LG G5 Complete Teardown – Screen Replacement – Charging port fix

In this video we’re going to analyze the
build quality from inside the LG G5. I will show you how all the components are replaced
like the charging port and screen. When I picked up the LG G5 for the first time, I
just assumed it was plastic by the pure feel and weight of the phone. It felt like plastic.
It was not until later, when I checked LG’s advertising and they said it was metal. So
let’s see what’s going on. Pop out the battery holster and then there are two screws
that you can see visibly from inside the phone. And then the rest of this is very similar
to HTC’s M9. If you’ve ever taken apart that phone, it’s going to be almost the
exact same. The screen is held in by pure friction and force to the inside of this frame.
Luckily I have quite a few pry tools to help me out along with the process. When I pry
between the frame of the screen and the frame of the phone, I’m making sure not to put
any pressure on the glass or the LCD because that’s how it will break. Now if you are
replacing your own screen it doesn’t matter as much, but you still don’t want to damage
anything inside the phone. So be careful when you’re prying the screen out. Now that we’ve
lifted away the screen from the metal body we can check to see what this thing is really
made of. So I’m taking my razor blade and shaving away the back and it’s pure plastic
up to this point. There is no metal until you get very deep inside the phone and now
you can see a glint of silver. This is aluminum down there inside the body. So when you’re
touching the phone, you’re touching plastic, a thick layer of plastic. Here on the underside
of the phone the inside is metal, but you can see along the edges down at the bottom,
that is plastic as well. I’m not sure what the thought process here was cuz it definitely
doesn’t feel premium and I don’t feel like it should be advertised as a pure metal
phone. Here’s a spring loaded sensor to tell when the battery is in place. Also a
sensor for the fingerprint scanner, the headphone jack, the vibrator and the power button. Those
all rest against contacts on the motherboard. There are 6 screws that you need to take out
on the backside; Philips head. Then we’re going to remove the screen ribbon cable. It
snaps like a little Lego. The front facing camera is 8megapixel. Unsnap that ribbon cable
as well as the rear camera. Both of those just unsnap like Legos. The other rear camera,
the 16 megapixel, also unsnaps from the motherboard. Here you can see the OIS, the image stabilization
inside of the 8 megapixel rear camera. And this is the 16 megapixel camera with the wide
angle lens. You can see the GoPro affect it has there on the glass. Now this is the screen.
LG usually sells their screens with the frame intact which makes it really easy and their
screens are relatively cheap. LG is one of the most cost effective phones to repair.
So when you’re going to buy the replacement part which I will link in the video description,
you want to get the one with the frame attached to it. It makes the whole repair process a
lot easier. You don’t need heat or extra glue or anything weird like that. Putting
the cameras back into place, snapping them back onto the motherboard. You’ll feel it
connect just like a little Lego right onto the board. Putting the 8 megapixel front camera
back into place. There are 6 screws around that back side. Snapping the 8 megapixel rear
camera in place and the screen ribbon cable onto the main board. I’m going to line up
the top and press that in. And then be very careful when you’re placing your new screen
down into the phone because you can crack it during this process. I’m going to set
it in gently and then I’m going to use my pry tool to put a little pressure against
the frame of the screen and the frame of the phone to set that down into the little groove
where it belongs. Once both sides are flush you can put the SIM card tray and SC card
tray back in and put those two screws in down at the bottom. Now if your charging port is
fine, just put the thing back together again and you’re good to go. I’m going to show
you how to replace the charging port though. There are two screws down here at the bottom
once the battery is unsnapped from that bottom part. Then it’s kind of the same concept
as the rest of the phone; you pull away the metal shell housing from the bottom. Once
that’s off there’s one more screw. Remove the top plastic housing and then the charging
port can just slip out away from the plastic that it’s in. And this is the part that
plugs into the wall and then that little white part at the top plugs into the phone itself.
Pretty straight forward. Putting it all back together again. One last screw. Putting the
housing back into place. Get those two screws in at the bottom and then clip the battery
back into place and then you can press it into the phone. This phone definitely does
not feel premium whether it’s a metal housing covered in plastic or not. It definitely does
not feel like metal especially with that thick of a plastic coating. If you have any questions
leave them down in the comments. If you enjoyed this video and would like to see other videos
like it in the future, hit that subscribe button. Hope to see you around. Thanks for

100 thoughts on “LG G5 Complete Teardown – Screen Replacement – Charging port fix

  1. Is their any tool I can use to pry the screen off? I really don't want to buy those tools cause I'm in utter need of fixing my camera

  2. i have the silver version. love the phone. so its plastic paint ontop of metal… so its still a metal phone. i ride sled(snowmobiles) and its shell gets as cold as steel. always one guy that hates. half the price of s7 amd pics look 2x better. and i can replace my batttery. so big 👍 for lg g5 for me

  3. is there any way to fix a dead phone? my lg g5 wont turn on now and there is no problem with the battery..can you help me with this? thanks a lot

  4. does opening the LG g5 void any warranties? I opened mine up and didn't see any seals or stickers on there.. anyone know?

