L C CE Meter Review, from banggood.com

Hello. I want to show you a device I bought
from banggood.com. When I bought it, it was $11. It is a L-C-CE meter. What that means is that
it measures INDUCTANCE and CAPACITANCE. The CE is for bigger electrolytic capacitors. It is a “do it yourself” device, which means
you get the parts, but you need to solder them yourself. Which isn’t too difficult. Initially I had some troubles because there
is almost no documentation and I had soldered this switch the wrong way around. But the
support team at banggood was very helpful tracking the error down.
If you decide to get it yourself, make sure that the “C” marking on the switch is towards
the display. After you solder the parts you need to set
the contrast of the display with this top potentiometer. Next, you need to make sure that this test
point gives 3.16 volts, by adjusting this potentiometer. In the pictures on the website the measuring
points have screw terminals, but they are not supplied with the device. For now I’m
using a pin header. I’m going to measure a 10pF capacitor. This is a 100nF one. Not quite… A 1uF capacitor. Pretty close. Let’s measure a 100uH inductor. This is a pretty big inductor that I’m measuring. Now, in order to measure bigger electrolytic
capacitors, we you need to use the CE terminal. This is a 10uF one. A 220uF capacitor. And the
biggest one I have, 10mF capacitor. Overall, I think it’s a pretty good device.
Too bad it can’t measure capacitor ESR. Thanks for watching.

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