super stoked to show you the 150xrs
today if this is such a versatile go kart this size range kids and adults
that can fit in this thing it doesn’t get better its got plenty of
power they can go wherever you need it to is just generally fun to ride without a doubt
150 XRS is a great handling go kart it can
take anything you throw at it the gy6 150
style motor produces 8.2 horsepower with a max speed
of 43.5 miles an hour and trust me it’ll do it I’ve done
it electric start throttle governor you can adjust the
seats its got 41 inches of leg room you can be sure to
36 inches and that’s what I was talking about just
versatile everyone got six and a half inches a little bit
more than six and half into the ground here and a tire sizes are twenty by seven and
22 by’10 it’ll carry 500-pound and the unit only
weighs 485 so like I said super versatile you can take it on the track you can
take it in the woods the let’s watch some of this video see with this thing can do trail masters become the dominant
distributor when it comes to go karts they put in a lot of time and effort to
be the leader trail master hands down the best value for your money they offer
the best quality the best service and a huge range size
style to make sure there is a kart that fits you

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