Lavender Guide : Distilling Lavender

In this segment, we’re going to talk about
the actual distillation. After we’ve loaded our retort with the plant material, which
in this case is the lavender buds, in this seven liter still we’ve put in five pounds
of lavender flowers or buds. We’ve filled it with purified water. We’ve brought it up
to a boiling temperature. Monitored it for two and half to three hours. Low pressure,
low heat. At this point, the essential molecules that make the oil beneficial are taken out
of the plant material via steam. So it steams…the steam comes up through the bird’s beak, down
into the copper coils, then is cooled off with this cooling water that’s ran by the
pump that’s held in our separate container. The steam is then converted back into a liquid.
It’s changed it’s physical properties. The liquid then comes from the condenser unit,
through this spout, and comes out in a form called distillate. The distillate is comprised
primarily of the hydrosols and the essential oil from the plant material. It goes into….the
distillate goes into this chamber, and fills up this particular…asinciere, which is the
separator. This fills up, and just the basic, basic principles. The oil will float to the
top, and the hydrosol will stay at the bottom. The hydrosol then is spilled out of this chamber,
and it’s collected for further use in a dark, amber glass. Then the oil, as you can see,
is now coming off of this top chamber and we catch the pure, essential lavender oil
in this glass vial, right here.

20 thoughts on “Lavender Guide : Distilling Lavender

  1. @beautifulgirl022 You can get one of these distillers at:
    The Essential Oil Company
    They've got lots of distillation equipment, and have a new 15 gallon copper distiller coming out soon!

  2. @nurlanagabek Cannabinols aren't nearly volatile enough to be worthwhile to extract using this process. You'll end up with a liquid that smells like cannabis, but has little or no potency. Find a suitable food-safe organic solvent instead. Take precautions against fire and solvent inhalation, though, as it could be dangerous. Filter out the plant material and allow the solvent to evaporate, possibly using a vacuum desiccator, and you'll have your hash oil.

  3. How much is the set up for one of these lavender distillery's please? Also recommended supplier for Australia if you know one please.

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