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How many movies have you worked as an assistant in? Sir… 8 movies Ah New t the industry huh Sir I’ve directed two 2-minute short films Oh Experience…good Here sir, this is the… First half of the first half Sir, the script is in the pen drive Do you want some coffee tea son? OK sir Go eat and come I’ll wait for you Sure sir It’s ok sir It’s a good, village script I just decided to give an advance to Bharathiraja Tell something else Hahahaha sir… Its a great comedy sir! Hahahahahaha How is it if you call your own movie funny? The audience should say it Tell something else I have a ghost story, shall I tell? Horror script uh, have you noticed? No matter what horror movie you take You have to do a Pooja only and start! Ghost! Hahahaha Super, SUPER comedy horror movie This motta Rajendran is there no? Ghost rider! During my father’s time,
every week led to a religious movie Now every week there is a horror movie Son When is that Simbu movie coming? Hahahahahaha Sir one love story! The hero is a king Heroine Radha Both love each other Villain is the fiancee by right Who gets to marry her is the story This was the story to my last film pa Sir, all of your stories are this only What to do son Like Mother sentiment, Father sentiment Our company has a “Mora-Maama” sentiment (husband by right) Do you have any other sentiment? Friendship is the sentiment now If one friend buys one bottle of alcohol everyone is willing to give their lives for that friend is there any murder or violence in the movie? Sir, it is a gangster movie sir Then family movie only Can do off As per the script, the hero is a drunkard If you take a movie of a drunkard how will families watch? There will be no drinking scenes in the movie He will drink and come Ayayayayooo, something you are saying, tell tell tell The hero’s brother, grandfather, friends.. everyone drink sir there will be a problem with the censor That’s why we have the disclaimer What alcohol have you planned? And in the climax! What climax uh?! I kind of… missed it from where? from the first Sir Sir! The girl’s father should have two wives… Hero finds out Yow Calling it a family movie And you want a Silk Smitha dance? Shouldnt there be some doubt over the mora-mama? I am doubting you now having a model from Mumbai we should shoot the promo song No relevance to the movie, but News will come
I will definitely come for that shoot Look here son Should cast a hero and heroine who look fair and nice Understood? Nobody should act! All new faces Only then it will be natural but the heroine alone… from Bombay because isn’t that our Tamil tradition? One month confirmed workshop to be there Why only then they will learn to act or what? No sir, news will come Who else sir? Our Ilaiyaraja only If he puts music, then our movie is Silver Jubilee only There is one TipTopTeluga He will write the songs, he will compose, he will itself sing sir If he does everything then what will we do? pay him sir ah, for that alone we are needed huh have to compulsorily shoot three songs abroad sir Bro You are taking a North Madras local movie That’s why I brilliantly have come up with this North America, North Korea, North Africa will be the locations Only then Will there be coverage Think and tell which country we can put up a set in Ooty A half page ad in Dina Thanti A debate Our songs in the radio Only once Onlyyy once if our song plays once Sir, my village itself will feel proud sir First We will say that we are going to tweet and put up a status about it in Facebook In two days, the first look is what we will tweet then we will tweet the first look in 1 month we will upload the making video when the movie ends… we will release the single pack Internet Radio TV Everywhere the movie will be promoted! Huge audio launch sir, at Sathyam! We will call everyone there Especially we will call that director he will come we will make him talk he will talk without any sense That’s it, will become viral Will be publicised This is our company’s movie Should release without ANY problems Otherwise we will lose our name with the people The movie will release without any problem Problem should come Only then will we have publicity What? THIS MUCH?! Reduce it Sir the climax fight scene alone… can we take it like Mackenna’s gold? This story sounds like a Korean film No problem sir In the movies end credits in the eeennddd very small we will put inspired In those days, there was no Youtube Now it’s come no If you like this video share it Subscribe to MADRAS METER Sir, that Silk Smitha dance I will kill you you tell a story I… have to sleep Don’t get caught with a producer like this What am I some cough syrup?!

49 thoughts on “Kollywood Pitchu – Kichu | Then vs Now | Madras Meter

  1. "Somethings Never Change" – Madras Meter Humor ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜€ Nice! Romba clear ah message ah sollum podhu humor romba edhir parka mudiyadhu! Good one ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Awesome video Balaji. left wanting more in the end. Could have included distribution and tv rights. Also the practice of scheduling releases to not clash with other releases and multiplex culture.ย  I really want a sequel for this with cross pairing them. 80s producer with current director amd vice versa. Can imagine many rib tickling thalaiya piching sequences already..

  3. sema video , rendu pera vechi ithana varusha tamil cinemava kalachiteenga ,,, superb as usual madras meter kalakal dan

  4. Did anyone noticed, more than giving importance to comedy, They did worked on Make up, sensible dialogues (ex. the recent trend of horror comedy movies) and ACTING.?That producer character seekiram big screen la vaanga. You rocked.

  5. 1. Tea Kaapi ethavathu Saapudringala? Poi Saaptu Vaanga.. :):)

    2. Endha Naadu Yosichu sollunga. Ooty la set potukalam.. :):)

    Really Good Humour. ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats to @MadrasMeter Team ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Super Super Ji…apolam enga appa kaalathula 1 saamy padam varum, ipolam vaaram 1 pei padam varuthu..:p

  7. really super ๐Ÿ™‚ person who acted as producer, did a good job ๐Ÿ™‚ TipTopTelugu brilliant ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. nature has given u a wounderful facecut and acting skills….please make use of it to heal and elevate the people mind

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