KXL – E40 Handheld Laser Distance Meter

hello guys in this video we will see
this kxl e40 handheld laser distance meter which was sent to me by gearbest
the product link is given in description without wasting the time lets get
started let’s open this box to see the product
inside on the box it is given as the 40 meter
distance meter see how the power is inside and you will find a device and a
user manual with the warranty card please read the user manual before using
this product this product is the laser technology to measure the distance with
high accuracy and precision here you will find the ejection of laser and this
will receive the laser beam and first we will insert the battery and see the
working of it supports to 1.5 volts to be a batteries first I will give the overview of the
keys here this key will turn on the device and here the units key will
switch the units between meters foods and inches and by pressing this menu
button you will change the modes of the measurements and these two are to
subtract an ad from a previous measurement and this is to turn off the
device and remove the same data from the device and this key will useful to
change the reference point let’s turn on the sewers this symbol is a reference
point now it is fit fixed ad reference point from bottom so if you measure the
distance it will start measuring from this bottom point and these are the
angle of inclination and the units are at set with 8 meters and here you will
see battery indicator and now we change the units after long pressing it you can
change the units and to record the data press the on button again it will record
the data to record the end of the distance click on this on button again
so now end up reading will be taken please click again so the data is drawn
now I am I will record the another data this data is stored here if you keep the
unit’s button it has the five data saver if you want to see from first one these
two buttons are used to move data this is the first data which were you stored
and the second one third one fourth one and this is the fifth one to change the
mode of this device click on the menu now here you can see the indicator which
shows that this game the more of area and the units are in meter square if you
click again now please change it to the volume you
need to record the three data and you will get the volume here and bugling
again this here you can see the triangle which
indicates the Pythagoras freedom by reading to data’s you will get the
fourth third one this is the dual Pythagoras more and this is the twice
Pythagoras – mode to change the reference mode click on this will see
now the reference is set is the top point now if you measure the data it
will be measured from the top point to turn on this device click on this button
it supports the continuous measuring mode now we’ll see this continues
measuring mode after turning on this device give a long press on on middle
now it will ship the continuous mode so it will take the readings continuously
and stores in the data you can see they did here the indicators were in the
continuous beams of laser and you can see the what is the range
minimum and maximum for the measurements which we got till now in the continuous
mode by pressing this huge button we can see the data stored in the device it has
a maximum capability of storing 99 measurements this laser will
automatically turn off after 30 seconds and the device will be automatically
turn off after 3 minutes it has measuring range of 0.05 meters 240
meters it has an accuracy of plus or minus 1.5 millimeter if you add or
subtract the measurements first read the measurement and to add the energy
measurement plus + button and then take the inertial measurement to add you can
get the result here similarly to surprise click – and read the data it
automatically shows when you turn on this device the mode will be in single
distance mode if you click continues with this button you will get the
continuous mode commenting our opinions of this product below don’t forget to
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