  5. The Metal Plate behind the power button is very loose and keeps falling out when I takeout the battery. I have taken phone apart several times and tried to put metal plate back in its position but it will not stay in place. Is there a fix?

  6. +JerryRigEverything I have a LG G5, I doesen't turn on, I've disassemble it and tested the batery while chargeing, it charges but it never passes the 2v, when I check it after being pluged in for a while it goes down to 1.7v and so on, Is it the batery, the motherboard or the charging port?
    Thanks in advance

  7. @JerryRigEverything, I have the LS992 (Sprint model) that I got Sprint to unlock. I got this phone cheap and my intent was to only use it for travel. What I would like to do is use two SIMs at once. I'd like to use my Sprint SIM and Latin American SIM so I can make and receive calls from both countries in one phone. Unfortunately the Sprint model only receives a single SIM. I bought the SIM tray that holds dual SIMs but the reader still does not read the 2nd SIM. Do you think I can swap the SIM reader on this phone and get both SIMs functioning? Thanks in advance!

  8. My lg g5 bootlooped and bricked and wont turn back on. LG will not repair as it is a usa variant and i reside in the uk i bought on ebay and the seller has been an ass. Is there any way to repair this as people have said its a loose connection that causes this?

  9. No offense but saying that is a reason to not call it a all metal phones is like saying cars should not be called metal since they also have primer and paint, just saying….

  10. If you're using this for screen replacement: Remember to take from the old frame: 1. A piece of rubber lifting the proximity sensor 2. A white sticker that dims the notification LED 3 A metal piece close to the volume buttons

    Put all of that on the new frame and you're good to go.

  11. hello, i know i was year ago, but can You tell me does all screws are the same or they have diffrent sizes? i am looking threw Internet but i can't Finder answer. Hope You can help me

  12. what do you think is the cause of my LG G5 vs987 3 thin black lines on my display period will not go away on safe mode or by by restarting my phone. let's say maybe some water got in there, well that permanently damage it or can I just replace the screen

  13. I accidentally forget my cell phone on the roof of my car (fall and crash hard) and now impossible to make a selection I hardly see a picture. I can see a picture of the lg logo on the boot and also the patern to unlock. When I call the phone the voice mail automatically turns on. I need my photos absolutely, when I plug the phone on my pc it is detect but impossible to make the MTP selection for file transfer. Then it remains in LG AdroidNet Phone device in windows. I order a window with the frame I wonder if its going to work?

    thank you !

  14. Just wanted to mention that you forgot about the top speaker, which must also be removed and placed onto the new screen/frame.

  15. i moved my screen and motherboard and everything to an old lg g5 that had a broken screen but every thing on the body was ok but my phone had a cracked camera glass and the power button wasnt working. MY HANDS ARE SHAKING LIKE I HAD 100000000000000000000000000 CUPS OF COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. hello sir i got a problem with my lg g5 the camera flash won't work when the subject is too far away from my lg g5. and sometimes it turns black when captured in close to the subject. what is the problem with my g5? tnx for helping.

  17. the lg g5 actually has a verry nice weight and feel to it, havnt dropped it once and i havnt had an i phone last me a year without it slipping out of my hand.
    i got this phone the week it came out and am typing this comment with it right now.

  18. Hey Zack does it bootloop like the G4?
    From what I've understood it's a hardware issue due to having the memory poorly soldered on top of the processor (weirdly enough) which causes the soldering to chip off when the processor heats up. Is there a chance of a similar thing to happen on the G5?

  19. I remember this phone… 2 days after the release, dropped it in the toilet and I thought my screen shorted. Ordered a new screen and it didn't work. Cleaned the pads that connect to the motherboard with alcohol and it worked… But atleast I traded it plus a brand new screen for the Nexus 6P 😂😂 have the V30, the perfect phone to me since I don't take selfies 🙂

  20. Good video, I am going to buy one of this in 2018. Yes, in 2018, even being like 3 years old, I think it can hold very well.
    PD: The main rear camera is 8MP, the wide-angled is 8MP. But really, I would wish that the wide angles were as good as the main, because those wide-angle photos looks so great.

