KMS Kandi KD150GKA  KA-KD-150-GKA-2

Im in the Kandi KD150GKA-2 this is one of our top
sellers and gonna give it a test run let yall check
it out it’s just got easy to put in drive automatic I’m just got done running the 250 so I’ll be interesting to see power
different kind though what we are turning radius on this I can already
tell you is a lot better but that’s also because there’s
adjustments on here so you can easily do that these pine cones are a little close for
a large go kart we’re actually testing scooters earlier
today and also the smaller go karts but oh yeah I’m give the camera girl a little scare this turns really sharp and good you
can see also a top speed but the I’m 6 foot 170lbs in here the you can see I’ve got plenty room let
me for 150 I’m probably cruise right along here about 25-30 miles an hour and it’s still gaining speed and I’m go up here go
down the road for ya so im cruising down the road from the blinker
on let everybody know I got the rearview mirror I can check cruise in here oh yeah I say I handle this big curb I mean this
is a probably ten twelve inch curb and I just got stuck on it I might have some difficulty getting off this lets see I’ve got the ground clearance I need to get off for this so shows here that
it’s got great ground clearance power wise its got the power wise im hitting the gas it doesn’t flood out takes
the gas well well In tuned can pretty much do a donut for concrete that’s pretty good stay in it like that like almost straight powerslide there it’s not tipping over in full turn so
to know that the stability of the lightness when I’m on concrete and I can’t turn it
like that i think thats awesome you can see the a-arms have thick good
suspension the angles are good they’ve really put a lot of work and effort into
this has been around for several years now and it’s ready to go gives the call will
be happy to give his answer any questions you got but the
this is high on the recommendation list we r sell all of
them we like him very little problems and I would help
develop and entertain the idea making a lot
better than they than they used to be years ago so the look forward to giving us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help
you out I really highly recommend this go kart for
everybody it’s great for family seat goes a long ways forward goes in and
out I mean you can fit everybody in here
it’s a great 150 has a great amount of power mean like a
me I can get in here throw some people here still have a great time I don’t
need a 250 or four hundred and this is cost money money wise at a
great value

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