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Hello Sir What Sir? Came for Shopping? Yeah came along with my wife I, with my daughter When did you come After doing a clean shave You have good sense of humour By the way I am a Civil Engineer Ok. When were you married Before 3 Months (Phone Rings)Have you all reached site Ok I am out with my wife for shopping As soon as it is over I will be at Site Is that fine? After the Shopping?1?! HMMMMM Why are expressing in such way All because of Experience Ok. On what category does your wife falls in shopping She is a ” Good at Spending Type ” sir Your Daughter? Will keep a statue in Merina – That type Oh so responsible? one second sir Hello Ok. You begin Basement work Shopping will be over in some time I will be there You please continue In Experience, Do you know how many types of there in Women Shopping? All bags are empty Exscuse Me Welcome to LKS Fashion Tops Where are the offer section? Madam Madam dont be hasty Where are you coming from? From Injanbakkam Oh. You should get a flight to reach our Anna Nagar Want to have Juice I am ok if it is Complimentary Ok. I saw 50% Offer in paper Will that offer exist till I complete my shopping? It should be there Offers are this way Mam. Youuuu I will buy this Why did she make me walk 1KM for this (Thinks) Phone To whom are you sending these photos mam? Personal What dress did you choose Mam I dont want any Oh your Boy friend Rejected by seeing Photos ? No my college girls group Everyone are saying NO Ok common lets take next set of Photos AGAIN!!!! Am I a store kepper or Photographer Is this fine? You should also note the printings at the back side Oh backside? No mam here This is good isn’t Super.. You should see this Front side Where did she go? This is good. Show me Yamma (Shouts) Madam, This isn’t Nice Not nice!. Ok fine Not the dress,You have pushed me This is Good. Pack This Super Mam Really show me…. Nice Pack the same for me too Madam. She has already asked for this one. Sorry Oh.Fine then inform her, She cant take it anymore Ok mam What? I came first to the shop In that case I came first, so will I be able to wear this Look. I Need this Dot OMG… Its beating my mind sir Sir we shop to purchase things. Right? But they are not like that. To Know what all they want they go to a shop Sir My wife is not like that I said about majority Oh (Phone Rings Again ) Hello What? Second Floor is built? I will be there soon What sir? Shocked for this? This is just Part 1 Wanna know about Part 2 Part 2 ah??? How much is this? 4999 Mam This one? 3999 Mam hmmm This one Just 1999 Mam And How much is this? Secret Mam What? 999 Mam Can I pack this? I already have this one From where? Through Online I Came here to see trial Do you have kerchief? Mind Voice (Yes but I have used ) Sir, How to wash this? Hand wash mam Oh so I cant use the Washing Machine You can use washing machine too Sir How will I do hand wash inside washing machine That is. You turn on the switch with your hand to wash.. so you can do hand wash in washing machine Are you making fun of me Why are you answering like Kamal Sir’s Tweet Cant you reply properly to a customer What are you thinking I will report to the manager This is not fine I will report, call the manager Where is the manager Mam Manager is that way Move let me talk She will be back now How long She has more dress. Thats why It is taking a little more time Madam Do you have a charger? Charger ah? Why have you kept this section here. It should be near entrance So that customer will be able to see this first Even this lamps are not good. They need to be changed The wall papers are good, but it should be done completely she says 10 advice in 10 Steps. Is she a customer or consultant Why is this rack here Gents have more chances for heart attack Do you know why? Guruji you explain Not while shopping but with the Bills we might end up getting heart attack Phone Rings What? You have completed half of the building? Sir. Our crew is making fun,they says they have completed half of the construction Your wife has not completed still. So? Understand that Sir. She said me she wont take much time Want to know Part 3? Hi hi Nice Shop No? Yeah. very nice place. Good Collection Nice Pricing Also I am Suki. What is your name? Hi. I am Sandhya can I have your number? ah?? For what? To add you on my shopping group Shopping Group???? Ok sure So they both came to exchange numbers?. Why should they come inside textiles for this They can get this outside itself Excuse Me.I shopped this on last Time. The button has faded. So exchange the Cloth as per policy Then bill all this. So what is the discount 70%Mam That is for the rest. How much will I get Ok. Dont you have 100% Discounts? Only 2 sentence are enough to make a women Happy Sir,Sir,sir. I know one out of it. Shall I tell 1. No need to cook tonight. Lets have food in Hotel You are proving you are just married What sir. Am I Wrong 1. I Love You 2. 50% Discount Sir ! They have really build the building. They have shared the Photo Still my wife is not back. How long are we waiting here ? Even my daughter is not back. ain’t I waiting still Sir. Are we taking so much time In Male shopping.There are only 3 types Uncle Pack 1 from Red,Yellow and Blue Slimfit? Ok I will reduce weight I will take blue how is my selection You already have one Oh really. Yeah. Why did they keep my shirt there Ok we will change the colour. Why to waste time.. Pack it

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  1. aiyoo raama indha kids men legends ingayum ahhh….
    Good video btw mostly to relatable to all indian mothers ever

  2. 😂😂yenna venumnaalum sollungo… for us shopping is the only stressbuster.. and u r correct.. we go to shopping and then decide wat to buy…

  3. hahaha last dialogue is ultimate, and one more information, about my shopping style I decide at home to buy one thing and while shopping, I won't buy what I decided. I'll see some other section and I'll buy that 😂😂

  4. bossu ponnunga yapadinu tariyala but pasanga pasanga tan instant coffee matiri chattu povom pattunu mudipom

  5. super enjoyed well.madras meter make videos regularly. we are eagerly waiting.irrespective of how many youtube channels come .you are unique in ur content.keep it up and make more videos regularly.

  6. I have thought these things as exaggeration. ஒரு நாள்.. ஒரே ஒரு நாள் ரெண்டு பொண்ணுங்க கூட ஷாப்பிங் போனப்ப தான் தோணுச்சு, இனிமே ஷாப்பிங்னாலே தனியா தான் போகனும்னு.

  7. Madras meter men shopping 3rd type exactly my scenario Balaji venugopal motha aan kulathayum represent panraru

  8. Ippa ulla ponnunga avolavu time eduthukiranga. na ellam morning poi night veetu thirumpiya history irukku sir😢😢😢😢😢

  9. Aei yempa Balaji… andha boys varietyum konjam thani video va podalame ?

    By the by…andha thaadi vacha shop keeper and quarrel lady charachter sooper…cinema entry soon..all the best.

  10. Am I the only girl who gets bored while shopping .Seriously Oru Varushathuku oru thdava porathey jasthi athu poitu oda vanthudanum illa thallla valli.

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