  21. Please Help! I followed the instructions from the video exactly. Everything seemed to work perfectly fine afterwards. However now I have noticed that when I make phone calls I cannot hear the person on the other line. I have to put it on speaker or connect to a headset in order to hear them! What am I missing? Is there a mini speaker I did not move or connect correctly? I have rewatched the video several times and I haven't seen anything that I missed.

  22. "So when your touching the phone, you're touching plastic, a thick layer of plastic." (Feels back of G5 I'm watching the video on) "I DON'T FEEL IT."

  23. Hi jerry, i have a problem with my G5
    I can't open the lower of my phone like stuck on the left side…

    The lower on the right side is opened but the on the left side is not, so i can't pull off the lower from the unibody
    Do you have an idea for fixing my problems?

  24. wait a sec, how did your display just magically stick to the mid-frame?? not fair. I'm stuck with my floppy display. they provided some 3m strips, but you can barely fit the around the edge of the glass, and I tried sticking it to the middle of the inside of the display and that allowed the edges to protrude. what gives?

  25. I accidentally broke my phone and had it replaced in a small store inside of a mall. They completely scratched the edges around the display, and the screen that they replaced wasn't completely flat. I wasted 90 dollars and got my phone scratched. Now i feel stupid since it looks so easy to replace in this video.

  26. Hey Jerry, great video.
    I was wondering if you could help me with a mod question. I fly drones using 5G wifi,
    however my signal crashes around the 70m mark,
    yet the drone I use is supposed to have around the 400m capability,
    So I was wondering if you could tell me where the ariel is in the G% and how i could fit an r sma lead to it so i could add a directional beam ariel or even a yagi.
    Or better still is there some sort of wifi antenna that i could connect wirelessly to without having to strip down my lg g5?

  27. Hello compliment for this video, I have a question the battery charge when leave battery and connect a wire ? Thanks

  28. Actually if you remove the battery and look inside the phone at the very bottom left corner there is a tiny hole in the black plastic. That hole is there for a reason. Take a paper clip with a small hook bent in the end and insert it into the hole, pull firmly and it will unlock the slide lock and the phone will separate with minimal force. Literally…

  29. Hi jerry! I from vietnam, i watched your video long time, and i want be come a youtuber, could u show me phone which have the best ois! Thank u show much

  30. I think he was a little rough with this phone. Mines still going strong and great with Oreo. Can't really knock it. It's still very fast.

  31. FYI: The Video has the rear cameras mixed up. The 16Mp (metal casing) is on the left and the 8Mp (black casing) Wide angle is on the right.

  32. I've changed the charge port on mine 4 times now. I just buy the whole bottom chin. Only costs 25 bucks.

  33. Still using my G5 today… Had an S8 for a while but I smashed the screen and can't justify spending £150~ to get a new one. Hey-ho.

    Though, something you may like Jerry… I completely sanded my G5 to the bare metal, actually looks pretty damn cool! Antenna bands on show n' all. Does have some weird plastic dovetail clips at the bottom though, between the rear of the removable chin and the main body.

  34. Still using LG G5 and its doing its job just fine!
    Battery is not that good but phone 📱 works great so far

  35. the g5 is good on the paper. in real life its another thing. the home button on the backside was defective within 9 month after purchase, warranty repair took 6 weeks and then it broke again after a month. screen backlight bleeding became an issue after 6 months, what i mean is, that if u stay on a bright screen for a couple of seconds and then switch to a darker page, you will see the brighter on in the background. another thing is gps, wasnt usable after a year, finding the position takes forever and so navigating with it isnt possible. and a couple days ago, it just wouldnt turn on, it was my second battery (original) and I tested even another charging module. GG
    you wont ever get me again LG

  36. Criminally underrated phone. Easy to own, easy to repair. Too bad we won't get more of the same because of "premium" feel somehow being more important than most anything else.

  37. It's PLASTIC! PLASTIC! A THICK layer of PLASTIC! WHY would they advertise it as METAL! IT DOSNT FEEL PREMIUM AT ALL!

    Get that back down in the GROOVE where it BELONGS!

  38. My wife's won't charge at all it was every now and then then stopped completely. I bought a new battery but that wasn't it you think it's the charging port???

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