbrella? Elsa and Anna , ok leave Elsa in the car!? keep your legs a bit wider, so you feel strong and secure with your balance)) ok sweety leave the umbrella in the car its to much, no no , ye just like that keep umbrella in the car. I don’t want to! Sky!?))) So, Are you ready? good, Yes)))yes, ye ye yes. Good! Stark, ready? yes! lets go lets go spin, spin… spin! lets go, lets go for the neck turn him over spin spin, throw him over you turn him over your back lets go, grab him, lets go stark

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