Lạc rang húng lìu cụ Vân | công thức bí truyền của 1 huyền thoại ở Hà Nội

Roasted peanuts are a popular and popular dish of our country Roasted peanuts are quite easy to make but basil roasted peanuts is not a simple dish This dish can be used to sip wine to eat with rice or to eat for fun peanuts roasted basil just fragrant, greasy, passionate Very memorable No one knows, ever since roasted peanuts appeared in Hanoi according to many old people the basil peanuts were originally from Chinese people living in Hanoi in the early years of the 20th century This dish was then sold as a street vendor, sold around the streets of Hanoi groundnut fried basil, considered the first of the Vietnamese in Hanoi, belongs to Ms. Van First, this is just a small tea shop with these little baby groundnut fried basil So far, her peanut brand is sought by many gourmands instructions on how to make traditional roasted peanuts, Van Ba Trieu Street, a street selling peanuts, famous in Hanoi When I go to Ba Trieu Street to buy roasted peanuts … is very confused and confused because you’ll see there are lots of peanuts shops with names: “ba Van” “cu Van”, … Which is the best shop, which made the name of Van? Now, there are many shops, but there are only 1.2 shops Now there are 4.5 Ms. Van, before only 1 Ms. Van Now 7, 8 Ms. Van In the old days, during the subsidy period, she roasted peanuts in a pan, selling small packages like this gradually getting more customers, that’s it …. There are many new peanuts selling all over the street, just take Mrs. Van’s name So is she still here now? she was still at 176, but she’s not selling any more now she’s old, 90, almost 100 years old Her son did it, her grandson sold it Still sitting there, in that position, he is a picture of her Ms. Van … According to her: 1960 I rented a house for Mr. Ke Co Sui at 58 Trieu Viet Vuong he is Chinese and his wife is Vietnamese His family has a job in making roasted peanuts tI tried it and it felt good Since then I have found a way to learn the secret from him He kept the secret, it does not tell But luckily, his wife is Vietnamese she is close friends with me, We have something in common I flattered her she told me: “you just go on and then I revealed to” she said only 70%, and 30% remain I thought of myself According to her introduction, I went to her only son’s home at residential area 145 Mai Hac De (not far away) I pour boiling water, wash the peanuts May, give me the thermos Is this boiling water? boiled water, to wash peanuts Close the lid Didn’t pour into the other pot? Yes I washed this peanuts Only use boiling water Here, I wash the peanuts If you do this, then peanuts are clean It has no new smell Squirrel up like this Just like this? wash like this, here, like this one What are you doing this for? clean it just to clean it? Besides, the whole smell of peanuts is very foul peanuts look like this but they are very dirty The squirrel running out of water should now pour into the pot add some seasoning there add some seasoning spice Mix up like this Mix like this Is this salt white salt? white salt, clean salt Must be clean salt This is sweet sugar This B1 sugar Pour in here Each cup poured this much it’s done I finished care after sun exposure bask in the sun Exposure for 6-7 hours After drying, I can brew it Dry brittle, both inside and outside the next day, I roasted peanuts, the peanuts were very delicious If it is dried out right away, it will not taste good After 1 night, now I just pour into the roaster Roasting must wait for it to ripen, it will smell good, enough time will do How long does roasting last? about 70 minutes It depends on the weather dry weather is 60 minutes, moist is 70 minutes due to the weather Now she turned on this heat How much is enough for the temperature? about 150 to 170 degrees Yes, guys Now we are sitting in Uncle Tuan’s house Uncle Tuấn is the only son of Mr. Vân they and their daughters-in-law ..very enthusiastic to guide us the peanut production process Yes, Mr. Tuấn Can you tell me about your memmory, how did you and Mrs Van produce and sell peanuts? In the old days, his family produced peanuts from 1966 to 1967 starting when the US raided the North In the 70s and 80s, his family roasted 1, 2 pounds of peanuts sold with squid, spring rolls, spring rolls, spring rolls taken at the market After that, he brought it to the sidewalk beer shop to sell At that time, we used sand to roast peanuts just pan not machines like this At that time, I only roasted more than 1 kg The pan is heavy You have to stand to roast When it’s done, call mom … … then you can get the peanuts out and sold at a tiger stall on Tran Nhan Tong y street One time, the police chased and the mother and me ran and even ran into the police After that, the police arrested and detained at the station until 2 am to release In 1980, once, a few people came to our place to steal clothes fortunately the mother and me come back home in time and hit them with the blow So they ran So from that day neighbors invited to sell at the beginning of alley to look after their house because they go to work all day initially sold only 10 – 20 kg gradually sell more Is this you try peanuts? Yes I base time when you see the sound of peanuts I will try it If you don’t see water, that’s fine to overcook, the peanuts no longer have sweetness because it runs out of water peanuts will not eat delicious Now take the peanuts out This sack made of cloth is required I took it out and brewed it What if I use a sack with non-fabric material? It will shrink The first is that the hot peanuts will shrink, the second is the fabric they will absorb the sweat of If you do that, it’s crunchy, isn’t it? right Add basil Roll it like this, make it crispy How long have you brewed? This takes hours After finished brewing, will we package? Yes, I could pack it at that time Peanut brittle can be packed Now I give them some And mix roast and then add basil Peanut must be crunchy crunchy, just pack it Try this bite I finished roasting, then add basil? Yes finished roasting, brewed here Incubate for more than 1 hour to be packed You can’t pack it right away For this label do not touch the peanuts sweat will stick to this peanuts means we have to keep our distance from the peanuts Yes How much does this pack weigh? This pack is half kg This is packed according to customer requirements sometimes half package gk, sometimes pack 0.25 kg there are guests they don’t like to vacuum Because they eat it, they don’t use it for any gifts This is brown peanuts This one is more expensive than white one very crunchy crunchy Also it tastes like basil this white peanuts White peanuts still feel like red peanuts Eating it also has the sweet taste of basil It tastes good, crunchy Basically, I don’t see much difference between red peanuts and white peanuts this red peanut feeling is a little bit more crunchy White seeds are a little bigger Is it bigger? It feels like a little bigger If you look closely, it is the same This dish is suitable for the climate in all 4 seasons of Hanoi through time Many strange dishes were born, or imported from foreign countries into Vietnam but the rustic gift: peanut roasted basil still never fade Groundnut roasted basil has become one of the famous brands of Hanoi I must ask the supplier to classify peanuts, Do not let moldy seeds, broken seeds, rotten seeds Big, small filters separately Peanuts must be peeled by hand from provinces such as: … … Thai Binh, Nam Dinh and must be peanuts grown on sand to be crispy If groundnut is grown in hills, it is not delicious it’s hard This peanut peeling quality new stable peeled by machine is often oiled That would not be delicious

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