the ATA 110 is an electric start fully
automatic transmission with a four-stroke 6.2 horsepower motor with top speed around twenty miles an
hour you set the throtte governor you can slow the top speed down all the
way to about five miles an hour your remote control kill switch is an
awesome feature parents when new kids are learning to ride if
they get too far away with the push of a button you can kill the motor the seat height
on this ATV is 24 inches from the ground in eighteen
inches from the foot rest this ATV featured rear disc hydraulic
brakes and front drum brakes ATA 110D is a great ATV that will
fit many size riders up all different skill levels the 110D is the
same size as the 110B in the b3 but has 16 by 8 by seven tired rather than the 14.5 by 76 the motor
components and everything else is exactly the same Sara is nine years old at 55 inches
tall as you can see she’s a little big for this but it gives a great reference

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